LGBT Activists Want to Criminalize Prayer

LGBT “evangelist” Jayne Ozanne has called on the UK Prime Minister to ban gentle non-coercive prayer.

Christianity Today:

The letter to Boris Johnson and Women and Equalities Minister Liz Truss, follows Jayne Ozanne’s calls for “gentle non-coercive prayer” on sexual ethics to be included in legislation banning LGBT conversion therapy.

“Speaking to The Guardian, Bishop of Manchester David Walker said he supports prosecuting prayer, but does not think “gentle non-coercive” prayer should be included. However, Ozanne, a member of the General Synod, said she would “strongly refute” the concession.”

The Bishop supports prosecuting prayer! Only “gentle non-coercive” prayer is allowed, according to him.

Ozanne claimed “all prayer that seeks to change or suppress someone’s innate sexuality or gender identity is deeply damaging and causes immeasurable harm.”

“Immeasurable harm” is done when you pray that men stop destroying the moral fabric of society by rectally penetrating each other in dark alleys.

How would the state even be able to police prayer? Are they going to invent a mind reading device to make sure no one prays a silent “hateful” prayer?

Why not create a mind scanner that everyone will have to wear. This way, we can scan people when they pray to make sure their prayers are LGBT friendly. Anyone with anti-gay prayers will be neutralized until the police arrive to arrest the bigot/terrorist.

Such anti-LGBT terrorists could then undergo “conversion” therapy to ensure they understand how beautiful man on man sodomy really is.

“But the response of his people was only that they said, “Expel them from your city! Indeed, they are men who keep themselves pure” [Quran 7:82]

Qawm Lut will not stop until every fiber of your being celebrates sodomy. Government bans, propaganda, intervention in schools, interventions in the mosque, all means will be taken to achieve their goal.

Protect your family and watch your thoughts!

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May Allah protect all Muslims and our offspring from these filth and eradicate them.

Protect youth from LGBT

Next thing you know and they will say that protecting your sons and not letting gay men sexually abuse and rape them is “conversion therapy”.

The truth is, these LGBT people are the ones who are converting and preying on our children to turn them gay, they are doing the real “conversion therapy”.


I have spoken extensively to LGBT people and their supporters and argued a lot with them, including at a pride parade that I once unintentionally stumbled upon. Based on my extensive interactions and experiences with them, I have come to the conclusion that LGBT has been around long enough to evolve into what is effectively its own de facto RELIGION.

Rainbow flag = their religious symbol equivalent to cross or crucifix
Gay bars and clubs = their churches and temples
Pride parade = equivalent of Christian Easter street procession.
Drag queen shows = their salah or Sunday mass
Publicly Coming out as gay= their baptism, or rather more accurately their Shаhada and bay’a, i.e. Their public declaration of faith and initiation into the LGBT religion

They feel very strongly about religious conservatives criticising them the same way that we feel about cuffarts criticising our beloved prophet Muhammed sollollahualeihiwecellem. Which is why they get so angry, aggressive, intolerant and sometimes violent in response to any anti-LGBT challenge or disrespect by religious Conservatives, similar like how Muslims react to any slight disrespect to Resoolullah SAWS .

The problem is that LGBT supporters in the west, despite getting all the rights they want in the west, are still acting as a social justice warrior activist movement rather than accepting their status as a religion. That’s why they still try to force themselves into every other religion.

If they stop masquerading as a social justice movement and accept that LGBT is a religion, then that will make life much easier for religious conservatives inshallah because then they can’t legally impose their beliefs and values on other religion people or persecute others for disagreeing with them, same like how Christians can’t impose their trinity on non-Christians.


Most or all of the Anti-LGBT religious conservatives such as probably this blog’s authors and commenters, have never met real LGBT people to understand from their point of view, which is why you guys like to make almost-genocidal hate speech against them (e.g. Demanding to execute their over-18 adult men for doing their haram lust privately without physically harming others) because of “fear of the unknown”.

Consider the example of Sikhism in South Asia. They started off in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries as what modern people would nowadays call a “social justice warrior/activist” movement and got heavily involved in dangerous politics and challenging the Muslim-run Mughal empire, without calling themselves a new religion from day 1. That’s why the early generation of Sikhs before 18th century were “persecuted” in harsh crackdowns by the Mughal authorities (who still referred to Sikhs as “Hindus”) to try and eliminate their Sikhism movement.

But nowadays (since the 19th or 20th centuries) Sikh people universally accept that they are a peaceful religion and NOT a social justice activist movement. That’s why Muslims of nowadays tolerate them without persecuting them anymore, and accept them legally existing and doing their haram Кufr and Shіrk rituals inside their private sphere (homes and community centres).

So similarly, the only way that it may be possible for Muslims and other religion’s conservatives to tolerate LGBT is if the LGBT officially declare themselves as a peaceful religion who is willing to coexist peacefully with other religion people who don’t support LGBT instead of LGBT supporters demanding religions to reform to integrate LGBT into their religion, it could or should be the other way round, so religious followers who demand LGBT to reform to officially define themselves as a religion.

In that case, the religious conservatives don’t have to adopt or accept LGBT beliefs and practices at all, but rather only tolerate LGBT people the same way they tolerate followers of other religions like Hindus and Buddhists, and in return the LGBT followers will be expected to not try to coercively export their beliefs and practices to non-LGBT people.

Protect youth from LGBT

So what you are essentially saying is that the LGBT movement is a dangerous sex cult?

The LGBT movement does not claim to be a religion, and they consider the stuff they push for as universal human rights. Why do you think Brunei was bullied into submission when they tried to get sharia in their country that would punish gay sex?

The LGBT movement has damaged western society more than the likes of Al Qaida and ISIS. What ISIS and Al Qaeda has done to the west is nothing compared to what the LGBT movement has done to it.

Therefore, the LGBT movement should be treated as a terrorist organization.

I remember back in the day, there were some high school students who started to claim to be gay. If I think about it, they were groomed. They started doing all of these LGBT holidays and essentially were groomed into the sex cult. They were victims of the LGBT. As far as I can tell, gay men want to recruit the youth so they can have more fresh anuses to sodomize. That is how they view these poor boys. Just look at what James Charles did. And the worst part is, today many many more poor boys are victims of these LGBT groomers at schools, and the Schools actively groom these boys.

Being harsh on the LGBT movement is the right decision. In fact I would say to be more harsh on the LGBT movement than the likes of ISIS.


There’s no way to reason with those people except for those of them looking for a way out of that lifestyle. I’ve also met Gay folks in university and I can tell you that they have an extreme disdain towards Islam. They feel extremely entitled. Worst of all, they’re given special protection by both Democrat and Republican parties.

Protect Youth from LGBT

tHe SlIpPeRy SlOpE iS a FaLlAcY

Those people from 10-15 have definitely been proven to be wrong. The Christians who warned about this stuff were 110% right.

It gets worse, the people who composed the song, Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne, also wrote a musical about bacha bazi, homosexual abuse of boys in Afghanistan, which btw, went up after the US invaded in 2001:

So these same sick ****s also mocked muslim boys who were sexually abused and raped by homosexual men.

They also deleted their first statement on July 8th here:

and replaced it with an updated one here

notice how they removed this quote:

“After decades of children being indoctrinated and taught intolerance for anyone who is “other,” from using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy, it’s our turn.”

On another note, look at how these LGBT activists groom children, Look at how Lucas reacts here:

And then look how this same boy reacts to James Charles, who recently admitted to trying to have sexual relations with boys under 18:

May Allah destroy these modern day Qaum Lut and never let their filthy agenda infiltrate Muslim lands.