The Algerian Genocide: How France Killed Millions of Muslims

This is a translation of the original article in French by the author: Davut Pasa.

Liberation for some, massacres for others.

May 8, 1945 is the symbol of French repression with the massacres of Setif in Algeria. It was the drop of hatred that overflowed a vase already filled with the blood of Muslims. Before the events of Sétif, it was a whole genocidal policy spanning more than a century that was set up by “the Emissaries of Civilization.”

At a time when France, the so-called country of the Enlightenment and Human Rights, is stubbornly trying to have the Armenian genocide recognized by Turkey, the former has not yet granted the status of genocide to what it did in Algeria. And yet: concentration camps, gas chambers (home-made), unannounced massacres… all the ingredients are there.

A Genocidal Will

Contrary to popular belief, the massacres of “indigenous people” did not begin with the massacres of Setif, but they did take place as soon as the French soldiers of “civilization” set foot on Algerian soil.

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The French policy was supposed to be based on the commitment of General de Bourmon at the time of the capture of Algiers on July 5, 1830. The policy stipulated that,

“The exercise of the Mohammedan religion will remain free, the freedom of all classes of inhabitants, their religion, their property, their businesses will not be infringed. Women will be respected.”

None of these promises were upheld.

Two months after the fact, the newly invested General Clauzel inaugurated new policy, breaking the promises given to the Muslims. This betrayal gave rise to the revolt of the betrayed, which thus began the “pacification” of Algeria. Thus began the massacres/

The first massacres began in the 1830s.

A French officer and diplomat, Edmond Pellissier de Reynaud, stated:

“All that was alive was doomed to death; all that could be taken was removed, no distinction was made as to age or sex. However, the humanity of a small number of officers saved a few women and children. Returning from this fatal expedition, several of our horsemen carried heads at the end of their spears and one of them served, it is said, at a horrible feast. “

The testimonies of officers are numerous, each one more appalling than the next.

Beyond the crimes against humanity, these testimonies attest to the genocidal will of the conquerors and the systematic character of the French exterminating enterprise. Thus, La “Manhunt” (“Chasse à l’homme”) was the title of the work of the Comte d’Hérisson. In his Letters, the lieutenant-colonel de Montagnac clearly demonstrates his extermination project:

“All the good soldiers that I have the honor of commanding are warned by myself that, if they happen to bring me a live Arab, they receive a volley of flat saber blows.”

Faced with Algerian resistance, annihilation and deportation were the solutions proposed by Montagnac:

“Here, my good friend, is how to make war on the Arabs: kill all the men up to the age of fifteen, take all the women and children, load them onto ships, send them to the Marquesas Islands or elsewhere; in a word, finish them off, annihilate everything that won’t crawl at our feet like dogs…”

As early as 1842, the genocidal character of the French colonial project was recognized by the Governor General of Algeria himself, Bugeaud, who justified all the exactions committed by the French troops, stating:

“There is no other way to reach and subdue this extraordinary people.”

Speaking of the war of extermination waged in Algeria by the French army, Colonel de Saint-Arnaud stated:

“This is the war in Africa; one becomes fanaticized in turn and it degenerates into a war of extermination.”

Far from being limited to the military, the will to exterminate was also a phenomenon among the colonists. Thus, Doctor Bodichon published the following lines in an article in 1841:

“Without violating the laws of morality, we will be able to fight our African enemies by gunpowder and iron joined to famine, internal divisions, war by brandy, corruption and disorganization […] without shedding blood, we will be able, each year, to decimate them by attacking their means of feeding.”

The genocide of the Algerians was even legitimized by so-called Republican thinkers. Victor Hugo commented in 1841 on the actions in Algeria with the following, in the form of a response to Bugeaud who seemed to lack colonial enthusiasm:

“I believe that our new conquest is a happy and great thing. It is civilization that marches on barbarism. It is an enlightened people who will find a people in the night. We are the Greeks of the world, it is up to us to illuminate the world. Our mission is accomplished, I sing only Hosanna. You think differently than I do, it’s quite simple. You speak as a soldier, as a man of action. I speak as a philosopher and thinker.”

Like Bernard-Henri Levi (i.e., the French philosopher responsible for France’s involvement in Libya during the fall of Ghaddafi) preaching chaos in the Arab world, Alexis de Tocqueville also expressed himself on the subject in these terms in 1841:

“I have often heard in France men whom I respect, but whom I do not approve of, find it wrong to burn the harvests, to empty the silos and finally to seize unarmed men, women and children. These are, in my opinion, unfortunate necessities, but any people who wants to make war on the Arabs will be obliged to submit to them. […] I believe that the law of war authorizes us to ravage the country and that we must do so either by destroying the harvests at harvest time, or at all times by making those rapid incursions which are called raids and which have as their object the seizure of men or herds.

De Tocqueville sees such genocidal actions as legitimate because the natives were not fully human in his eyes.

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To get an idea of the scope of the Algerian massacres, one must refer to the demographic study made by Dr. Ricoux, who noted in his Démographie figurée de l’Algérie that the “inferior” and “degenerate” race of “natives […] are threatened with inevitable disappearance, soon.”

He says:

“When we arrived, in 1830, the indigenous population was estimated at three million inhabitants. The last two official censuses, which are more or less regular, give in 1866: 2,652,072 inhabitants, and in 1872: 2,125,051; the waste in 42 years was 874,949 inhabitants, that is to say an average of 20,000 deaths per year. During the period 1866-72, with typhus, famine, insurrection, the decrease was even more frightening: in six years there was the disappearance of 527,021 natives; this is an average not of 20,000 annual deaths but of 87,000!”

If one believes the figures, France would have taken the lives of almost a million Algerians with impunity in just over 40 years of occupation. Other figures state that from 1830 to 1856, the Algerian population dropped from about 5 to 3 million to about 2.3 million. Thereafter, it rose to 2.7 million in 1861 before experiencing its sharpest drop to 2.1 million in 1872. The Algerian population only recovered its level of about 3 million in 1890.

Based on these figures, we can establish that Algeria lost between 30 and 58% of its population during the first forty-two years (1830-1872) of French colonization. Such a human disaster, provoked and executed by deliberate political action can only be described as genocide.

As a comparison, it is claimed the Nazis exterminated about 46% of the European Jewish population and 33% of the gypsy population (about 250,000 out of a population of 750,000). So when François Hollande (ex-French president) says that France recognizes all genocides, François Hollande is lying.

The period of genocidal conquest gave way to a period of generalized oppression of the Algerian people that took the form of destruction of cultural and civilizational identity. Thus, the French authorities attacked Islam in Algeria and the Arabic language, which was declared a foreign language in its own country. The teaching networks that made up the mosques were largely destroyed.

The Setif massacres of May 8, 1945 marked only the resumption of this butchery, with a new scope: Massacres, mass rapes, systematic torture or internment of civilians in “regroupment” camps, etc.

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In his letter of resignation addressed to Robert Lacoste, the minister resident in Algeria, the secretary general of the Algiers police, the former resistance fighter Paul Teitgen, who had been tortured by the Gestapo, did not hesitate to compare the actions of the French military to those of the secret police of the Third Reich.

In total, one hundred and thirty-two years of French colonization in Algeria (1830-1962) would have resulted, according to the historian Mostafa Lacheraf, in approximately 6 million Algerian deaths.

Today, the only country asking for this genocide to be recognized is Turkey, through its president Recep Tayep Erdogan, in response to Nicolas Sarkozy who was very insistant on the issue of the Armenian “genocide.”

Will France ever recognize its crimes?

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please write an article on how the Ottoman empire and Muslims weren’t responsible for the Armenian genocide but it was actually mostafa kamel the fake attaturk who was a crypto jew and a freemason and the young “turks” who, a majority of them, were involved in business and and in other higher up positions that they had infiltrated. they were fake muslims and history has records of it. they kept their jewish traditions and religion but took on the title of muslim. By 1908 the Last Khalifa of the Ottoman Empire was imprisoned and the empire was no more, not 1918 or 1923 like the fake history books claim. Mostafa Kamel and his young “turks” were responsible for the massacre of the Armenians in 1915. The zionists hated the fact that the Christian Armenians were good merchants and had wealthy businesses and they also hated the Armenians because they were Christians in general. it is a lengthy subject so please I implore you to research it and write on it. Israel for the longest time supported turkey when kamel and other secularist were in power and denied the genocide because they knew that the zionists were behind it until recently when turkey became more Muslim-like did Israel start to point fingers at turkey for the genocide. we need to take the blame off our Turkish brothers and sisters. there are even Muslims who believe Turkey committed the genocide because they are too ignorant to research and find the truth for themselves. Gullible Muslims are giving bad name to the truth.

Secularism kills

If you look at the Young Turks, the perpetrators of the Armenian genocide and Sayfo, you will see that they were a bunch of secularists. So it is because of secularism that caused the Armenians and Assyrians to be massacred.

“A guiding principle for the Young Turks was the transformation of their society into one in which religion played no consequential role, a stark contrast from the theocracy that had ruled the Ottoman Empire since its inception. However, the Young Turks soon recognized the difficulty of spreading this idea among the deeply religious Ottoman peasantry and even much of the elite. The Young Turks thus began suggesting that Islam itself was materialistic. As compared with later efforts by Muslim intellectuals, such as the attempt to reconcile Islam and socialism, this was an extremely difficult endeavor. Although some former members of the CUP continued to make efforts in this field after the revolution of 1908, they were severely denounced by the Ulema, who accused them of “trying to change Islam into another form and create a new religion while calling it Islam”.[17][page needed]”

“The prominent leaders and ideologists included:”

“Pamphleteers and activists”
“Yusuf Akçura, a Tatar journalist with a secular national ideology, who was against Ottomanism and supported separation of church and state”

“Begun as a liberal reform movement in the Ottoman Empire, the organization was persecuted and forced into exile by Abdulhamid II’s autocratic government for its calls for democratisation, secularisation and reform in the empire.”

Secularism kills

One thing I notice is that perpetrators of genocides claim that what they did was not a genocide. Another example of this is the Circassian genocide by Russia, which Russia claims was not a genocide.


Mon Frere Monsieur Muslim skeptic, you are right, and France could really do with learning lesson from their neighbour in how to recognise their own country’s bad past. The modern Germany since end of Hitler in 1945 is completely repentant for its dark past. Germany on an official state level and on a societal level acknowledge their past Genocide, ban anyone in Germany from defending or speaking good the Nazi past, and go over the top (maybe a bit too far?) in their self-flagellation for their Nazi past, especially in their apologising to Jews, for which their current diplomatic support for the modern “Juden-reich” may be like some kind of “compensation” for oppressing the Jews in the past. Too Arrogant modern France and too-much ashamed self-whipping modern Germany are totally opposites of each other in acknowledging their genocidal past.


The only mistake in this article is the claim Arabic was made a “foreign language in its own country”. Actually before France, 1200 years of Arab nationalists (starting from the racist Arab Nazi Umayyad dynasty) made a cultural Genocide to try and completely destroy the REAL indigenous languages of North Africa in its own native homeland (Amazigh-Berber in Algeria-Morocco and Coptic language in Egypt) to try and force the entire population to transform into artifical synthetic so-called “Arabs” who are only second-class Arabs compared to the original real Arabs from Arabia. The Arab Nazi cultural Genocide of North Africa is no better than France imposing their own language on Africans, or English/Britishers imposing English on the natives of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, North America and Oceania.


The Arab Nazi racists who hijacked the саlірhаte tried to do the same cultural Genocide in Daniel’s own ancestral land Іran to try and make all Persians into plastic pseudo-Arabs, but Alhamdulillah they failed because the valiant Іrаnian (then-Sunni) Мuslіms resisted the Umayyad’s and Abbasid’s forced Arabization Nazi cultural Genocide agenda. Still today there are some wannabe or would-be Arab Nazis like НіzbutТаhrіr who want to make a neo-Umayyad cultural Genocide of the entire world to destroy all the world’s natural cultures and languages and forcibly transform everyone in the world into identical culturally cloned artificial Arabs who all speak and use Only one language classical Arabic.


While we non-Arab Muslims of course highly respect the language of Qurаn and Sunnаh and want it taught (as a SECOND or 3rd/4th language for non-Arabs, not as native or first language), Аllаh did not send Іslаm to the world to make a cultural Genocide of all non-Arab languages and cultures or transform everyone into artifical synthetic Arabs like what some people like HT think. Instead it should be more than good enough for non-Arab Muslim states to treat Arabic like how the Dutch and Scandinavians treat English, i.e. It is universally taught to all kids to a high teaching standard, so Everyone learns it to fluency as a SECOND language, but WITHOUT sacrificing the native local mother tongue as the main official language in the native area or local state.