10 Reasons Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Was a False Prophet

1. There is no human teacher involved regarding the religious knowledge of a Messenger (Nabī), whereas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had a number of teachers. He studied under Fadl Ilāhī, Fadl Ahmad and Gul Ali Shah, as well as others.[1]

2. The country or city where a Nabī resides is not affected by divine calamity, whereas during the lifetime of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Qadiyan was affected by a severe earthquake and a terrible plague.[2]

3. A Messenger or Nabī will never go against his promise, whereas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad broke his promises many times. For example, he collected funds for a fifty-volume book – Barāhīn Ahmadiyyah – but only wrote five! He then said, “I intended to write fifty at first but now I suffice on five because the difference between fifty and five is just zero.”

4. A Messenger or Nabī does not curse. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam – the final Messenger of Allah – is reported to have said, “Indeed I have not been deputed as a curser, but I have been sent as an inviter and mercy. O Allah, guide my nation for they do not know.” On the other hand, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s tongue was a machine gun that fired rounds upon rounds of curses. For example, in his book Nūr-ul-Haq p.158-162, it is recorded that he uttered a thousand curses, counting each one.

5. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that the age of ‘Isa alayhi as-salām was a hundred and twenty and the age of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was about half of that, i.e. sixty-three. Now, according to this, the age of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad should be half of that of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, i.e. thirty-two. However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died at the age of sixty-nine.

6. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said, “Migration (hijrah) is the Sunnah of the Messengers.”[3] However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never undertook a migration journey. In fact, he wrote poetry in praise of the oppressive British regime of his time.

7. A Messenger or Nabī is unlettered. He does not write books. Revelation and books come to the Messenger from Allah Ta’ala. However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad read and wrote, he authored approximately ninety-four books.

8. A Messenger or Nabī is not a poet, but Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote hundreds of poems.

9. A Messenger or Nabī never fails in his intention and promise because divine help is with him. However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a miserable failure in his intentions, words, and promises. For example, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died without marrying Muhammadi Begum – his niece that he lusted after (but never wanted him). He blurted his normal false prophecies about this marriage and even issued warnings of calamities upon the family if they did not hand over their daughter. In keeping with his liar status, none of it happened. She married someone else and lived happily to continue announcing the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

10. A Messenger or Nabī is buried in the place where he passes away.[4]However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died of cholera[5] in Lahore on 26 May 1908. His corpse was loaded onto a train and was carried to Qadiyan where he was buried.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was sitting on the toilet seat when he died


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  5. MGA’s final illness started at roughly 10pm, Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg wasn’t alerted until 2am, in the intervening 4 hours, MGA had 5-6 attacks of diarrhea. As Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg approached MGA in his room, he reports that MGA was sitting on a make-shift toilet. MGA must have been forced to sit there by Noorudin and Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah. Since MGA was leaking out excrement in excessive nature. The Urdu word used for toilet was “chowkee”, which translates into In British English; “commode” is the standard term for a commode chair, often on wheels, enclosing a chamber pot—as used in hospitals and the homes of the elderly. MGA then said “Mirza sahib, recommend a medicine for me”. Then he said: “Also pray for me”, and he added: “In truth, the medicine is by decree from heaven”. We are unsure if these were MGA’s final words, MGA’s father-in-law report that MGA’s final words were given as follows:  ‘I have been stricken with cholera.’  Thus, Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg arrived before Mir Nasir Nawab, and thus MGA’s final words were accurately given. [https://ahmadiyyafactcheckblog.com/2020/04/17/in-1923-dr-mirza-yaqub-beg-reported-that-mirza-ghulam-ahmad-was-forced-to-sit-on-a-toilet-just-minutes-before-mga-died/]
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This is a good article, but point #2 could be deemed inaccurate because Noah (AS)’s land was flooded and the towns of Aad and Thamud were also punished with divine calamity if I remember correctly. Please do the necessary corrections, Wallahu Alam.


Ok, thanks for clarifying that.