The Racist Pseudo-Islamic Beliefs of the Nation of Islam

Are we aware of the bizarre teachings of this cult known as the Nation of Islam?

Elijah Poole, who claimed to be a prophet sent by Allah, has in the below teaching, combined a bunch of lies and fed them to an oppressed people in search of relief. The paragraph quoted below contains the strangest myths and fabrications.

An awareness of this teaching alone will establish the fraudulent nature of the ‘Nation of Islam’ and its irrational theories.

According to Elijah Muhammad’s version of Fard Muhammad’s teaching, the black race is as old as the planet. Just over sixty-six hundred years ago, however, the evil genius Yakub was born.

Though he was a member of the Black Nation himself, Yakub began converting people by promising luxuries. He had discovered the secrets of selective breeding and needed people for his eugenics program. His success eventually caused enough concern in Mecca that Yakub and his 59,999 followers parted company with the remainder of the Black Nation.

On an island in the Aegean Sea, the embittered Yakub set up a 600-year program to breed an increasingly whiter and more evil people. After six hundred years the newly created Whites returned to Mecca and soon managed to turn the Black Nation against itself. As a result, the Whites were driven at gunpoint to Europe. Moses was sent by Allah two thousand years later to try to civilize these hairy, naked, cave-dwelling, tree-climbing savages. Jesus and Muhammad also tried to convert these white devils.

They failed, for it had been prophesied that the white race would rule the world for six thousand years and enslave black people in the Americas until the coming of Fard Muhammad to mentally resurrect the Lost-Found Nation of Islam.[1]

Firstly, ‘the black race is as old as the planet’. This is in conflict with the account in the Noble Qur’an and the Hadith of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

Secondly, ‘the evil genius Yakub was born’. There seems to be none but Elijah Poole and his master who knew about this man. There seems to be no historic record of this evil man and where he learnt Darwinian principles thousands of years even before Darwin was born.

Thirdly, ‘he had discovered the secrets of selective breeding’. This, again, stinks of Social Darwinism supposedly thousands of years before Darwin.

Fourthly, ‘the Whites were driven at gunpoint to Europe’. The first recorded use of a gun was in 1364, whereas Elijah Poole taught that the Whites were driven to Europe at gunpoint even before the time of Musa alayhi as-salām!

Fifthly, ‘Jesus and Muhammad also tried to convert these white devils.’ This is a lie that Elijah Poole pulled out of his hat. ‘Isa alayhi as-salām and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were not sent to Europe to convert white devils.

Sixthly, ‘They failed,’ this text mocks the great Messengers of Allah, ‘Isa alayhi as-salām and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, it targets every one of the Messengers. No Messenger of Allah ever failed. Every Messenger of Allah fulfilled his duty and judgment upon the people will be done on the Day of Qiyamah.

Seventhly, ‘for it had been prophesied that the white race would…’ Who prophesized this?

Eighthly, ‘Lost-Found Nation of Islam’. In essence, this name is a misnomer. Islam is not a nation that was lost and found. Islam does not reek of the racist teachings of Elijah Poole.

There is no such thing as God coming in the form of Fard Muhammad in Islam. The deviated Shia believe in the ‘Hulul’ concept. The Fard Muhammad tale bears all the marks of ‘Hulul’. ‘Hulul’ entails one being joining into the being of another, more like being possessed.

The Muslim Skeptics out there would find even more lies in the teaching of Elijah Poole. May Allah Ta’ala keep us firm upon the truth of Islam and save us from such lies. Amīn


  1. Muhammad, Message to the Blackman in America, 112–21. Quoted in Elijah Muhammad and Islam by Herbert Berg p.22
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‘No Messenger of Allah ever failed’ didn’t Luth AS failed ?


Failed as it means failed to convert them to Islam. Not failed in delivering the message with all due Respect to Nuh A.S and Luth A.S

Ahmad Farhan

I think the selective breeding part is actually “Mendelian inheritance” or basic principle of genetics not darwinism.