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If you’re reading this, can you do these please: (concepts below)

Child: Daddy, what are the rawafid?
Father: Son, they’re ‘Diet qadianis’
Child: What does that mean?
Father: Same horrible kufr taste, but not as blatantly fattening! (Lying against and disrespecting prophets, kufr beliefs, claiming love for all, except Sahabah, and Ahlus Sunnah)

Another one:
Hindu – doesn’t know what the inside of a toilet is!
Qadiani – doesn’t know what the outside of a toilet is!


The Rafida are the true Muslims you Bakri pig may Allah curse the tyrants Abu Bakr and Umar


You shites can say it as much as you want. The curses are only gonna return to you, and your illegitimate mut’ah mom’s and dads.


Didn’t get the Hindu-Qadiani one, mind elaborating?


qadiani leader mirza died in the toilet, his face soaked in his own faeces! he used to live the toilet and anything to do with faeces. they’re very touchy on this toilet subject that their leader was a filthy toilet parasite.

the hindus don’t know what a toilet is. until recent history most hindus only defecated in any open space they found. they’re also a filthy people.

spiritually they’re equally filthy – the qadianis and hindus


As much as I love Daniel’s content and memes some of these memes are blatant mockery which is unbefitting of a Muslim and just incites hate/mockery from the other side. I’m not against memes but you can do better


They’re not DH’s memes