Twitter Deletes Nigerian President’s Tweet, So Nigeria Bans Twitter

Can you imagine the level of hypocrisy and lack of self awareness these Big Tech companies have?

The Verge:

Twitter is suspended “indefinitely” in Nigeria, “for the persistent use of the platform for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence,” according to a statement (threaded on Twitter) from the country’s minister of information and culture. The move comes days after the platform removed a threatening tweet by president Muhammadu Buhari which Twitter said violated its “abusive behavior” policy.

On Saturday, the office of Nigeria’s attorney general and ministry of justice said it would arrest and prosecute anyone who tried to get around the block, CNN reported, and directed government agencies to cooperate with prosecutors “to ensure the speedy prosecution of offenders without any further delay.” Several news reports said people within Nigeria were using VPNs to try to avoid the ban and continue using Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are constantly blocking and censoring whatever views they don’t agree with. They regularly deplatform groups and individuals, including heads of state.

You will literally be banned from Twitter for claiming that there are only two genders. Numerous Palestinian activists were banned and censored in the latest genocidal attack by Israel.

But when a country blocks Big Tech, then they want to cry about “essential human rights.” It’s hard to believe Twitter’s indignation.

The bigger question is, why aren’t more countries following Nigeria’s lead?

These social media companies have the power to basically disrupt any country they want. If most of a country’s population uses FB, Twitter, etc., then Big Tech essentially dictates what views are allowed to be expressed in that country.

If Big Tech decides to get rid of a ruling party, they flood the population’s Newsfeed with anti-government propaganda, they boost the social media accounts of rebel leaders, they throttle or outright ban government loyalists, etc. Fomenting protest is easy.

Same thing with spreading certain values (kufr, fahisha, taghut) and burying others (tawhid, haya, khilafa).

Any self-respecting country would put strict restrictions on these social media companies, if not outright ban.

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It’s not clear, what did the president really said??!


A secessionist/ separatist group have been causing violence in South Eastern Nigeria for a while now and they are gaining popularity, they go by the name IPOB (indigenious People of Biafra). The said group have created their own currency, flag , military etc and are hell bent at ripping the country apart or at least ripping themselves out of it – and insisting other states with same region join their course. The government has tagged them as terrorists and recently the said group declarde a “stay home” in several states within South Eastern Nigeria. They terrorized those who dared to defy the injunction yet they are in no way shape or form representatives of the government of that region.

The last civil war (1967) in Nigeria was bewteen the government and members of the IPoB although they went by a different name back then. The secessionists were sponsored by foreign powers such as France and Isreal (both of whom had mercenaries training the locals on Nigerian soil) clearly in hopes that should the country split they would have unbridled access to Nigeria’s oil rich region. The government dealt them in a high handed fashion, cutting supply of food to that region. Children died in thousands from malnutrition. Hundreds of thousands of people died …. and it looks like history is about to repeat itself.

The president Twitted

“Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred in the Nigerian Civil war. Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, would treat them in a language they understand “


Twitter, by the way, funded Endsars through Bitcoin. Same Twitter came back to people who reported the more threatening posts of the secessionist leader that the post never violated their rules. Now, upon government sanctions, Twitter withdrew the dedicated icon that it used to support the protest last October and has started deleting some of the dangerous posts it earlier said were not in violation of its rules.

Twitter Is World Emperor

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, CloudFlare, Apple’s iCloud and so on are all methods of foreign espionage at a scale that has never been seen before. Because they gather billions of people’s personal pictures, videos, documents and browsing habits. It is well known from the Snowden revelations and elsewhere that US government is tapping into these incredibly valuable and dangerous wells of data about citizens from the US and other countries, and they’re doing so while forcing these companies to be silent about it. The US has stolen so much personal data from the rest of the world that it doesn’t know what to do with it. All of this data can of course be weaponized for political gains, and a lot of it probably is being weaponized.

Every country should develop its own social media platforms and other kinds of services, there should be legal limits or sometimes bans against services like Facebook, Twitter and others. What is going on today is completely unacceptable.

>Any self-respecting country would put strict restrictions on these social media companies, if not outright ban.
Yes. I hope Nigeria (and every European country) makes their own innovative social media platforms. No, they shouldn’t be hosted by Amazon or DDOS protected by CloudFlare.

@Daniel, please, pretty please, never use CloudFlare. It makes life difficult for us who like to use Tor Browser.


All of the big tech giants including Google seem to be fronts used by various intelligence agencies of the west.

China banned HP once and no one in America had a problem with it. Then during Obama years they tried to ban Google, and Hilary Clinton went on an official state visit to China to negotiate with them to let Google, a private entity, back in. Why would a state official negotiate on behalf of a corporation?


And notice how it’s always some American college drop out or whiz kid who launched big techs where straight A nerds work?!

Zuckerberg, Gates, Larry, Sergei, so on

Why are European dropouts and entrepreneurs so successful?

At least China had the decency to put up Jack Ma and Alibaba!


People that intelligent and creative don’t need degrees. They will get by just fine without them. Roughly there’re three kinds of people:

Highly gifted and creative: IQ above 120 at least

Average: IQ between 100 and 120

Low Ability: IQ below 100

The first group don’t need degrees (these people are likely much smarter than their teachers, so they really can’t teach them anything), the last don’t have the cognitive ability to get degrees….higher learning is meant to sort out and organize the middle group – so as to establish a stable middle class.


So Daniel, if you support banning twitter and other social media outlets then why do you still carry on using these platforms yourself? If you don’t have double standards, then why don’t you completely go offline or boycott all social media if you are against these big tech and support China-style censoring them?

It’s only recently in the last few years that these big tech platforms have started to interfere in politics and ideology and censoring things they don’t like. I miss the old Internet back in the late 2000s and early 2010s when they actually used to have real freedom of speech. Instead of demanding to ban social media platforms while using it yourself, it would be better if you call for the tech giants and countries to go back to how they used to be in the old days before they started the unnecessary political interference and censorship of free speech.


The Answer is simple SL. If he seeks to reach a large audience, he has little choice but to use these dictatorial platforms – at least at present time.


well we could simply make our own social media however it is easier said than done. We have the choice to either let these social media companies brainwash us or at least try to make our own social media platforms.


Yes, that’s the only option if we Muslims want any kind of intellectual independence. And yet, the hegemony of Big Tech is so strong that even creating and maintaining alternative platforms cannot be done without at some level being dependent on these same companies. For example, see the case of “Parler”, an alternative to twitter which was swiftly taken down. The control that Big Tech has over global internet and media is scary. Dajjalic indeed.

May Allah help us and guide us.