Feminism Is Not About Equality

This is the deal with modern feminists, unfortunately, Muslim as well as non-Muslim ones.

Feminists want the perks of being a woman with none of the responsibilities.

They also want the perks of being a man with none of the responsibilities.

But for men, feminists assign all of the responsibilities with none of the perks.

What feminists fail to understand is that with power comes responsibility.

“He who wears the crown must fall on the sword.”

But no, feminists want to wear the crown but definitely have someone else fall on the sword.

Feminism is not about equality between men and women (as though such a thing were even possible). Feminism is really about female supremacy.

Alhamdulillah for Islam, which gives us a holistic, comprehensive system for correctly and justly distributing both rights and responsibilities to both men and women. Allah, who created both men and women, is the only One who is in a position to assign roles, along with their concurrent rights and responsibilities.

When human beings tamper with the system of the Creator, they only create injustice.

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