The Hypocrisy of the West Accusing Islam of Pedophilia

“Your Prophet was a pedophile! He was married to and cohabited with Aisha when she was just nine years old!”

You trolls need to find some new lines. The Prophet ﷺ married Aisha with the blessing and approval of her parents and he was committed to her, took care of her, taught her, and, through his care, she became one of the most knowledgeable and influential scholars of Islam and a leader of the community. This was the kind of marriage practiced by Muslims and Christians and Jews and every other culture and religion for nearly all of human history. Girls were married young by their parents to committed husbands. My own great-grandmother was married at 13.

In contrast, the pedophilia pioneered in the modern West, practiced by rich and poor Western perverts alike, involves, among other things, diddling one’s child relatives secretly in closets and dark rooms, orgies with underage girls that are essentially kidnapped, the evilest child pornography, sex rings with thousands of abducted children, where once they have drugged up the children, used them and put them through the most degrading, vile sex acts, passing them around among their friends like broken objects, these children are discarded like trash. Some are killed and never heard of again.

And you White supremacists who want to blame everyone else for the degeneracy of your civilization, don’t even try. You allowed these practices to spread when you didn’t stop the:

  • child beauty pageants
  • the elementary school sex ed
  • the proliferation of pornography
  • the sexualization of children through pop music and Disney
  • the legalization of “gay rights”
  • the entire “sexual revolution”

All of these things and more directly contribute to pedophilia, and your people either directly pioneered it, participated in it, or at the very least did nothing to stop it. AND, at the same time, you were laughing at Muslims, calling us backwards, saying we don’t respect “freedom” and “women’s rights,” because we stomp out all of this disease before it can take hold of our societies.

So stop blaming others for your degeneracy.

The situation is so bad in the West that there is even a “sexual orientation” dedicated to pedophilia: Minor Attracted Person (MAP). They even have their own “pride” flag (image above). How long before MAPs are considered a protected group like their LGBT brethren? The fact that LGBT is heavily promoted directly ties to the spread of pedophilia. This is a fact.

In a research paper published in 2000 by Blanchard, et al., the authors noted that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer men while around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer child boys. This means that the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among pedophiles compared to the normal population.

So the promotion of LGBT directly contributes to pedophilia. And we all know how much LGBT is being promoted throughout the West and increasingly being forced on the East.

This is the pedophilia of the “superior” west that you disgusting trolls want to equate with the noble, pure marriage of the Prophet ﷺ to our mother, Aisha.

Don’t project the filthy degeneracy found in the “superior” West onto the superior religion.

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Umar Blackburn

Exactly brother.


My direct grandmother was married at 12.

Your post is a very direct and clear. But please add a tiny bit more context about how one of the only reasons we are conditioned to feel that young marriages are an evil act is because of the recent, manufactured concept of “extended childhood”, whereas regular kids in the past did not have to lose their independent intellectual potential, and get robbed of a playful and stress-free childhood by institutionalized schooling for the entirety of their childhood, starting from toddlerhood. They were brought up to take adult responsibilities by the time they reached puberty. So a person past puberty was not exactly even considered a “child”. They entered adulthood and had their potentials identified and blossomed earlier on. Hence the incredible accomplishments from scholars of the Islamic civilization, where people were scholars and conquerors and polymaths and authors while in their teens, twenties and thirties. It’s all about conditioning.

Hamza Khan

That last line though. Destroyed them.

Aman Syed

Even my grandmother was married when she was around 12. They people don’t realize that the standards 1400+ years ago were so different that if they tried to oppose them, they would have been laughed at.


One interesting point is that Disney princesses’ body proportions are increasingly getting baby like. There is a YouTube video “Why do all Disney Princesses look like babies (

This gives a subliminal cue to those watching these movies that children and babies are “empowered strong individuals with agency”. God knows how many western and westernized pedos are so merely because of watching Disney movies and shows.