Israel Tries to Re-enact Law to Destroy Palestinian Families

Israel’s parliament is set to decide Monday whether to renew a law put in place in 2003 that prevents Israeli citizens from extending citizenship or residency to spouses who come from occupied territories.

According to Al Jazeera :

The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law was enacted as a temporary measure in 2003, at the height of the second Intifada, or uprising, that bars Palestinian citizens of Israel from extending citizenship or even residency to spouses from the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

Critics, including many left-wing and Palestinian Israeli legislators, say it is a racist measure aimed at restricting the growth of Israel’s Palestinian minority, while supporters say it is needed for security purposes and to preserve Israel’s Jewish character. […]

The law has been renewed even after the uprising wound down in 2005 and the number of attacks plummeted. Today, Israel allows more than 100,000 Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank to enter on a regular basis.

The interest of Israel’s racist policy is to weaken the minds of Palestinians, to divide and fragment Muslim families and to curb any opposition to their crime.

It is an offensive strategy that takes place in a context of war and is not meant to ensure the “security” of the country, contrary to their claim.

One might mistakenly think that the existence of a group of dissidents in the Israeli political scene proves that the Israeli state is divided on the issue of the Palestinians. However, it turns out that this opposition exists mainly for political reasons and serves to manipulate public opinion in favor of the upcoming elections.

Amichai Chikli, a separatist member of Yamina who voted with the opposition, said the result was a sign of deeper problems.

“Israel needs a functional Zionist government, not an inadequate patchwork that depends on the votes of Arab legislators,” Chikli said.

Moreover, the law also serves an ethnic purpose, which is to preserve their lineage. They want to preserve the Jewish character of Israel based on a very specific genetic background. They do not accept even Ethiopoan Jews as truly Jewish because they are black.

This is openly admitted by the extreme right-wing parties who want to preserve the Jewish identity of the State of Israel through this law.

Finally, this law questions the friendly relations between the State of Israel and Western countries. How do so many in the West tolerate such a racist country when they are supposedly against racism?
Hate seems to be an option when it’s demanded by Zionists.

As usual, their hatred of Islam exposes them and clearly displays their hypocrisy. This is described in the Quran when Allah says:

“Or do those in whose hearts is disease think that Allah would never expose their [feelings of] hatred?” (47:29)

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A solution to the conflict

How the Zionist Jews can make peace with Palestinians: Become muslim and make their Zionist Jewish State into an Islamic state that rules by Sharia.

According to Jewish law, a Jew who converts to Islam is still considered a Jew, so from the Jewish point of view it would still be a Jewish state ruled by Jews. I mean, they rule their state based on western liberal secularism and have gay pride parades in Jerusalem, so why would they have a problem with Sharia and people they still consider Jews? They will even be exempted from serving in the military, it would be a win win solution for the Palestinian Muslims and the Jews living there.