Monday Memes | Take 39

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Note: This will be my last batch of memes for a while as I will be taking a hiatus from meme-making for the month of Ramadan. May you all have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan and may Allah give you the ability to excel in worship and good deeds during the blessed month.









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Can’t believe people think Imran Hosein is a scholar and take him seriously. He doesn’t even know Arabic…




Are u the same guy whose youtube account got banned???
is your name lost in nasheeds and memes??


This Imran Hosein guy is disgusting and crazy. He casually says to throw hadiths in the dustbin! Such blatant disrespect for the words and sayings of our beloved Messenger ﷺ are evidence that he’s just an ignorant moron pretending to know what he’s talking about. His stupid “interpretations” are never backed up with proof (apart from his twisted senile mind) and he wants people to give preference to whatever ridiculous ideas pop into his mentally deficient brain over the blessed words of the Best of Creation ﷺ!

Imran Hosein

I belong in the dustbin


imran hosein has big sad time he can’t do iftar with putin or dugin