Yasir Qadhi: Cancelled for LGBT or Is He Being Hypocritical?

Back in March 2016, I presented a paper on Islam and LGBT for the Imam’s Conference held by AMJA (Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America). In the Q&A session, Dr. Yasir Qadhi asked me and co-panelist Dr. Hatem al-Haj about the extent to which Muslims can be involved politically on the issue of LGBT.

For some reason, the recording that shows this session is no longer on AMJA’s channel. Nonetheless, Dr. Hatem started by answering that Muslims should not get politically involved and we should let non-Muslim society deal with the LGBT by themselves.

I responded by saying that this is a bad idea. Muslims cannot afford to stay on the sidelines because if trends continue, eventually, LGBT acceptance is going to be forced on the Muslim community too. We cannot afford to remain uninvolved. We need to speak out against the tide.

That was over 5 years ago. Now I realize that, if anything, I hugely underestimated things. The level of Qawm Lut take over of every aspect of modern society is beyond anything I could have imagined.

The clearest indication of this is the involvement of children. Everything from cartoons to primary school curricula is pushing this, and any objection is blasted as bigotry.

In 2019, we heard about the RSE sex curriculum in the UK for children as young as five and how Muslim children were affected. In Canada, the UK, and now the US, we are hearing about social workers threatening to take custody of children if Muslim parents do not recognize their “trans identity.” And on and on.

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What have celebrity imams done to speak out against all this?

A lot of people asked me to comment on a recent couple of posts by Yasir Qadhi. In one post, he gives the Islamic position on transgenderism. In the other post, he says that an academic conference rescinded his invitation because of his post on trans.

Doesn’t this show a clear example of a celebrity imam speaking out against LGBT?

No. Not at all!

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As I have explained in the past, simply articulating that gay sex and transgender surgery is haram is not enough. The bare bones minimum all imams should be doing is saying it is haram.

BUT what about the political, cultural, and legal onslaught? Where is their objection to all the LGBT “rights” and celebration, etc.? Where is their opposition to and condemnation of that?

In fact, Yasir Qadhi and his colleagues, like Jonathan Brown, Omar Suleiman, Sherman Jackson, and Yaqeen Institute have pushed conformity with the Qawm Lut order. Their message in multiple videos, papers, and interviews has consistently been that they either have no objections to the proliferation of LGBT rights or even that Muslims should “affirm and advocate” LGBT rights!

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It makes absolutely no sense, yet this is the position that they have been pushing onto the Muslim community.

Rather than speak out, organize politically, use institutional influence, this Dawah Mafia either stays silent OR actively pushes LGBT rights. Meanwhile, they have no problem organizing politically for BLM, for migrants, for prisoner rights, getting out on the street, marching and protesting for every left wing cause.

They even have no problem doing migrant marches with LGBT priestesses and participating in shirk rituals, but they can’t make a simple statement saying:

“We oppose gay marriage and LGBT rights.”

Or how about:

“Muslims should oppose gay marriage and LGBT rights.”

Why can’t they say that?

Why can’t you find a single one of these celebrities or their institutes who have said that? Is it because their social justice activist friends would disown them? Is it because their popularity and position with kuffar would take a hit?

What About Quran?

Compare what the Compassionate Imams are preaching about LGBT to what the Prophet Lut `alayhissalam says about Qawm Lut in the Quran:

“If only I had against you some power or could take refuge in a strong support.” [Quran 11:80]
In other words, Lut is saying he would take any power he could to oppose his people for their fahisha. Not exactly political quietism, is it?
Lut also is cited as saying:
“My Lord, support me against the people who work corruption.” [29:30]
He also says:
“I am, in truth, of those who hate your deed.” [26:168]
You don’t find these strong words and the sentiments behind them being taught by these celebrities who claim to be upholding the Quran and Sunnah.

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What makes the issue comical is Yasir Qadhi getting his invitation to an academic conference rescinded. Considering his expressed outrage, he seems surprised by this. He says in his post:

“Sadly, this is just the beginning, and the situation will in all likelihood get worse. Merely disagreeing with some lifestyles & preaching mainstream Abrahamic morality to your own children or co-religionists will get you blocked or fired from your job.”

Just the beginning?? Has Dr. Qadhi been living under a rock? This has been happening for years now, especially in academia! The only reason he is only now getting impacted is because even his tepid “lgbt is haram but we respect everyone” stuff has now become considered too bigoted.

The fact is, academia has always been gatekeeping and preventing anything except the most liberal people from having a seat at the table. The only way Muslims like Qadhi, et al., have been able to operate in academia is by hiding Islamic beliefs. They know this. This is not news. So Qadhi saying “This is just the beginning” is disingenuous.

What makes it more egregious is the fact that Qadhi, et al., also want to be imams and Islamic preachers. This is a conflict of interest because, for the sake of their academic positions, they have to stay quiet about non-liberal Islamic beliefs, not just on LGBT, but also on women’s issues, al-wala wal-bara, etc. So, how can they properly teach Islam to the community and represent its interests when they are also silent or inaccurate on these important parts of Islam for the sake of academia?

What makes it even more, more egregious is that Qadhi has recently been the biggest proponent of academia. He has pushed Muslims to join academia and even goes so far as to bring deviant and murtad academics onto his platform to “dialogue” with them. His “Islamic” seminary teaches a curriculum that is almost entirely based on academic books written by kuffar in Islamic studies.

In this way, Qadhi is one of the biggest proponents of academia, yet he now wants to pretend like he is just realizing that academia is not tolerant of Islam.

If you really believe that, Yasir, why don’t you start speaking out against academia and telling the Muslim community to boycott Islamic studies and boycott these academics, especially the deviant Muslim academics?

I can see why that would be hard to do given that you have spent so much time, along with Omar Suleiman and Yaqeen Institute, to open the door for these deviant academics to preach to the Muslim community. These deviant academics that would have had no influence on the Muslim community are given a free platform by Qadhi and Yaqeen to write and speak. You are platforming these academics and unleashing their poison. Yet you have no shame in this and are defiant when myself and others call you out.

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And finally, what makes Qadhi’s outrage at having his invitation rescinded so egregious is because he and the rest of the Dawah Mafia have been so active blocking and gatekeeping other Muslims from their platforms!

Personally, I have been blocked, my papers deleted, invitations rescinded by this same crew, whether Yaqeen, MuslimMatters, various masajid over the years who received calls from “influential imams” saying things like, “If you have Daniel speak here, I will never fundraise for your masjid again.”

Yes, this has been happening very aggressively. And it has happened to others. This Dawah Mafia actively works to silence and deplatform anyone who gives a non-politically correct view on feminism, LGBT, and leftism in general. Long before I started publicly speaking out against this mafia, they “cancelled” me because I was teaching things that contradicted feminism and “believe all women.” That was the reason. They have to silence these voices because it makes them look bad for not saying the same things, which they refuse to do because of their political alliances.

Now these imams and institutes want to pretend like they are the victims.

So much more can be said on this, but there is a deep sickness affecting the Western Muslim community due to the deal these celebrities have made with the American political establishment. This is a rot that can be disastrous if it is not countered.

Silence is not an option.

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Assalamu alaykum va rahmatulloh
What a wonderful review brother Daniel.
How can we support you?


Share the good stuff you like. For financial support: https://muslimskeptic.com/contribute/

Aman Syed

Rather, you should buy his book and subscribe to his institute. That way you will gain knowledge and support him as well.


Donate is the best thing we can do and ofc Dua

John Wick

Who said, “If you have Daniel speak here, I will never fundraise for your masjid again”?


One of the yaqeen institute members as to what I can interpret. Allah knows.

John Wick

Looking for specific names.

Nazrul Islam

What will you do with the specific name? You don’t belong in that country to do something about it. Moreover, are you trying to imply that Daniel is lying? You will just increase hatred towards authentic people like Daniel. I wonder why are you still here? Maybe just to create fitnah!


I would like to know as well. I think it is of public benefit to avoid hiring such people to fundraise if they have such a questionable moral quality.

Abduqaadir maxamad

MASHALLAH brother walhi this yasir qadi guy is taking the Muslim youths to the gate of jahanam if we don’t interfere now

He became a westernized Muslim who is being ordered to tolerate and not to be skeptical of this kind of things like LGBT and feminism he knows the truth but he rather twist it so he can be trusted by both sides what a hypocrite he Is

May ALLAH GUIDE US all to the wright PATH


Love your passion for the subject and making the UMMAH understanding the danger.


Not only is homosexuality clearly against the Quran and sunnah, but many muslims have been raped and molested by homosexuals in our own countries, these homosexuals have destroyed our countries, just look at the Afghan government, the Americans invaded and put homosexuals who rape boys in power. George Bush was one of the biggest promoters of LGBT rights, without what he did, gay people in Afghanistan would not be raping and sexually abusing boys. Don’t believe me? I wrote a comment here with lots of sources, comment by “GeorgeBushfoughtforgaypedophiles”:


Funny how the LGBT movement never mentions George Bush or what gays do in Afghanistan, it is like they actually know that homosexuality is wrong and evil, the fact they don’t praise George Bush for his contribution to LGBT rights is proof for this.

So even by a liberal secular non religious utilitarian perspective, homosexuality is clearly a bad thing. I guess all of this propaganda the LGBT movement did has really brainwashed and distorted people’s natural fitra when it comes to homosexuality. Even homosexuals by their nature know that homosexuality is wrong, they have something called “internalized homophobia”. And lets not forget homosexuals reproduce by molesting boys, and the reason many of them are gay is because they were molested as children:


“In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls. Suggestions for future research were offered.”

Most of the sexual abuse done in the Catholic Church was done by homosexual and bisexual men, who, interestingly, are scientifically not considered pedophiles because the victims were not prepubescent. In other words, they were normal plain homosexuals:


“the study demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of victims of sexual abuse between 1950 and 2010 were male (81 per cent) and between the ages of eleven and fourteen (51 per cent). Meanwhile 27 per cent were aged fifteen to seventeen, 16 per cent were eight to ten, and only 6 percent were under the age of seven.”

“Because the majority of the victims were pubescent or post-pubescent, the Causes and Context study rather controversially claims that it is not therefore strictly correct to refer to “paedophile priests” (paedophilia being defined as “the sexual attraction to prepubescent children”).”

If you think logically, back in the day, marriages were done early and this was normal, ie 13-15 year olds getting married to older men. So if you say homosexuality is okay, you are essentially saying that it is okay for a 30 year old man to anally rape a 14 year old boy. Apparently in some western countries like Italy, this can be legally done.

If these grooming gay pedophiles say there is nothing wrong with teaching elementary school students that homosexuality is okay in an “age appropriate” manner, then they should have no problem teaching them that bestiality, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia, BDSM, and all other sexual perversions are okay in an “age appropriate” manner.

And for some LGBT history, did you know that one of the earliest recorded same sex “marriages” was between Roman emperor Nero and Sporus? Sporus was a young boy whom the Roman Emperor Nero favored, had castrated, and “married”.

I think it is quite tragic that so many boys and youths are being groomed by this LGBT cult and defending the “right” of gay men to sexually abuse them. The west has definitely failed at protecting its youth from gay grooming pedophiles.


Daniel, you should really write an article about the inseparable link of homosexuality and the grooming and molesting of boys and pederasty, ie things like the homosexuality in the catholic church, bacha bazi, Nero’s “marriage” to Sporus, NAMbLA and other pedophile movements invovlement in the LGBT movement, and all other forms of pederasty.

People have been really brainwashed by this LGBT movement. In fact I am angry that when I was at the age at which gay men would want to rape me, I did not know that gay men were interested in raping and sexually abusing me. I could have been raped and molested and groomed by these sick people. And now they have taken over the west and you can’t even criticize them for grooming child in schools, and it has become part of the school curriculum for your children to be groomed by gays.


Daniel, see my comment in the dark cults article. Relevant here.


““Sadly, this is just the beginning, and the situation will in all likelihood get worse. Merely disagreeing with some lifestyles & preaching mainstream Abrahamic morality to your own children or co-religionists will get you blocked or fired from your job.””

Obviously. When your usefulness runs its course the liberals will always turn on you like a vengeance. In this they resemble the khawarij…the bandwith of acceptable thought is so narrow they will inevitably turn on each other, and ultimately on themselves. The only difference is khawarij do not pretend to be tolerant.

The philosophy of scratch my back I’ll scratch yours is not going to work with them.

The trinity of current liberalism is: feminism, LGBT-rights and environmentalism. All are instruments for population control. If you don’t subscribe to these ideologies you’re automatically deemed an enemy and blacklisted.


What about pro-yahood-ism?


“the bandwith of acceptable thought is so narrow they will inevitably turn on each other, and ultimately on themselves.”

This is exactly what happened with those who are pro LGB but against the T like the radical feminists, just look at what happened to JK Rowling.


Another excellent piece. May Allah preserve you and the scholars who work with you.

Uthman Yaqoob Al-Afriqiyy

Ever since Daniel’s viral “YQ shocking agenda to reform Islam”, YQ has been in overdrive damage control doing his hardest to portray orthodoxy and “defending the Sunnah”.

His attempted rebuttal was pitifully abysmal so he has been flooding content staying within safe limits i.e. talks on Prophets, Sahaba, criticizing Israel etc. you know the usual suspects to hoodwink the gullible part of the Ummah as to one’s Orthodoxy & sincerity. Haa!

This latest post of his is a trend. it is calculated to buoy up his orthodox image, YQ has backers within Academia and they understand the role he has to play to misguide and integrate the Ummah into liberal kufr so trust me rescinding a meaningless invite to YQ is a well planned publicity scheme giving him fodder to play victim and further cover his tracks. Just like “Mufti” Abu Layth and a convenient attack on his home which merely scared his daughters while he himself wasn’t around *wink wink* and gave him the perfect leeway to recant his filthy comments on Palestine and address other issues. Then conveniently after publicly professing the shadah in that video PR campaign of a sob/outrage story on YouTube, the assailants reached out and apologized!!! LOL! but i digress

YQ is quite the character. In his over acting and firing off words in a desperate and psychopathic attempt to appear radically truthful “i don’t sugar coat things” and “in my humble opinion” as he loves to repeat over and over again, this man has refuted and exposed his own self countless times that you could make a 20 hour tape of YQ refuting YQ or YQ exposing YQ. He’s so disingenuous and embarrassingly dense as an academic it’s amazing. He Oozes inferiority complex, napoleon complex, Intellectual Fraud etc He is the most quoted “Muslim Personality/Scholar” by the Kuffar Polemics to support their arguments against Islam!! Just Wow!

I died laughing in YQ’s recent “khutbah” criticizing Muslim leaders calling them the “intellectual descendants of Abdulla bin Ubay [the infamous head of the hypocrites of Madina] who are walking amongst us today”. YQ is pretty good at that kind of double speak, taking a characteristic he knows is a criticism rightfully hurled at him by the People of Sunnah and understanding, and which fits him like a glove on his conscience, he will then take it, re-articulate it and hurl it somewhere else as a diversion.

In EVERY speech you will find him perfectly describing himself but aimed at somewhere/someone else! In that “Library Chat” on reform where we saw, i suspect, infighting between the Academic Mafiosi, my theory is that there is a growing resentment amongst the reformist academia of YQ’s growing profile ad popularity as a “Reformist” while they’ve been striving for years and years largely ignored by the Ummah (eg the Sara Tantawi & Muqtadar Khan miserable duo),

They would’ve also noticed YQ’s skill in playing both sides (ie Reformers & Orthodox) and straddling the fence so they put him on the spot in that recorded digital broadcast, of which a refusal would have put the good Doctor at risk of being labelled and classified as a double agent or even mole of the Wahabis!

He had to make that public panel where he shamelessly spoke about “reforming Islam bit by bit using their epistemology and hermeneutics”, which is why he kept invoking the RAND REPORT in trying to subtly draw their attention to the counter productivity of such an open talk! but again in classic YQ diversion tactics and hypocrisy, he said in the panel “I don’t subscribe to some reformers grandiose claims of having discovered the true intent or interpretation of Islamic texts after 1400 years of supposed misinterpretation by classic scholars, interpretations which somehow just happen to coincide with philosophies espoused by Voltaire and the likes…”

Now if you’ve read this far, I want you to read that quote again which I paraphrased, isn’t that a near perfect description of YQ? Exactly!! This is the diabolic level of hypocrisy, audacity and intellectual insult YQ unleashes on the gullible public, and how he imagines that the Ummah of Muhammad SAW the inheritors of the Quran and Sunnah would not see through him by the Guidance of Allah SWT??????? Amazing!

I actually personally think YQ is a careful plant from the very beginning of his career! from his early days at Madinah University, cultivating an ultra-orthodox persona, returning to America and engaging in Polemics then joining “Academia” and all of a sudden going through a publicly documented radical liberal transformation against his “former self”.

Please watch the convert story of the Caucasian sister who was recruited by some Yehudi and purposefully trained to “Play around with the Quran and Hadith and to re-interpret, distort the meanings of the text and misguide Muslims (women), which explains why a few years ago there was a sudden barrage of TedX Talks by Unknown “Muslimas “with comical and near unprecedented opinions on Hijab, Women etc. and sadly many of those baatil concepts have become entrenched in the minds of many of the educated class of young Muslim women!!!!

Alas much of the Ummah is asleep and heedless. We underestimate the level of plotting and planning they engage in, which Allah The Most High Referred to in the Quran as Enough To Move Mountains! yet it seems only when we watch movies or documentaries do we barely acknowledge the extent to which the Kuffar carefully plan and deploy their resources and spies (many recruited from the CRADLE!) to infiltrate and neutralize their intended targets.

However it appears in our day to day lives, we have such a self-imposed naïve understanding of the supposed good motives of anyone who claims and professes Islam, never mind that we are not as naïve or trusting when it concerns our personal finances/money, wives, children, career choices, even clothes etc. but when it comes to the Deen of Allah, we impose a ridiculous standard of “Love and Believe Everybody “or “Advise them in private” SMH!!!.

Anyways, YQ is an individual whom Allah SWT Has Exposed Many Many Times In Order To Make Clear Haqq From Baatil for Those He Has Favored With Making Clear The Path Of Guidance. That “Library Chat on Reform” was literally a gift to Ahlul Sunnah delivered to us at the hands of Daniel and his team, May Allah Bless you all Abundantly and Continuously. Amin

Uthman Yaqoob Al-Afriqiyy

Here’s the Video of the woman i mentioned “She Was Hired to Destroy Islam, The Sheriffa Carlo Story”

And also here’s the reference for the verse on plotting on such a scale as to move mountains (within the context…)
Sahih International: And they had planned their plan, but with Allah is [recorded] their plan, even if their plan had been [sufficient] to do away with the mountains.

Anything good i said is from Allah and anything wrong is from me and Shaytan and Allah and His Messenger SAW are Free From It. Amin