No End in Sight: More Destruction of Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem

The new Israeli government is on a roll indeed.

Less than a month in the new Prim Minister’s reign, we’ve had an epic flag parade, strikes in Gaza, and now demolition of houses in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem are imminent. They have already demolished one family’s shop.

The best part is how this process is carried out, as explained by an Al-Jazeera reporter:

“‘This is how it works in occupied East Jerusalem…Families are given a 21-day order which says either demolish your own home once this order has lapsed, or we will do it and then charge you a fine for the trouble of having to demolish your home.’”

The Israeli side maintains that these homes were built without permits. While that may be the case, Palestinians argue that they are often left with little choice, as little land is allotted to them. For example, the same article points out that in 2019, 21,000 units were allowed to be built in Jerusalem; Less than eight percent of those were in Palestinian neighborhoods. All of this while Palestinians comprise 38 percent of Jerusalem.

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Furthermore, if we’re arguing about illegal structures, then what about all of those illegal settlements in the West Bank that the Israeli state supports? No use using logic here.

Not all of the homes were built without permits. The al-Rajabi’s family structure was bought, says the family, but the Israeli settler organization Ateret Cohanim stakes claim to the land based on a nineteenth century, Ottoman-era trust that bought the land for Yemeni Jews that they wanted to resettle in the area. In 2001 Ateret Cohanim took control of a that trust.

As with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, who are also under threat of being expelled, we see the hypocrisy in such claims. Apparently, the State of Israel can have it both ways. They can take land from Palestinians and deny them return based on the Palestinians’ claims that they owned the land, and at the same time, they can uproot more Palestinians based on the claim that they actually owned the Palestinians’ land. We’re spiraling into the absurd.

So, just to recap, you can displace people all in part because of the concept [and law] of being chosen, resettle them (or they resettle themselves), then claim that the land you resettled them on is actually yours too, then tell them you will demolish their home and if they don’t leave quietly, you’ll charge them for the demolition.

This is the reality of what Palestinian life is like.

Meanwhile, the Emirates is welcoming the new Israeli government in their country, hoping for good relations between the two. Go figure.

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If this carries on for the next few decades, soon the Раlestinіаns will end up being where the Red Indian Native Americans are today, i.e. Become a tiny minority of less than 5% or less than 1% who are not numerous enough to be able to be able to make any kind of meaningful resistance anymore. After that happens some time in the mid-21st century, the jеws will practically become the new native people of the land, like white people in the Americas and Australia/New Zealand today. By that time, the idea of mass-expelling jеws “back to the west” (which is still currently popular among Мuslіm anti-Zіоnists) will become outdated and become just as unnecessary, cruel, genocidal and absurd mass-expelling today’s White people from the Americas, Oceania just to hand over ruling power to the tiny indigenous aboriginal minority (if not already from now onwards since already most jеws there in the major cities like Теlаviv are already settled there for many generations now).