Malaysia Tries Dealing with the Qawm Lut Problem

Many Western news outlets have reported: “Malaysia Seeks Stricter Sharia Laws for Promoting LGBT Lifestyles.”

This makes no sense. The Sharia is set by Allah. Humans cannot make it more or less strict.

This is what Reuters says:

A Malaysian government taskforce on Thursday proposed amendments to sharia law that would allow action to be taken against social media users for insulting Islam and “promoting the LGBT lifestyle”.

The amendments to sharia criminal laws were proposed in response to social media posts celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community as part of Pride Month in June, Deputy Minister in charge of religious affairs Ahmad Marzuk Shaary said in a statement.

“We have found that certain parties uploaded statuses and graphics that insulted Islam on social media in their efforts to promote the LGBT lifestyle,” he said

This seems like good news. Yet, one has to wonder, what took them so long?

Social media is the biggest corruptor of societal values today. Why are Muslim countries allowing unrestricted access to these platforms that are constantly attacking Islamic faith? Do they deliberately want their populations to become secularized and eventually abandon Islam altogether?

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The proposal comes amid concern over growing intolerance towards the LGBT community in Malaysia in recent years.

In 2019, a minister and other Muslim groups protested after LGBT activists attended a march for International Women’s Day.

Later that year, five men were sentenced to jail, caning and fines for attempting gay sex.

Notice how the LGBT activities ramp up on International Women’s Day. LGBT and feminism go hand in hand. This is another thing that needs to be banned. Feminism is a beast that swallows entire societies whole. Rather than cater to it, Malaysia needs to kick out all the international NGOs in their country pushing this trash.

Most of these NGO’s mask themselves with some relatively uncontroversial charitable cause, but in reality, their entire purpose is to disrupt Muslim society and destroy the Muslim family.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest NGO’s operating in Malaysia are all funded by billion-dollar foundations like the Asia Foundation, Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation. And these foundations are all connected to the CIA and other Western and Israeli intelligence agencies.

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They are spending billions annually to get Muslim women to take off the hijab, abandon the home to mix with men, commit zina, get abortions, and become lesbians. And some of these Muslim governments give them the green light to operate.

Human Rights Is At It Again

“Stricter” penalties on LGBT means what exactly?


Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Ahmad Marzuk Shaary said the current sentence under the act, which provides for a three year imprisonment, a fine of RM5,000 and six strokes of the cane, was seen as not giving much effect on the group of people.

How is this strict?

My Malaysian brothers and sisters, is this what you want for your children in a few short years?

This is what the average homosexual today looks like.* They don’t put these pictures in the media because they don’t want you to know the reality of Qawm Lut.

But if you don’t believe me and you think I’m exaggerating, just read the Quran. These people were attempting to forcefully sodomize angels. Angels! Just try to imagine the level of evil we are dealing with here.

Don’t go for the sob stories, the emotional blackmail, the mind games the West is pushing onto you to get you to change your beliefs and values on Qawm Lut. Never forget the wife of Lut, who softened up on Qawm Lut. She was basically a feminist. Look at what happened to her.

The same result awaits all those who cater to this Satanism.

  • – Pro-LGBT bots will be enraged that I described this picture as that of an average homosexual. My response to them: How bigoted and intolerant of you to judge! Stop being closed-minded!
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The ultimate solution to effectively save and preserve the Conservative/orthodox traditional Muslim culture and lifestyle is for Muslims to (on a large scale) do an Islаmіс version of what the Amish, Haredi and Mennonites have done, i.e. Make self-sufficient insular Village or ghetto communities where they voluntarily isolate themselves socially and culturally from the outside world, including learning to live without TV and many modern technologies. This is also in line with prophet Saw advice recorded in hadeeth about end times.

Instead of the mostly rural traditionalist Conservative orthodox religious people trying in vain to brutally force their beliefs, lifestyle and values on the mostly urban secular Liberal section of society (which will always be futile and doomed to backfire like how the rulers of Іran and Sаudi found out the hard way), the religious orthodox Conservative people should isolate themselves instead from the secular Liberal people, that’s a far more effective strategy which has worked very well, as proven by how the Amish, Mennonites and Haredi peoples have maintained their traditional Conservative values so well (their culture and values are very similar to our Conservative Muslim culture and values) without letting their kids or society get brainwashed by the secular ultra-liberal culture and ideology.


Daniel, I just realized and you should realize too, that you will not get any solution to these societal problems from any of the governments or rulers or trying to do it through national politics, but instead the only realistic solution can come from ourselves organising as a society.

For example the Amish, Haredi and Mennonite people (whose culture and social values are similar to our Conservative Muslim culture) don’t waste their time trying to lobby the US government to try and forcibly impose their Conservative religious orthodox culture/values and rules on all people in the entire country, because those religious orthodox conservatives know very well that they will fail anyway since they are not the majority population and they don’t have the political or financial power to do so anyway.

So instead of wasting their time trying to create a religious Conservative society in the big cities through national politics, those religious Conservative peoples (Amish, Mennonites and Haredi) have organised themselves communally (outside politics) to successfully create their own Conservative religious orthodox bubble society in their own isolated areas without having to waste their time or efforts in politics or trying to impose their lifestyles on the secular Liberal majority.

They manage to successfully keep out the vulgar Liberal influence in their local society by using the legal tactic of shunning and social boycotting to pressure any wannabe liberals in their local society to get out and leave the Conservative village for the big Liberal cities. So it’s time that Muslims should learn lesson from them, including both in non-Muslim countries and even in Muslim-majority lands. Don’t expect the secular Liberal rulers to try and forge a Conservative religious society when the people can easily do it themselves outside the framework of formal politics.


U like to talk too much don’t u