11 Signs You Are a Liberal Reformist Activist in Muslim Garb

We should support (and aspire to be) Muslim activists who:

1. Oppose political tyrants
2. Help the poor and needy
3. Defend the wrongly accused
4. Fight for those who have been oppressed
5. Strive to call others to Islam
6. Struggle for the cause of Islam and Muslims

We should oppose and disassociate from liberal reformist social justice activists who:

1. Disrupt masajid with extremist feminist demands like “All khutbahs must mention women,” #NoAllMalePanels, “Women must be able to pray in the main musalla with men without barriers,” etc.
2. Support LGBT fahisha in any form or fashion
3. Fight against sharia-defined gender roles
4. Slander scholars and duat for Islamically permissible actions like polygyny
5. Claim that Qadiyanis are Muslims
6. Violate BDS and/or benefit from alliances with Zionist organizations
7. Promote impermissible gender mixing and the general breakdown of modesty and chastity
8. Promote the concept of being Muslim as merely an ethnic identity and “Whoever says he is a Muslim is a Muslim” without any connection to the actual theological requirements for being a Muslim
9. Oppose Islamic scholarship and scholars on liberal secular grounds
10. Advocate “Islamic reform”
11. Spread perennialism and the view that all religions are valid and good

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Abu Ismail

I am curious, which western preacher ever said Ahmadis are muslims?

Abu Ibrahim al-Kurdistani

It is just a matter of time and pressure to force those without principles and a backbone to embrace the Qadyanis as their brothers in faith. They have already done far worse like participating in shirki pagan rituals and dancing hand in hand with qawmu Loot.

hafiz Muhammad abubakar



There wasn’t any gender segregation during the time of the Prophet or the Sahaba.


There were no barriers in the mosque during the time of the Prophet. This makes a mosque appear more like a public washroom when you segregate the genders.


Why is the moderator blocking my messages? During the time of the Prophet there was no gender segregation. Nor were there barriers in the mosques based on the gender like public washrooms. Gender segregation leads to homosexuality which is why Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia stopped it. Don’t be a sissy and post my message.