The Campaign to De-Stigmatize Suicide in Islam

Is it insensitive to say: Suicide is haram?

If you think stating that fact is insensitive, then what would you say to this hadith?

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself will be throwing himself down in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever drinks poison and kills himself will be sipping it in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron will have that iron in his hand, thrusting it into his belly in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Is this hadith insensitive? Audhubillah! Or this one:

“A man among those who came before you was wounded. He panicked and took a knife and cut his hand, and the bleeding did not stop until he died. Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, said: ‘My slave hastened his death; I have forbidden Paradise to him.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Yes, it is true that if a Muslim commits suicide, we should not condemn him to hell. Committing suicide does not take one out of Islam. It is a major sin and like other sins, except shirk, Allah can forgive someone for it. But forgiveness is in no way guaranteed.

We cannot sugar coat this major sin. And sugar coating actually makes suicide more appealing to some people. Why would we want to do that?

There is an active campaign to “destigmatize” suicide. Why? What is the purpose of destigmatizing it?

Some confused Muslims believe that teaching the Ummah that suicide is haram is making the deen difficult.

What??? How does teaching suicide is haram make the deen difficult??

If a Muslim is depressed and expresses the desire to kill himself, he needs to know that it is haram and he is risking punishment in the hell-fire. Taking away this knowledge is not going to make life easier! It is going to lead to the END of life!

But this is the confusion caused by Liberalism. According to Liberalism, you own your body and what you do with it is your free choice, even killing it. So teaching that suicide is haram is an infringement on individual rights.

This Liberalism is at the basis of the destigmatization campaign that some “Muslim” psychologists and activists are pushing.

But we know, we don’t own our bodies. Allah owns our bodies and we do not have the free choice to do with it whatever we want. To kill it is a crime and violation of Allah’s rights upon us.

To counter this liberal secular campaign, we need to emphasize these hadith, emphasize the haram status.

NOTE: I am not saying that telling a suicidal person that it is haram is the ONLY thing needed. Stop with the pathetic strawmanning.

Rather, my claim is that telling that person it is haram and makes one liable for punishment in the hereafter is a NECESSARY part of the conversation. But there is much more that should be said, like the reward for patience, how all people go through trials, even the messengers, how Allah promises ease after hardship, etc.

NOTE: I am also not saying to go up to people who have lost loved ones to suicide and shame them. Focus, people!

What about the argument that those who commit suicide are suffering insanity therefore they are not accountable for their actions?

This is not how insanity is defined in Islam. Taking a deliberate action to do something harmful to yourself does not, in and of itself, make you be considered insane Islamically. A person might be insane for independent reasons, like those who are genuinely mentally retarded. If a mentally retarded person commits suicide, then yes, they wouldn’t be accountable. But those are not the cases we are referring to. Being severely depressed does not take away one’s ability to make decisions, and that is what is Islamically relevant. Mufti Zameelur Rahman has a short article on what constitutes insanity in Islam that is helpful to understand these distinctions.

Finally, don’t let the emotional blackmailers pressure you to stop teaching halal and haram.

If I lost a family member to a drug overdose, for example, I am not going to stop saying drugs are haram. That would be silly. In fact, I might want to do more to stigmatize drug use in my community.

Shame is an important tool in stigmatizing deadly behaviors and the liberal campaign to remove shame from the equation is nothing more than an attack on humanity. But we have the purveyors of “Compassionate” Islam and “Hikma” who want to do exactly this! They are pushing the exact opposite of hikma.

And let’s not forget, many depressed Muslims even admit that knowing suicide is haram is the ONLY reason they are not killing themselves. How many deaths are the destigmatizers responsible for?

Using Suicide as a Weapon for Reform

In traditional Muslim societies, if a family member committed suicide, one didn’t advertise this. It was important to preserve one’s family’s dignity by not advertising such an enormity.

But now, it has been so destigmatized (like all major sins), that people are advertising it and leveraging it for their own ideologies, like:

“She committed suicide because of the patriarchy! You patriarchy supporters essentially killed her!”

“He committed suicide because his parents forced him to memorize Quran as a kid! Shame on you parents!”

In other words, suicide is being used this to stigmatize things in Islam in order to push reformism. This is unbelievable!

And if you point out this emotional manipulation, you are the one that is called an insensitive jerk. How is it not callous and insensitive to shamelessly use someone’s suicide for your ideological ends?

May Allah protect us all.

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  1. Suicide is for the weak, it’s basically an escape from this life. A very selfish and cowardice action, you betray your creator, your family and friends and yourself by doing that

    Death will come find you anyway so no need to rush really

  2. Once these pathetic “liberal minded” wannabe nominal Muslims run out of things to deem as NOT haram, a day will come when they will moan and cry and grace the world with messages like “brother, stop making the Deen difficult, one cannot control their heart, if someone wants to be in an incestuous relationship with their sister, brother, mother or father, let them be.” This is what happens when one decide that they no longer want to be limited by the boundaries set by Allah. Society shapes itself, morals change, what was unthinkable yesterday becomes palatable today. Gradually man morphs into animal. There is a reason why Allah set those boundaries in the first place.

    • These people who claim to be muslim are already supporting LGBT, same sex marriage, and men doing anal sex with men and boys, and from an Islamic point of view, homosexuality is more condemned than incest. The line has already been crossed with these people.

      I remember Daniel stated his grandmother was married at 13, and this used to be normal, and lets think logically about these homosexual supporters. If they say that homosexuality is okay today and it is equal to heterosexuality, they are essentially saying that it is possible for a 13 year old boy to be anally penetrated by a 30 year old man, as in the past early marriages like those that I mentioned were common.

      • I think in Roman times that was a norm. Grown men would look for young just reached puberty boys to have an illicit relationship with them.

        Many liberals now say they don’t want that due to age gap but they fail to recognise that it’s been a large part of the homosexuality culture for centuries as we can see.

  3. The stigma is what exactly saved my life around 2 years back –
    I was severly depressed when I was away from home -town, living in a city (ie., liberal surrounding).
    I felt, unlike other diseases, depression doesn’t comes without warning – for me it was mostly due to the outcomes of my own decision making processess which was messed-up, when I consumed liberal thoughts simply because it appealed to me and I thought it will appeal to my surrounding as well, and tried to justify it using Islam by literally submitting to all conflicting ideas, and trying to appeal to all sides, the inconsistencies in my thought lead me confused, this went on-and-on untill it effected me on a sociological scale when I kept acting upon it for long to lose self-dignity, ended up in a deadlock, sometimes it even appealed to “gaining sympathy after I die”.

    Wallahi – the only thing that kept me alive is a stigma in my community “what if I end up in hell?”, this made me realize the wisdom of Islam and necessity of being consistent & upright on a straight path.

    • This is so important, this is another reason why children are kess likely to kill themselves, because they believe they will go to hell if they kill themselves. Sadly, children suicides are also on the rise but much less that adults for that reason.

    • Masha Allah, may Allah forgive and assist you in life brother/sister. There’s a stigma for a reason, mitigating or downplaying the consequences can backfire badly as we can see now with people trying to tie suicide as not haram

    • This is exactly what happened to me too.
      I was in a deep depression brought on by my own actions and sinning.
      I remember having the tool in my hand and holding it but a thought kept coming up in my mind ‘what if there IS a Hell?’ It wouldn’t go away. I then threw the tool down looked up and cried like I hadn’t before and begged Allah swt for help. I was completely in His mercy because I had given up and couldn’t see any other way out.
      The following day I still felt bad but later in the evening, randomly I was listening to a talk about Allah (something that would have previously made me feel uncomfortable because I knew I was sinning and felt huge guilt) and the pain inside lifted. I woke the next day and it had gone! From that point on I turned my life around and have been striving to be the best Muslim I can be for Allah’s sake. He is SO SO generous and out of sheer gratefulness I have to do what I can to try and please him.
      My near suicide incident was beginning of 2018.
      I can’t stay life has been easy since and the thoughts don’t come back but I CAN say is that when I am feeling low and I ask again and again for Allah for help me, He does and I manage to climb out of the pits of depression and anxiety time and time again. SubhanAllah.
      When you are sincerely trying for His sake no matter how small the sacrifice, He will make ways for you in ways you cannot imagine.

      So yes, Islam saved me from suicide. Otherwise I would not be here today.

  4. Threats of suicide is one of the biggest reasons why the transgender movement got so powerful. This is one of the reasons why the LGBT movement has started giving puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries to minors today.

    And these braindead idiots see it as the ultimate sin to “misgender”, that is tel the truth about these people’s sex of any of these people who killed themselves.

    And studies show that these evil treatments on the youth are not effective at treating their dysphoria:

    Speaking of which, did you know that Iran, Khomeini and Khamenei approve of transgender surgeries?:

    “Khomeini decided then that it was a religious obligation for me to have the sex change”

    “He said that because of my feelings, I should observe all the rites specific to women, including the way they dress.”

    “It dates back to only a few years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. A transgender woman, Maryam Khatoonpour Molkara, managed to push her way through the guards to meet Khomeini while dressed in men’s clothes. Molkara explained to the supreme leader how she felt her true gender was different from her physical sex. After consulting with doctors, Khomeini sanctioned gender-transition surgery in a groundbreaking fatwa.”

    “Iran’s current supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, later gave Molkara a black veil to officially recognize her as a woman, upholding Khomeini’s fatwa, she said. She died in 2012 at the age of 62.”

    “Transgender people can go to the courts and receive official permission for gender-transition surgery after going through detailed medical examinations and an interview with a psychiatrist. Afterward, they can receive new identity documents and financial aid for the surgery.”

    Sadly, there are many muslims who are fooled by Iran’s propaganda and taqiyya, even after supporting the genocide of Sunnis in Syria and openly stating they want to take over Makka and Madina and “kill those who killed Hassan and Hussein”. These filthy homosexual transgender Rawafid will NEVER liberate Palestine, in fact it seems to me that it is the lesser of evils to have Palestine under Zionist occupation than to let the Rawafid take over. I guess one reason why Iran claims to hate the Zionist state is because they don’t have the chance to oppress the Palestinians and they are jealous of the Zionists for oppressing muslims.

  5. My brother born Muslim didn’t obey most Islamic rules and thus ended his life a few months ago. My mother and I warned him that’s it’s haram and he risked hell as punishment but he didn’t believe us. A simple google search would’ve provided him with the answer. He did suffer from mental and other issues and was a BIG problem for us for over 20 years. Being his sister was the hardest part of my life. Even after his death, we are very broken hearted. I wanted him to turn his life around and even though his existence made my life MUCH harder, I was willing to help. Sadly, all the money in the world and all the time spent trying to help him, change wasn’t going to come unless he wanted to do the hard work. He didn’t. If he practiced Islam like his parents, he wouldn’t have been facing this latest ordeal he didn’t want to face and he wouldn’t have taken his life. They couldn’t force him to be Muslim but they also weren’t supposed to enable him and they didn’t take my unsolicited advice. He was buried as a Muslim despite wanting to be cremated. I’m not ashamed because I spent over 20 years trying to help him but if he didn’t want to help himself and my parents continued to enable him – my hands were tied. I hope other parents can learn from this. May Allah forgive mine.

    • I’m sorry to hear about this, may Allah reward you and your family’s patience and sacrifice in this life and hereafter. You and your family tried your best, but in the end, it’s up to the person to accept guidance and help. Your efforts won’t go to waste.

  6. Give it time, and the liberals will demand that people have the “right” to suicide, that they should not be questioned and have their “transition” to the next life eased and assisted. Parents will not be able to intervene, and the state will ensure our children are “helped”. The behavior needs to be challenged on all fronts.

    However, with particular regard to suicide, I must say there is something more going on here. It was unheard of in my extended social circles in the past, but in the past 10 years I now know of at least 3 people who have daughters (don’t know why it’s exclusively female – coincidence perhaps…) that attempted or succeeded in committing suicide. The backstories are almost the same: depression, fetishization of death, active research and interest in how to take one’s own life. I’m not going to get into a debate of who should define mental illness…but that pattern of behavior is not normal, and something is clearly wrong.

    The point is, rational thought can happen even in the presence of severe mental disfunction. It’s just employed in a twisted way. Given the prevalence of this problem in the contemporary age, and in the developed world, one wonders if there isn’t an underlying causation that must be investigated. Certainly, sticking to our guns and imparting the value of life, and that suicide is indeed haram for all times, won’t hurt. It may not be enough.

    • “Give it time, and the liberals will demand that people have the “right””

      They already do. Its called euthanasia.

      “but in the past 10 years I now know of at least 3 people who have daughters (don’t know why it’s exclusively female – coincidence perhaps…)”

      Women attempt more, men actually kill themselves more. With women it’s largely attention seeking.

      It’s interesting to see that mental illness seemed to start to get out of hand when psychology and psychiatry
      became academic disciplines in the early twentieth century. Kinda like a self fulfilling prophecy – you expect and treath people like they are mentally ill they start acting in accordance to the expectation.

      • “Women attempt more, men actually kill themselves more. With women it’s largely attention seeking.”

        I thought it is because men are more violent and aggressive, and therefore use more violent and effective suicide methods.

  7. “the historical context in suicide being haram in islam comes from dads who slut shamed their daughters and killed themselves as a form of “dignity” – ”

    How about just not being a slut? By doing this your dignity is preserved and your dad doesn’t need to rightfully shame you.

    Problem with modern society is the fact that we don’t shame enough. Modernists want to remove shame, taboo and stigma from everything in the name of freedom (particularly where in concerns women….they have plenty of taboos and shaming tactics for men). The result is a shameless generation – girls shaking their backsides online and fathers and brothers severely lacking in gheerah for their daughters and sisters ie. dayooths.

    Most people who successfully commit suicide are underachievers who couldn’t crack life. The mounting pressure of being a chronic loser makes folks do two things: either they become super passive (almost zombie like) or active ie. highly aggressive. They either lash out externally by killing children (big problem in China), sexually frustrated incel woman killers or they shoot down Muslims in mosques. The ones lashing out internally kill themselves or engage in other forms of self harm.

    A very high percentage of these – mostly – men come from single parent households. These men are often raised in an exclusively female environment (risk avoidant). This in its turn causes many to be socially awkward and not knowing how to regulate their emotions (temper tantrums and episodes of rage). Which causes: social isolation, academic underachivement, poor employment history/not knowing how to hold a steady job etc.

    Ironically enough the sisters of these men often are academic overachievers, which produces a situation where the brother is a complete bum and the sister a well paid professional. Which in its turn give rise to a whole new set of problems.

    • The feminization of men and the masculinization of women. And then the Men and women don’t get married, don’t have children, and all these depression and other problems start.

  8. Thank you for the awareness Daniel.
    Yes! I won’t say WHERE but there was an unusual rise in suicides in November of 2019(I think) in a specific region. This rise occured right along with everytime the mainstream media in that region reported on suicides. That region hardly ever reports on suicides & it’s one of the least places in the world where suicides occur.. so it’s a good controlled environment you can say from a study perspective. I was shocked at how they shared one after the other. They shared one & another happened right after. They shared that & another one right after. I was MAD 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I emailed the 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 writer of the MSM & told her to stop reporting suicides as it makes people more suicidal 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 She did. When people see other people committing suicide & is treated like culture (on mainstream media or something) it encourages them because they’ll think they can do it too… That it’s right because there is plight everyone else is in too. Muslim majority countries are in the top 30 countries with the least suicide rates out of 170-something countries. Here are some useful links for suicide/religion studies & other things too
    Please help people when they are being bullied or otherwise wise…. Forget suicide, you won’t know who has depression or not. No one wants to kill themselves… They want to live well.

  9. After I saw the tweet, I researched more on the topic of suicide by reliable fatwas from muftis in my country and I came across a Hadith where Prophet Muhammad pbuh prayed janaza for adulteress who repented and stoned but did not do so for the one who committed suicide.

    There’s a lesson in this. Yes, we should be compassionate to the ones who are suffering mentally but we should NEVER try to excuse the action of taking one own’s life, and we certainly shouldn’t broadcast someone else’s major sins while shaming their families in the process.

    There’s misplaced compassion here. Someone might be driven unfairly to the point of alcoholism, pornography, murder or suicide, but we are still liable for our own actions regardless of the excuses.

    The one committed suicide might not dwell in hell forever but the bigger questions are “how long would they have to stay?” and “is it even worth going there in the first place?”


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