The Absurdity of Feminist Outrage

“Down with the patriarchy!” she posts on a social media platform invented by a man, using the computer developed by men, powered by electricity possible through a vast infrastructural system designed by men, built, and maintained on the back of men and through the blood and sweat of men. She sips her herbal tea, growing angrier by the minute.

“Men only care about themselves. Who needs them anyway?!” she muses, as she lounges in her college dorm room in a building built by men, in her final semester studying “Gender and Sexuality Studies,” her $55,000 per year tuition being paid for by her father — a man. She gets up to go to the corner store to buy some lip gloss at 1 AM at night.

“Patriarchy is just about perpetuating rape culture!” she thinks, as she walks alone in the middle of the deserted street that is brightly lit due to street lamps installed by men, in a neighborhood that is completely safe because of a massive police presence ready to use deadly force at a moment’s notice, a police presence consisting of men. She buys the lip gloss and heads back to the dorm.

“Toxic masculinity is the worst,” she sighs, as she tosses the lip gloss packaging into the trash, the trash that is collected and disposed of by men in landfills maintained by men as part of a massive network of utilities and services provided by men, in a country that is defended from the possibility of foreign invasion because of an army of men willing to die for the protection of the nation’s interests, including its women and children. She applies the lip gloss and picks up her $800 iPhone for a selfie.

“Things would be soo much better if women ruled the world,” she smiles contentedly, as she posts her selfie to Instagram, hoping that that rich, smart, good-looking guy in her network of friends will notice and show interest in her, maybe send her a flirty message, maybe one thing leads to another, maybe he sweeps her off her feet, but in a way that totally respects her independence and her lack of need for men in any way, shape, or form. Instead, that “ugly” guy who drives an old Camry DMs her, asking if she is interested in going out.

“OH MY GOD, what is this creep doing, trying to get in my DMs, pushing himself on me?!” she sneers, as she hastily prepares a #metoo social media post about sexual harassment, male privilege, and perpetual female victimhood, once again typing angrily on a $3000 laptop developed and paid for by men. She decides to go to bed. She closes her eyes, but she is seething with rage. She tosses and turns, hatred keeping her up later into the night. Finally, she dozes off as one last thought crosses her tortured mind: “Men are trash!”

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The best way to deal with a feminist is to give her what she wants – treat her like a man, like the roughest biker you know.

If she suffers from pain, tell her to suck it up and not be a [expletive of choice].

If she gets into an argument, call her out to the parking lot, and mean it, and show no mercy.

If she whines about XYZ problems, tell her she deserves them.

If she cooks bad, tell her homeless people can gather better food that that from the garbage.

… and so on.

No mercy, no compassion to feminists. Give them their treatment of choice.


* than that.


Lol… It’s sad but true… And it’s our fault… Even though all people have been slowly corrupted over the last several decades with selfish, materialistic, hedonistic, atheistic, nihilistic, anti-traditional, illogical ideas, it’s feminism that has taken the forefront in the past decade or so. Before that I would say it was the darwinian evolution belief system coupled with the worship of secularism and democracy… Feminism is continuing the onslaught against human rationality, true religion (Islam), and true nature. It leaves its victims seething with pride and arrogance, hatred of others, and ingratitude.
The solution is and always has been true sincere practice of Islam. Instead of putting up our defense and offense, we wholeheartedly ate up this duniya for fame and name, money and comfort, and temporary pleasures. To truly fight back we have to reform our inner selves, families, children, and communities and develop strong selfless sincere servants of Allah. Only they will provide the protection for the community because they’ll be guided by Allah and come up with the best most sincere solutions. We can no longer be caught up in this duniya, but we have to search for the real sincere practicers of Islam to learn how to get unstuck and unstuck our children and families and communities, and raise more righteous servants of Allah.


It’s frustrating. I am a happily married anti-feminist new Muslim woman in the USA. Trying to find sisters to befriend has been near impossible. I am very careful to stay away from backbiting, believe gender separation is best, and modesty is to be in behavior as well as attire. The only women I have met have all promoted behaviors that promote feminist ideals and worse the diminishment of men. I write this here only to say I agree with the above statement and hope more women will find gratitude in the hearts for the hardworking men of the deen.


A woman is free from all those things.. a gift to a woman from Allah. Alhamdu li Allah.
You are not alone.


MashaAllah sister, you are not alone and I pray that Allah keeps you firm on his deen, ameen


I feel there should be a discord channel or something for sisters having similar thought as yours or maybe some other network. I heard Sister Milahan (philosopher’s corner) from YouTube say the same thing. Sisters should have a place a discuss, motivate and share their thoughts on this issue.

You are definitely not alone a Subhan Allah!

Moayad Abu Ghoush

Daniel , you have a wonderful writing skill , I thank you for that and most importantly for speaking Haq – unadjusted to social norms which can be heavy sometimes .
I feel sorry for that girl , and all other tortured minds .

May Allah guide us all to his path .

Keep going .

A Malaysian

I really enjoy this type of writing, Daniel. Keep it up!


I love how Daniel and Umm Khalid use their writing skills to spread “basic common sense” among masses. This article exposes the creepy feminist attitude. I strongly agree with each and every line. Mashallah good job brother.


This little rant made my day. The absurdity of the feminist agenda becomes clear when you inspect it just for a moment. Jazakullah kheir brother.

Abdul Manan Zargar

Had feminism been fighting actually for equality or uplifting the women, it would have been STH commendable, but it is actually the opposite, trying to copy men, the milestone set for women is men, arguably in every aspect.This also clearly reflects the hypocrisy of the claim there is no weaker sex, as the Feminists are complementary in their saying and action/practicality.Arrogance, pride and ingratitude all but make it.Hell bent in destroying the motherhood, it is actually making women more prone to rely on strangers than she could rely on her husband, father in law, and relatives.Destroying sense of responsibility from women, causing a toll on the upbringing of the next generation.Rather than reforming certain aspects that aren’t just, it wants to destroy family system, and thereby the society.
Feminism doesnt follow rationality, but whims and desires….Man hatting is one of the key aspect of it yet still it tries to copy men.This only creates a deeper gender divide and worsen the relations…
Uplifting of women in reality with peace and serenity can occur only through accomplying with the state of nature,to align according to biological make up of one’s self taking in consideration biological advantages and disadvantages.As the saying goes, one who is aware of himself is saved from destruction.I don’t think any sane mind would disagree to call it an unfair competition if women and men were to come shoulder to shoulder in a boxing ring,or in wrestling or any other vigorous activity..One of the argument to call it unfair would be that the competition is between equals not unequals, Similarly for a women to take a role of butcher or a hangman, it would be unjust if we push her to do such a task, for it is against the very nature of women, women being more emotionally sensitive than men as “proven”through Neuro imaging. Feminism wants women to be free of responsibility, hence blaming anything and everything as against women,which clearly reflects its own bias, and then the hypocrisy of blaming biases are in science, in men, in other women not of the same opinion as them. To denounce patriarchy as evil is itself a result of a bias, the stereotype of believing men intentionally want to suppress women.If patriarchy is evil, then it can be claimed matriarchy too is evil, then whats the third alternative, who would live a life then? Society will collapse as everyone would go his own way.Thus there ought to be a balance,only the part of patriarchy and matriarchy supported through established scientific facts ought to exist in gender roles.

The Opinion based approach is actually the source of corruption as opinion is itself multi-faceted. Thinking, aspirations, wishes, state of mind, desires and all such sort of things make up an opinion, and for any aspect this varies from  person to person.Hence depending upon such kind of morality approach, actually destroys the whole concept of morality,  For femenists and likes, desires is God, and hence the corruption and degeneration is an obvious thing to be expected. And further one’s desires never end, there is no break to it..and that’s why we see so many of feminist sub branches,differing a great deal with each other, frequently coming in tussle with one another And being a movement driven greatly by desires, pride, and disgust, it has made women go to the extent that women of such illnesses have choosen to be topless in front of children, in front of churches, mosques, parliament’s, even in front of high office holders like the egs of the Russian PM and German chancellor etc, and to call it a mental defect if not an illness, of taking everything as your enemy is no exaggeration. If women are disadvantaged ,they have to be advantaged genuinely keeping in mind that women is not the only one that exists in a society, and giving her rights and responsibilities complementary to those of men in accordance with one’s nature and capabilities, viz respecting the biological identities of both the genders.And the claim that there is no gender, or no women but it is a social construct is a lame argument, in the language of facts, gender is definitely there,every cell codifies for a particular gender,and the gender related behaviour too stems from biological drivers.However in the language of desires I.e opinions it can be anything like gender can be or can be not, for opinion is just opinion, your opinion, my opinion, opinions and opinions.If women/ gender is a social construct, then we may extend it and argue that everything infact is a social construct, father, mother and  literally anything and everything, Such a statement is absurd in itself, but for a layman it may sound great at first, but for a researched man or for a man with brain, it is clear what the state of mind of the person claiming this is.Conjectures or opinions cannot be taken over Solid facts but unfortunately anything that becomes popular in today’s world is accepted blindly no matter if it actualy destroys, harms and degenerates the whole social order/ Society.