Malala’s Toxic Feminism: The Western Puppet Promotes Zina!

At this point, every Muslim has realized that Malala Yousafzai is a Western puppet used to justify the US invasion of Afghanistan and Western cultural engineering in the Muslim world more generally.

She is among the biggest traitors to Islam and Muslims because she adopted feminism.

The key tenet of feminism is to attack men by claiming they are fundamentally abusive and violent against women. This is an obvious lie, but feminists focus on solitary and unrepresentative examples of men behaving badly to claim that “all men” behave in this way.

Of course, feminists avoid this kind of wild generalization when it comes to other groups as they consider such generalizations as “racist.”

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But the truth is, men are by their nature extremely gentle to women. There is this thing called a protective instinct that men naturally have that spurs men to protect women in their families as well as non-family members. Women don’t have this same instinct for men. Women instinctually protect their children, but they don’t have that same masculine drive to jump to save a random man, even a man in their own family.

If you understand this masculine instinct, you easily understand why men are suited to be leaders and authorities over women, and that is exactly what Islam commands.

But this instinct can also be used against men. This is the victim act that many women know so well. Manipulate men by shedding a few tears and giving a sob story. This triggers the protective instinct in men, i.e., “white knights,” who then jump up to rescue the damsel in distress, when in reality, she is not in distress.

This is basically the whole dynamic of feminism. Feminists cry about being perpetual victims of evil men. They weave these outrageous examples of supposed abuse, like, “Stop using the world policeman because that disenfranchises women!” And then, the white knights jump in to the rescue. We have to blame the white knights (i.e., the simps) who empower these feminist manipulators.

Stop falling for it, fellas.

Back to Malala

Malala is the embodiment of this attack on all Muslim men. And she revels in it. She seems to enjoy every minute of the spotlight while her Muslim brothers and sisters are being invaded and droned.

In the latest example of attention-seeking, Malala made this bold statement:

“I still don’t understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can’t it just be a partnership?”

What a stupid remark. Didn’t she graduate from Oxford last year? Well, actually, I guess that explains a lot of it. The only point of these Western universities, at this point, is to churn out militant feminists, who celebrate sex work and march for LGBT.

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Why would Malala make this comment? Is she going to soon reveal having some non-Muslim British boyfriend who she is so happy with and plans to marry?

Malala is a great cautionary tale for all you fathers of daughters (and future fathers of daughters). Do you want your daughter to grow up to be a zina promoter? Do you want her to betray Islam and Muslims while being a puppet of Western imperialists? Well, protect her from feminism. Stop filling her head with ideas about being a strong, independent, educated women. Stop being a simp and teach her the importance of being an obedient wife, an agreeable spouse, a nurturing mother who serves Allah by serving her family.

The more daughters we have like that and the fewer Malalas, the better for the Ummah.

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Just about any and every Muslim of any and every ethnicity, or school of thought knows that Malala is a western tool at par to mirza ghulam. The only difference is she was supposedly shot in the face by the Taliban for the crime of going to school and getting an education as a Muslim girl.

She’s just a sympathy grabber used by the colonial propaganda machine.

Why hasn’t any believer in world peace promoted Afia Siddiqui? Or how about the literally hundreds of thousands of girls in Iraq or Palestine who are victims of bombings and shootings? Oh wait, those bombings and shootings were perpetrated by the Christians and Jews.

Her entire story is as real as the UFO and alien abduction “real life experiences” they used to show on TV back in my day at the height of the cold war!


To be fair, the group that did attempt to assassinate her, the TTP, which is different from the Taliban groups in Afghanistan, were extremists who fought against the Pakistani government. This group also killed many school children in 2014 in Peshawar, and many people from this group joined ISIS in Afghanistan.


If they kill and attack “many school children” why does only she get special treatment and attention?…She isn’t particularly attractive, photogenetic or verbally gifted….so, what sets her apart from all those other children?


Besides, the western forces have killed and injured more innocent civilians than any khariji terrorist organization of the Muslims!



Muhammad Hussain

For one, was this damsel ever shot by the Taliban ? How her family was suddenly flown over for treatment begs the question if this whole drama was staged. What we do know now is that she is working against the country of her birth and now this sorry woman is working against Islam and it’s ideology. She has to continue with negative perceptions of Islam otherwise the paycheck’s will dry up. She and her money grabbing family will get what’s coming to them….


Price of fame: Pakistani schoolgirl Malala joins millionaires’ club

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenage education activist who survived a near-fatal attack by the Taliban, and her family have become millionaires in under four years due to sales of a book about her life and appearances on the global speaker circuit.


There are different Taliban groups, the ones that shot her were the TTP, which is a separate group from the ones in Afghanistan. This group in 2014 killed 132 schoolchildren ranging between eight and eighteen years of age, and many people from this group joined ISIS in Afghanistan.


Malala is the ‘Muslim’ version of Greta Thunberg. These child activists are just a tool for the powers that be to push their agenda. It’s always fishy when a child is put at the head of a movement – particulary if it’s a female child. Western audiences can to some degree empathize with females because they’re less threatening, and because the collective psychology of the West tends to be less masculine. Nothing about this is organic. It’s always a well thought out strategy: take children with intellectual ability, give them grants and scholarships, ‘educate’ them, give them lots of media exposure, give them – made up – awards, send them back to country of origine, make sure they get positions of power and influence in their countries – mission accomplished…you now have a valuable asset. Case in point: Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar.


““I still don’t understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can’t it just be a partnership?””

First and foremost because Allah has made it haram. It’s called zina. As a Muslim you should know this.

Second, because even western studies (and there are many) show that cohabitation is less stable and produces less desirable results for the individual, the children and society as a whole.

Why cohabiting relationships are more wobbly than marriage worldwide and what it means for kids

Cohabitation and Child Wellbeing

Living Together Before Marriage May Raise Risk of Divorce

How cohabitation, marriage, separation, and divorce influence BMI: A prospective panel study.

Cohabitation led to significant weight gain in men and women—after four years or longer, about twice the gain associated with marriage (controlling for weight-related behaviors, age, children, employment, stress, and health).

Cohabitation and mental health: Is psychotropic medication use more common in cohabitation than marriage?

Several studies have found that cohabiting individuals are worse off in terms of their mental health than married individuals. For example, Brown, Bulanda and Lee (2005) found that among the US population over age 50, cohabiting men reported significantly higher depression scores than married men, but cohabiting and married women reported similar depression scores.


Malala is not a Muslim

Aliyu yusuf

Jazakallah khair may Allah reward you abundantly for using your time to write this out.
“If she can’t understand why people get married ” let assumed her parents get birth to her through Zina then probably her voice wouldn’t have been heard even in her own village.
She wouldn’t have a place to called home if she wasn’t a product of marriage.
Now in research shows that married couples live a more healthy life than unmarried partners.
Depression more exist amongst the western world because they try to invent another way of living aside the way of Islam.

Md Rabiul islam

May ALLAH save muslim ummah from such type of toxic girl.


Malala aint even muslim to say that she betrayed her ‘brothers and sisters.’