Omar Suleiman’s Yaqeen Institute Continues Its Promotion of LGBT and Gay Marriage

Just a reminder, since we are in Qawm Lut Pride month:

The biggest “Islamic” promoter of LGBT to the mainstream Muslim community continues to be Omar Suleiman’s Yaqeen Institute for “Islamic” Research.

In addition to their main paper pushing Muslims to support gay marriage and LGBTQ rights, they also have three papers published by an openly queer activist, Margarita Rosa.

Actual quotes from Yaqeen articles. Latinx refers to queer or nonbinary hispanics according to LGBT lingo.

And of course, their founder and the main face of Yaqeen, Omar Suleiman, is notorious for his continued allyship with pro-LGBT activists and his infamous quote:

“We are determined to cry together, to pray together, to stand together – straight, gay, Floridian and Texan.”


“Gay Muslims exist, and they are a part of our community. It depends on the mosque they are going to, whether the mosques are going to accept them or not. A lot of that has to do with how American those mosques are, how acclimated they are to the country they are in.”

Despite my invitation to Yaqeen in the past to explain these shocking things and discuss in an open forum, Yaqeen refuses to explain themselves, let alone take down the material and issue a correction and apology.

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How many Muslims (and non-Muslims) have been led into LGBT acceptance and promotion, thinking that such is Islamically acceptable because of Yaqeen?

That question alone should haunt everyone associated with Yaqeen.

It’s a question that would haunt anyone concerned about their akhira.

Ironically, Yaqeen touts its “scholarly review board” as working to “defend and promote Islamic orthodoxy.” I guess they think that LGBT, gay marriage, and queer activists are all orthodox in Islam.

Allah’s refuge is sought!

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The Wanderer

One can give these people & organizations with a Muslim facade reasons after reasons, excuses after excuses, but eventually there is a limit. These guys have gone past any reasonable limit a long time ago. I think Yaqeen is a good case study of a “Muslim” organization that is in fact working to promote, at best anti-Islamic ideas and at worst blatant kufr (making halal what Allah has made haram).

A beautiful thing about exposing the truth like this is that it makes clear the lines that were previously blurred between the believers and those who have problems in their aqida. Any person who has a sound aqida will instantly be repulsed by these revelations about Yaqeen, even if they liked them before. However, we will unfortunately see the insincere and the hypocrites push harder despite the apparent kufr and corruption. After the truth about Yaqeen’s deviance from God’s religion has been established, we should not fear these people, and instead just let them expose themselves.

Some people who like Yaqeen may dislike what I’m saying. But I’m saying this only because I hold you at a higher standard, because you’re calling yourself Muslims, I was expecting more of you in terms of respecting the religion of Allah. But here we are.

You’re doing a good job Daniel, may Allah keep you strong and steadfast and reward you for this good work.


May ALLAH SWT reward the brother for his intrepid exposition of such fitnah inducing hypocritical socio-political wagons of distortion and confusion…all in the academic integrity…Astagfirallah

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Just saw Omar Sellout’s defence videos where he claims he would never compromise the deen for political purposes.

It completely boggles my mind how he can eloquently twist his words to seem so innocent. It’s as if he himself believes him to be innocent.

Oh, verily, it is they, they who are spreading corruption but they perceive it not”
Surah 2:12