Pro-LGBT Social Workers Taking Muslim Children Away from Parents

The LGBT agenda continues to steamroll forward virtually unimpeded. And Muslims do not have immunity from the onslaught.

This is a story that should give every Muslim parent nightmares.

City Journal:

Ahmed is a Pakistani immigrant, a faithful Muslim, and until recently, a financial consultant to Seattle’s high-tech sector. But when he reached me by phone in October 2020, he was just one more frightened father. Days earlier, he and his wife had checked their 16-year-old son into Seattle Children’s Hospital for credible threats of suicide. Now, Ahmed was worried that the white coats who had gently admitted his son to their care would refuse to return him.

“They sent an email to us, you know, ‘you should take your ‘daughter’ to the gender clinic,’” he told me.

At first, Ahmed (I have changed names in this essay to protect the identities of minor children) assumed there had been a mistake. He had dropped off a son, Syed, to the hospital, in a terrible state of distress. Now, the email he received from the mental health experts used a new name for that son and claimed he was Ahmed’s daughter. “They were trying to create a customer for their gender clinic . . . and they seemed to absolutely want to push us in that direction,” he said when I spoke to him again this May, recalling the horror of last October. “We had calls with counselors and therapists in the establishment, telling us how important it is for him to change his gender, because that’s the only way he’s going to be better out of this suicidal depressive state.”

Imagine taking your child to medical professionals, thinking that you can trust their judgment, but they end up pushing their gender ideology onto your children.

Syed had been a “straight-A student” and—according to his parents and the family’s therapist—quite brilliant. He is also on the autism spectrum, a young man who neglects to make eye contact and must be given rules for how long to shake hands, shower, or brush his teeth. High school was a slog for him, as it often is for kids on the spectrum who find that the social demands of adolescence have risen beyond their capacity to meet them. “He tried to ask a few girls out. It didn’t work out and he got frustrated and angry, and that kind of thing. And so, those girl-boy things get kind of tough for autistic kids, those developmental issues. And that’s where puberty can be very, very hard with the hormones rushing and all this stuff.”

Public school is like a torture prison for children and especially Muslim children. It is nearly impossible for Muslim teens to maintain their deen in such an environment.

When lockdowns hit, the boy who was already struggling socially and befuddled by questions neurotypical teens take for granted (How do I show a girl I like her? How do I make the other kids include me?) began to spend all day and night on the Internet. “He’s an autistic kid, and so he kind of lost track of time. And he was staying up a lot. So he was staying up, just being on the Internet, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever. . . . And he was in his room, just, you know, sleeping one or two hours a day. And that can really be devastating. He was very confused. He was seeing things, visual hallucinations. And we didn’t know why.”

It is not definitively known why many neurodiverse adolescents identify as transgender, but more than one scientist has pointed out the high rates of coincidence. As several autism experts have explained to me, those on the spectrum tend to fixate, and when a contagious idea is introduced to them—such as the notion that they might be a “girl in a boy’s body”—they are particularly susceptible to it.

So much of “transgender” feelings can be attributed to mental disabilities. This used to be considered a scientific fact, but apparently, facts can change according to political ideology.

As child psychiatrist and expert in gender dysphoria Susan Bradley said to me: “The messages these kids pick up [from trans influencers] when they’re online is, ‘We’re the only people who understand you. Your people, your parents, don’t really understand you.’ And it may be the first time in their lives that anybody has said to them, ‘We understand you. We know you. You’re okay. You’re just like us.’ And it’s powerful.”

Satanic brainwashing of children, pitting child against parent.

I asked Bradley if introducing gender ideology to kids who tend to fixate is like introducing cocaine to those susceptible to addiction. She agreed: “It has the same power to assuage all the alienation and grief and distress that these kids have been struggling with.”

Because of a Covid-19 policy, Ahmed could not stay at the hospital with his son back in October. Syed, in a sleep-deprived and confused state, furious at the parents who had admitted him, and in consultation with hospital staff and a social worker, decided that his problem was gender.

The age at which minors in the State of Washington can receive mental health and gender-affirming care without parental permission is 13. In other words, the emails Ahmed received from the hospital were effectively a courtesy; the hospital did not require Ahmed’s permission to begin his son on a path to medical transition.

The US is still “conservative” on this issue. In other countries, children as young as 6 or 7 can “decide” to transition (after being brainwashed by social workers, i.e., LGBT groomers) without parental consent.

But unlike some other parents I would later speak with, Ahmed’s cool head prevailed. Believing he might be walking into a trap, Ahmed reached out to both a lawyer and a psychiatrist friend he trusted. The psychiatrist gave him advice that he believes saved his son, saying, in Ahmed’s words: “You have to be very, very careful, because if you come across as just even a little bit anti-trans or anything, they’re going to call the Child Protective Services on you and take custody of your kid.” The lawyer told Ahmed the same: “What you want to do is agree with them and take your kid home. When the gender counselors advise you to ‘affirm,’ go along with it. Just say ‘Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay, let’s take him home, and we’ll go to the gender clinic.’”

Ahmed assured Seattle Children’s Hospital that he would take his son to a gender clinic and commence his son’s transition. Instead, he collected his son, quit his job, and moved his family of four out of Washington.

What a nightmare. He had to literally flee from these predators to avoid losing his son.

For those who haven’t realized yet: The LGBT ideology is empowering the state to take your children away from you. And Muslims are not excluded from this. Many Muslim families are affected now and many more could be affected in the future.

Why aren’t many celebrity imams talking about this? Why are these imams not working for the interests of the Muslim community by using their platforms of popularity to speak out against this and protesting against these changes that keep getting more and more extreme by the year?

Some of them, sadly, are actually promoting the LGBT agenda and telling Muslims to “affirm and advocate” it.

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LGBT movement is evil

“He is also on the autism spectrum”

There is a high correlation between transgenderism and autism. One of the most infamous transgenders is an austistic man that was litterally groomed and brainwashed by internet trolls to become transgender. He was also very obsessed with losing his virginity and getting a girlfriend.

Al Hamdulillah this man got his son out of this situation. In Canada there is this horrible situation where a man was arrested for calling his 14 year old daughter his daughter and she was transed against his will:

Another Case involved a girl named Keira Bell who took testosterone at a young age, but later decided not to be trans, and now she looks and sounds like a man.

Even many pro LGB supporters are against this sort of stuff, especially radical feminists. Even though these people are messed up in a lot of ways, ie supporting homosexuality and being anti men and not liking Islam, they do a good job of refuting and exposing this transgender nonsense.

Also, there are two types of transgenders, the homosexual transgenders, and the heterosexual transgenders. The homosexual transgenders are effeminate men who wish to be women, while the heterosexual ones are autogynephiles, who are sexually aroused at the thought of becoming into a woman. The transgender movement tries to deny the existence of autogynephiles because it makes their movement look bad.

Also many of these transgenders are sexual perverts who are in control of places like reddit where they run grooming subreddits, and moderators there are documented trying to groom children. You can’t criticize them there, Once of the cases that showed their corruption was the hiring of Aime Chandler, a sick perverted man who identified as woman who reddit hired, but later fired after public backlash after they banned anyone mentioning I think his name and these articles that exposed him.

So all parents here and people who have siblings, you have to protect your younger siblings from these groomers, they are sick men who wish to groom your children, and they have lots of power.

On a side note, many homosexuals are against this transgender stuff, especially lesbians, because many of these male transgenders wants to have sexual relationships with lesbian women, they call themselves “transbians”, and they get angry and give death threats to lesbians when the lesbians reject them. Well, they are reaping what they sowed, they should have never supported the homosexual movement in the first place.

I remember back then, one of the arguments that pro same sex marriage people used to use was the slipperty slope “fallacy”, well they have been proven to be wrong and the people against same sex marriage back in the day have been definitely proven to be right. Check out this mocked ad which has shown to be true:


Inna lilah ..The relation between autism spectrum n transgenderism is definitely an eye opener. And lets not forget that boys are more prone to autism than girls. Also VACCINES given to kids have a big big role to contribute to this perversion. The medical industry that has taken over this country is tyrannical to say the least. It was 6 years ago when I woke up to this silent genocide of our kids in the name of HEALTHCARE. Its frustrating, repulsive and demonic to say the least. And there is no stopping them. its getting worst. And now we have this ‘covid shot”, that they r pushing on kids. This madness needs to stop. And I say it with pain, MAJORITY OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH IS IN A DEEP SLEEP. Our doctors and ulemas are complicit in this crime indirectly. They are propagating it from the mimbars after consulting with dumb good for nothing brainwashed legal drug sellers, most ppl call DOCTORS. How I wish we could have a movement to wake the sheeple of ummah, just like so many awake spiritual christian holistic doctors, scientists, virologists, immunologists are standing for truth n justice to save humanity. While us the ummatis of Nabi Muhammad (saw) are helping the agenda of Dajjal. We slept while Iblees did his work. We never focussed on the root causes n kept addressing the symptoms. we never paid heed to how they are corrupting our water, air, food. We never questioned their medical practices n drugs but infact consider all that a Holy Grail. The muslims trust DOCTORS AND MSM, after they say they trust Quran n hadees. But somehow I feel covid reaction revealed who they really trust the most. TAWAKKAL ON VACCINES AND MSM was way more than TAWAKKAL ON ALLAH. I can go on n on in my frustration. But the muslim ummah really lost the plot. If they had done some research on occultism, they could very well relate it to the world we are living in, that is deception and lies at every step. Whether its the educational system, the financial, the health or mainstream media, everything is under the control of psychopaths. I wonder one thing and am still looking for an answer. How can ulema, muftis and shuyookh with all their taqwa and knowledge of Quran and Hadees not see the deception, whereas the people we think of as kaafirs and jahanamis are atm beacons of hope and fighting the dajjalic forces, standing for truth and justice fearlessly. These people literally have their lives on the line. I see it as Allah swt sifting pure from impure. And I for one is witnessing one shock after the other. May Allah let us be in His army of HAQ. Ameen


You like to ramble a lot don’t you


We can’t expect God to do all the work.


It must be really tough for Muslims in the west, to lose your son or a member of your family to those ideologies!

The amount of hypocricy some of those “Muslim” celebrities show just to maintain the pitiful Dunia is pathetic! Muslims are facing two enemies instead of just one.


What are you talking about,

Munafikun and Kafir was the enemy since the beginning


Today we submit to science, no Taqwa or Ikhlas in the matters of deen remains. The covid is a real test of muslims and we miserably fail. Reason I am saying that CDC even lift the restriction of mask and gathering but our masjid’s still pushing to wear mask put vaccine agenda even we dont know what will be the consequence of it ( kind of minor shirk to submit to science) and standing 3 to 6 feet apart. Not worrying and disregarding the clear hadees that mask are not acceptable covering face and distance in namaz as a fiqh what we learn in our life that prayers is maqruh standing apart but we still justifying it that is ok. Instead we as a muslim should be the first one to worry about our prayers. We as a umma, leaders and imam all fail to show tawaqqal on الله سبحانه وتعالى and fail to lift ummah’s iman .
we fall in to dajjali fitna and ruins our prayers that is the most important pillar of islam

May الله سبحانه وتعالى forgive us and save us from all small and big dajjali fitna and trials


For now (and possibly until the Imam Mehdy comes), the best solution for Muslims in the west is to make their own isolated insular Muslim villages in the countryside in the same countries they live in, like a Muslim version of what the Amish, Mennonites and Haredi peoples have done. This is 100% legal in the USA since those other faith communities I just mentioned have done it for centuries without getting into legal trouble. Because of their isolation from the mainstream urban secular ultra-liberal society, they and their children are all end up being traditionalist religious Conservative people who never suffer from these ideological, cultural and gender problems that you explain in your articles.

This solution that I’m suggesting is also in line with prophet SAW advice where he said that in the future the good Muslims will have to isolate themselves from mainstream society to protect their deen. Maybe Daniel could also buy some land or ranch in countryside, learn farming, bring some like minded Muslim families to live there, and start promoting this solution of making isolated insular rural communities.

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Soon the best property of a Muslim will be a flock of sheep he takes to the top of a mountain, or in the valleys of rainfall, fleeing with his religion from tribulations.”
Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 19


Don’t most of the Haredim live in the cities? Maybe it can also be done in the cities also.

Also, both the Amish and Haredim speak their own languages in their isolated communities, both being varities of High German, Though the Russian Mennonites speak a variety of Low German.


That is one of the most carefully suppressed bits of information within the transgender cult, that relationship between autism and transgender ideology. I was misdiagnosed as a child with ADD, when really I’m on the much lighter end of the autism spectrum. I don’t have anywhere near the kind of impairment of someone like Chris-Chan for example (the first comment up at the top mentioned him, the famous autistic “trans woman” (man) on the internet, you can look up a long documentary on YouTube about him if you have such morbid fascinations). I fell victim to this ideology, which as written in the article Susan Bradley very correctly likens to an addiction, through autogynephilia, and Mashallah I have turned back away from it after two suicide attempts during the time I was living as a trans “woman” (only time in my life when suicidal thoughts have progressed to serious attempts). This is not an unpreventable thing, AND it’s not something that usually happens when an autistic kid is being taken care of and given healthy hobbies and habits. It’s good for an autistic child to grow up with a kind of rigid routine that helps him keep good patterns of behavior, and it should include something related to physical fitness, something related to craftsmanship, something related to creativity, strategy, problem-solving, etc. And as I understand it, Islamic history is full of incredible achievements in science, technology philosophy, etc. So in teaching your child that history he can be proud of his Muslim identity, he can trust deeply in it and grow to always thank Allah for his circumstances. and And this isn’t to say Ahmed is a bad parent, he probably loves and does his best for his child in this sick society (Ahmed’s son likely was exposed to this transgender ideology on the internet before being taken to the clinic). But I just mean to encourage Muslim parents on how best to prevent what happened to me, in my opinion. My parents are not Muslim, I’m a white American and have only recently found the calling to revert, but this is how the autistic fixation pattern can be a blessing: for a short time the transgender fixation infected and replaced it, but before that and now after it, my longtime obsession was to find Allah, and I addressed and studied so many religions with such intense focus and devotion. I actually was close to Islam, going to masjid and dhikr with college friends from Yemen, when suddenly I first became exposed to this transgender cult ideology, and fixated on it… I will have to accept Allah’s judgement for that mistake, and maybe He will forgive me. I have turned away from it, and now that I have been immersed in it and felt the abomination thoroughly, now I know I can never be taken by it again. And I know Allah is merciful, but I will accept the results of my own actions. My autistic fixation has turned to Him now, and I know enough about other religions, philosophies, meditations, etc, to know there is nothing worthwhile spiritually or ideologically that isn’t found in its fullness within Islam. I pray for peace to all Muslim brothers and sisters and inshallah, another Golden Age for the Muslim world. It seems inevitable that a future generation of American youth will passionately revolt from the hedonistic, indulgent culture which is now in its apex, and maybe like me they will turn to Allah and Muhammad when they come to this clarity.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Consider the phrase “sex assigned at birth”.
The existence of this phrase necessarily implies that sex really is assigned at birth, not hardwired in the very cells at conception. If that is true, then the massive, massive problem of aborting ‘female’ fetuses plaguing India and China simply does not exist. If those fetuses have not been assigned a gender yet then how can you call it female feticide or even female infanticide? Parents go to a clinic, check if the unborn baby has male genitalia/other factors or not and if not, they just have an abortion. That’s all it is, it is just an abortion. The mother is not ready yet to have a penis-less baby. She wants to have experiences, maybe travel a little. If the phrase ‘sex assigned at birth’ is valid, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of abortion, from a Western Liberal perspective.