Qawm Lut Uprising: Gay Choir Threatens to “Convert Your Children”

How many times have we said that Qawm Lut is not going to stop?

On several occasions, a Compassionate Imam has told me: “You really need to tone down your rhetoric on LGBT. Gay sex is haram, but we still need to respect them, work with them, maybe even fight for their equal rights.”

My response to them: Have you read the Quran? Are you illiterate or just stupid? Do you not see what Allah says about these people and their agenda?! And you are trying to ‘fight for their rights’??!”

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Now, Qawm Lut is tired of pretending. They are openly saying it out loud and they don’t care what you think. Their agenda laid bare, of course, is: Molesting children.

Sister Umm Khalid put it best:

A gay chorus in San Francisco recently posted a video on YouTube of a song they came up with, then almost immediately took it down.

Why? Because after a couple days, the video got only 88 likes and five thousand dislikes, so they hastily took it down. They didn’t like the backlash from shocked parents.

In the Quran, Allah tells us that the people of Lut were مُسْرِفُون, musrifun. People of excess.

إِنَّكُمْ لَتَأْتُونَ ٱلرِّجَالَ شَهْوَةً مِّن دُونِ ٱلنِّسَآءِ ۚ بَلْ أَنتُمْ قَوْمٌ مُّسْرِفُونَ

“You lust after men instead of women! You are certainly a transgressing people.”” (Surat Al-A`raf, 81)

The mentality of qawm Lut has always been about إسراف (israaf), or excess. Transgressing. What does that mean exactly?

Crossing all boundaries, busting out of any limits, not respecting any laws, not having any red lines. Never being satisfied, never quieting or finally settling or just staying put. Just constantly wanting to keep going, seeking increasingly more taboo acts. Once obtained, it’s still not enough–there is suddenly a desire for more. Insatiable appetites that keep increasing just as soon as they are met. So it never stops, the reaching and over-reaching.


Note the incremental upward demands. Initially it was just: “Please don’t hurt us! We just want to exist in peace and be left alone, not bother anyone!” Then it escalated to: we will not tolerate mere “tolerance” or accept only “acceptance” anymore. This is not enough. Anything less than full-throated enthusiasm and celebration of LGBTQ will not be tolerated. Not agreeing with “pride” is bigotry and hate. Now, we are coming for your most precious asset: your children. In the song, look at how they use the word “convert.” They will convert not only your children, but also you.

So what was Qawm Lut singing about?

Here are some of the chilling lyrics:

The song is called “We’re Coming For Your Children.”

“You think we’re sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead live you can’t respect
But you’re just frightened
You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you’re correct

We’ll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtlely
And you will barely notice it

You can keep them from disco
Warn about San Francisco
Make ’em wear pleated pants
We don’t care…

We’ll convert your children…
We’ll make them tolerant and fair

Just like you worriеd
They’ll change their group of friеnds
You won’t approve of where they go at night
(to protests)

Oh, and you’ll be disgusted
(so gross)

When they start finding things online
That you’ve kept far from their sight
(like information…)

Guess what?
You’ll still be alright!

We’ll convert your children
Reaching one and all
There’s really no escaping it
’cause even grandma likes Rupaul

And the world’s getting kinder
Gen Z’s gayer than Grindr
Learn to love
Learn to vogue
Face your fate!

We’ll convert your children
Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate

We’re coming for them
We’re coming for your children
We’re coming for them
We’re coming for them

We’re coming for your children
For your children
Your children will care about
Fairness and justice for others
Your children will work to convert
All their sisters and brothers
Then, soon, we’re almost certain
You’re kids will start convertin’ you!

The gay agenda is coming home
The gay agenda is here!

But you don’t have to worry
’cause there’s nothing wrong with
Standing by our side
Get on board in a hurry
Because the world always needs
A bit more pride
But you don’t have to worry
’cause there’s nothing wrong with
Standing by our side
(The Gay Agenda)

Go and see San Francisco!
Go and turn up that disco!

You’ll forget you were ever upset
We’ll convert your children

And make an ally of you yet!
We’ll make an ally of you yet!
We’ll make an ally of you yet!”

If you want to be really disturbed, here is the video:

It was later claimed that some of the choir singers were convicted child molesters, but this is not confirmed.

The connection between homosexuality and child molestation is documented in numerous research studies.

Here is one paper that admits that homosexuals molesting boys turns the boys into homosexuals. But, of course, the scientific establishment would never state it in those words since it would mean that the entire LGBT movement is predicated on child molestation.

So they have to say, “Gay children are molested at far higher rates than straight children.”

Excuse me? Gay children? I didn’t know 5-year olds can be gay or straight.

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They are acting like they are surprised that the thing that causes being gay is correlated with being gay. This is like saying, “Wow, alcoholics are much more inclined to enjoy a few too many beers. Isn’t that interesting?”

Here is another paper:

They don’t use the word “gay children” because that would be too obviously ridiculous, so they invent the term, “sexual minority individual.”

The little child getting molested is not molested BECAUSE he is a “sexual minority individual.” Predators are NOT looking for “sexual minority individuals.” They are looking for children. And then, because of the molestation, those children BECOME “sexual minority individuals,” i.e., gays, lesbians, etc., many of whom perpetuate the cycle by molesting other children.

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And yet another paper:

This study admits that homosexuals have higher pedophilic tendencies than heterosexuals. Even this is a huge understatement. The pro-gay Western psychological associations won’t let the truth be published in clear language. They minimize and distort everything, but even then, they have to admit it albeit in masked language with a thousand nonsensical caveats to prevent being tarred as “homophobic.”

Gay Choir Doubles Down

After backlash, the choir took down their video from Youtube, but they also issued a statement blasting their “closed-minded” critics:


They claim that people just don’t understand the “tongue-in-cheek” humor. Apparently, joking about grooming children, molesting them, exposing them to pornography, etc., is supposed to be hilarious. Parents should be laughing hysterically at such topical humor about their children being raped. Only bigots don’t understand that men sodomizing each other is “love,” a very special love that must also be shared with boys.

Basically, their statement (which they have now taken down) admits that the song was full of double entendres about child molestation. The only problem, in the mind of these gays, was that people didn’t find it delightfully funny.

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These homosexual men are now so bold that they are openly singing about child molestation and if you don’t smile and nod along, you are an evil, homophobic bigot that needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As they say in the statement, “It is our turn.”

Lest anyone forgets, in their history, Qawm Lut were attempting to sodomize angels. Angels! Raping children is just the next level of thrill for the musrifin, just another moral taboo to get off on violating.

Umm Khalid has some key advice for parents:

Muslim parents, be fully cognizant of the nature of this condition. And be fully aware of the pervasiveness of the propaganda in modern secular society: in daycare, in elementary school, on TV, at the grocery store, in the kids’ clothing section at the store, in cartoons and kids’ movies, on all social media platforms.

As the gay men sing in their song:

“We’ll convert your children
Reaching one and all
There’s really no escaping it.”

Escape it.

Keep your children with you, away from these blatant sources of indoctrination. Don’t be caught off-guard. Do not rely on mainstream media for entertainment or on mass schooling for education or tarbiya. Retreat with your children and family away from the chaos. Opt out of the system and its traps. Get away from tbe increasing encroachment.


Homeschool. Limit screen time. Teach and explain Quran and seera. Monitor online engagement, especially for young children. Strengthen your bond with each child, showing love and care and real attention. Really listen to your children and answer their questions with more than one or two syllables. Talk with your children and have honest, earnest conversations with them about what Allah says about qawm Lut in the Quran and what the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم has told us about them in ahadeeth. Make constant du`a for guidance for you and your children.

May Allah grant us all protection and safety, ameen.

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The Gays are not only supported by Dems and the Left, rather even the cuckservatives have opened their platform for “LGBT Conservatives,” if that’s not an oxymoron. In other words, Bipartisan support. As much as the conservatives will respond to this by saying “TRUMP 2024!” they conveniently ignore the fact that Trump has been consistently in favor of gay rights. Here’s a list of his track record:
1. His pandering to gain lgbt votes during his presedential campaign
2. Holding Pride rallies during his 2020 campaign
3.Trump says caitlyn jenner can use any bathroom in Trump tower.

Leave alone Pro Gay Republican Trump even mainstream Republican media outlets like Prageru has started to pander to the Gay community:

Highly recommended clip to see what is the state of “cOnServaTisM” in America today:
^ In the above clip, more hardline conservatives are blasting “Gay conservative,” Rob Smith for normalizing homosexuality in the conservative movement.


When this is the state of conservatism in USA, imagine what the Left, who controls more than 50% of both news media as well as entertainment can do.

Khalid Abdul Aziz

By Allah, I will fight tooth and nail to protect my children from this satanic ideology of LGBT.

Abu Muhammad

Teach them to detest the rainbow flags and other gay symbolisms. Tell them why men marrying men is bad. If they’re 9 or 10, in my opinion, they can be taught about sexual intercourse, reproduction and marriage – boys by fathers, girls by mothers. And they should be told point blank about gay sexual acts. Just remember, if you don’t teach them these things in your own way, the school board will teach them in their own way!

Also I don’t believe all boys or all girls schools will help. They’ll still teach them this degeneracy and if not this other kufr like perennialists garbage.

Abu Muhammad

Muslim parents have to teach their children to hate kufr and imams of kufr now more than ever.

Al hubbu fiLlah wal bughdu fiLlah should be taught at the ages that they are taught Fatihah and salah.

When we were younger, our mothers got away (Allah reward them all) with telling us stories of Sahabah and past Prophets and strengthening our basic beliefs in five pillars and so on, rather than talking about what the kuffar and evil degenerates do.

We mothers and fathers can’t just subsist on that. We didn’t learn rulings about marriage, zina, and liwaat till we were 13. In these times 13 is way too late.

Kids must be told point blank to hate the pope, the IDF, Santa Claus and anything even remotely associated with the rainbow, and must be taught WHY those things are evil.

If you don’t teach your kids about evil in the right setting and context to protect them from it, they will learn it in the wrong contexts and settings and fall into it. This warning must be given to all parents.

Saying this with the intention of describing Allah’s ni’mah and targheeb for others – I’ve just spent about three sessions with my child talking to him about Sayyiduna Ibrahim ‘ala nabiyyina wa ‘alaihis salam breaking the idols of the idolators and then asking them to ask the big idol if he broke the smaller ones. Alf hamdulillah we had a good laugh at how stupid the idolators are to worship idols they make with their hands, and how we slaughter cows and make burgers out of the gods of the hindus and how stupid it is to take animals as gods.

Teach your kids that RasulAllah sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam has cursed boys who behave like girls and girls who behave like boys. But before that you must teach them that RasulAllah is more important than any other creation of Allah, even mama and baba and grandma and grandpa. He is the one who taught us about Allah and how to worship Allah.

May Allah protect our kids from kufr and kufric degeneracy.


The most effective long term large scale solution to this problem for Muslims in the west, as I have said on this blog a few times already, it’s the tried and tested solution which has already been proven to work : relocate to isolated rural areas or villages and make an Islamic version of what has already been done for decades by the Haredi Jews and “plain people” Christians like the Old Order Amish and Mennonites. Its perfectly in line with Resoolullah’s صل الله عليه وسلم advice in hadeeth that in the end times the true believers will have to flee to isolated places like mountain valleys and isolate from society to preserve their deen.

Yes I know many of you must be wary of copying the Jews and Christians and falling into their lizard hole. But there is a difference between the secular-liberal people of the book (who embrace the modernist LGBT-feminism ideology) and the religious Conservative ones who reject this modernist ideology. It is following those secular Liberal ones which will lead us to fall in the lizard hole. Regarding this issue it is worth Muslims in the west following in the footsteps of those Conservative Haredi/Amish/Mennonite Jews and Christians (i.e. Live in isolated village or ghetto communities with minimized contact with the outside world), because Muslims doing what they have done will only benefit the Muslim community by saving our homies and kids from being radicalised into the modernist ultra-liberal culture.


On the other hand, I’m not sure if brother Daniel and his ideological homies here misunderstood what the so-called compassionate imams really meant. Do you know that worshiping idols and believing in Jesus as son of God is Кufr and Shirk, which are actually BIGGER SINS than homosexuality/sodomy?

And yet despite that, Allah سبحانه وتعالى and prophet Muhammed صل الله عليه وسلم explicitly demand us to fully TOLERATE the cuffar doing this biggest of sins and still co-exist with them (both inside and outside Dаr L-Іslаm) while they still openly admit to doing their Кufr and Shіrk, as long as they keep it confined to their private sphere (homes and community centres) and they don’t try to export their Кufr/Shіrk beliefs and practices to our Muslim community.

I’m guessing those so-called compassionate imams are confident that they can apply the same policy with homosexuality/LGBT. When they say that they want to “work with LGBT supporters” what they really mean may be to hold dialogue with the non-Muslim LGBT people where they agree to disagree and still coexist with their differences.

This is the same way how brother Daniel openly had a nice polite “inter-faith” dialogue with a Christian like Roosh V, someone who openly acknowledges to do Кufr/Shіrk, and yet Daniel and other Conservative Muslims are more than willing to coexist with these Cuffar/Мushrikeen and even work with them (e.g. As colleagues in workplaces, and doing business with them) despite them openly doing the biggest sin which is even worse than LGBT.

The only problem is that most of the LGBT supporters are arrogantly acting stubborn just like the anti-LGBT religious conservatives who oppose them. Both sides want to persecute each other and brutally force their own values on the other and effectively Genocide the other side out of existence, instead of coexisting and tolerating each other’s differences like how Muslims can tolerate Christians and other religion people while politely maintaining differences.

If both sides (pro-LGBT supporters and anti-LGBT conservatives) can learn to coexist and not force their own values on the others, then the Muslims and other faith community people will be safer inshallah and the LGBT won’t be such a threat anymore, same like how Muslims living in a Christian-majority city in the west are not under threat of their kids being brainwashed by trinity because the Christians of today are not intolerant of Muslim anti-trinity beliefs and don’t try to impose their trinitarian beliefs on Muslims anymore.

Why you always defeding perverts who want to groom children?

Bruh, the LGBT movement has proven itself to be an aggressive sex cult that has infiltrated schools and institutions that grooms and brainwashes your children without your consent. I don’t get why you always say “we should tolerate the LGBT movement”, unlike religions like Christianity and Judaism, it does not view itself as a religion, respects the treaty you have in these countries to practice your religion and aggressively brainwashes, grooms, and rapes your children without your consent.

Show me where in the Qur’an and Sunnah why we should tolerate an evil sex cult like the LGBT which is obviously a cancer that is destroying society.

Abu Muhammad

*****You said: “Do you know that worshiping idols and believing in Jesus as son of God is Кufr and Shirk, which are actually BIGGER SINS than homosexuality/sodomy?”*****

Being kafir is worse than being homosexual.

Jazak Allahu khayra. That’s correct and very much relevant too, to our overall strategy to protect the iman of our children. We shouldn’t be so lost inside the symptoms that we forget the root cause of the disease itself.

There’s no point teaching the kids everything anti-LGBT from a scientific and even fiqh perspective but forgetting to teach them that it is kufr to consider it legal in Shari’ah, or not teaching them to be profusely anti-kufr in general.

The first lesson should always be that any religion or ideology other than Islam is a de facto and de jure war on Islam (be it on ground or in beliefs and ideologies), it is kufr and leads to hellfire, and a Muslim should hate it with all his heart.

Our guiding principle should always be to negate and oppose kufr and riddah in all its forms and manifestations, at a root cause level, and the negation at a symptomatic level only coming after that.

That said, many times it is the symptoms that do eventually lead to the identification of the root cause, and eventually its extermination. So that part too can’t be completely ignored.

I would also suggest the Muslim Skeptic team to solicit fatwas from reputable scholars that outright declare the likes of Da’iee Abdullah and Tan France as murtads, and greater evils than the IDF.

*****You said: “And yet despite that, Allah سبحانه وتعالى and prophet Muhammed صل الله عليه وسلم explicitly demand us to fully TOLERATE the cuffar doing this biggest of sins and still co-exist with them (both inside and outside Dаr L-Іslаm) while they still openly admit to doing their Кufr and Shіrk, as long as they keep it confined to their private sphere (homes and community centres) and they don’t try to export their Кufr/Shіrk beliefs and practices to our Muslim community.”*****

“Tolerate” is the wrong word. We just know that they have taken it upon themselves to stay astray and perverse despite all evidence to the truth of Islam, so we charge them jizyah and leave them to their hell-bound ways, so that they or their offspring might perhaps one day see the truth of Islam and become Muslim. This is what happens in a land ruled by Islam by the way.

In a dar al-harb, we deal with them based on any treaty or covenant we entered into with them (citizenship or visa agreements come under this), where we are ensured our freedom to practice Islam. If we are not ensured our freedom to practice Islam, we have to leave such a land.

The case with the modern west (barring outright anti-Islamic states like France, China, etc.), we are ensured our freedom to practice Islam, at least in theory, yet we are increasingly being pressured into accepting their ideologies like interfaith nonsense, LGBT acceptance, and so on.

We don’t tolerate kufr, regardless of living in a Muslim land or dar al-harb.

رضا بالكفر كفر
Acceptance/appeasement of kufr is kufr in itself!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel what you’re trying to say in so many words is that –
Kufr is a bigger sin than promiscuous feminism or LGBT lifestyle, so what the kuffar do with their lives and societies is not our concern. We can just deal with the kuffar in an even handed, on as needed basis.

Daniel and co.’s point, again, in my understanding, is that-

1. They’re not just minding their own business. (That might have been the case in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s certainly not so now. You can get fired from your job for saying “In my religion I believe homosexuals will burn in hellfire”, while no one’s going to pay any attention to you if you say, “In my religion, I believe adulterers will burn in hellfire”)
2. They’re trying to preach its acceptance to our society and the uninformed among us, thereby trying to push apostasy into our midst. In your words they really are trying to export their kufr beliefs to our society.
3. Assuming that they are minding there own business, why on earth are so-called “Muslim imams” and “preachers” engaging with them at their warped theological levels and helping them in their da’wah of apostasy to our people? If they are minding their own business and penetrating each others rectums in their own time and space, shouldn’t logic dictate that we too mind our own business and mind our own mosques and homes?

Hope that makes sense.


To that guy who wrote “Why you always defeding perverts who want to groom children?”

Excuse me! I AM NOT DEFENDING perverts who groom children! If you remember from last week I mentioned that the Russians got it right. You need to learn to differentiate between two separate things and stop conflating them as being the same ;
1) men doing the haram lust privately WITHOUT involving children
2) grooming children

They are TWO SEPARATE Things. Just like the men who go to adult women for Zinaa and minor girl for abusive Zinaa. The Russians in their infamous anti-LGBT law made children the ultimate red line where they will start cracking down. That means if the men do their haram lust in bed privately without involving any child and without advertising or promoting their lifestyle, the state authorities will not jail or capital punish them. But the moment those men start involving children into their dirty lust, is when the Russian state starts cracking down on them heavy handedly. It seems that your entire anti-LGBT argument is based on the flawed assumption that ALL homosexual men are child groomers or that there is no such thing as gay men who don’t groom children, a deeply flawed assumption which is blatantly not true.


There are two types of LGBT/homosexuals.
1) those who promote and advertise their lifestyle and recruit or groom kids into their LGBT.
2) those who do their haram lust privately WITHOUT involving kids or advertising/promoting or encouraging their lifestyle.

You (the commenter who accuse me of defending perverts) think you can defeat LGBT propaganda by pretending that 100% of ALL LGBT members belong to that first category, and you totally deny the existence of the second category. Sorry but the reality of the world is that many, if not most, of the LGBT members are actually from the second category.

Like you (and like Russia) I support officially strictly prohibiting or prosecuting the first category of people in Dar L-Іslаm because they are genuinely threat to everyone, but I am more nuanced regarding the second category. There is no need to be as harsh or cruel on them as compared to men from the first category.


Do you think that the Russian rulers and Russian people (the vast majority of them) support or love homosexuality or LGBT? The obvious answer is a big Nyet (No). Actually, under the influence of their orthodox Christian culture (which has grown a lot since communist atheist rule ended), they are socially, culturally, religiously and morally against the LGBT just as much as we are, which is why Russia is widely considered to be one of the most homophobic countries in the world. And regarding preventing children being exposed to LGBT indoctrination and preventing LGBT from being advertised or promoted in public, that is something the Russians are very strict on, in fact far more strict and cautious than many Muslim countries who have jail or capital punishment for sodomy.

And yet despite all that harsh crackdown on homosexual who promote their lifestyle or recruit children, those Russians will still not jail or capital punish two grown men for doing the haram lust as long as they do it in private without advertising or promoting it or involving any children. They will not punish this kind of man because it is too unnecessary and too extreme/harsh overreaction, since that man who did it privately without promoting his lifestyle or involving kids, is not harming anyone else. And yet you (the commenter who accuse me of defending perverts) are denying the fact that such a man like this even exists in the first place! And even if you acknowledge he exists you still want to murder him in Dar L-Іslаm instead of giving him help or leaving him alone to mind his own business!

Protect youth from LGBT

Lets go with some logic here. Normal heterosexual men find sexually mature girls attractive. Girls become sexually mature before 18. Therefore, normal heterosexual men should find sexually mature girls under the age of 18 sexually attractive.

Likewise, Men with homosexual disorder who are not true pedophiles should find sexually mature males attractive. Boys become sexually mature before 18. Therefore, men with homosexual disorder who are not true pedophiles should find sexually mature boys under the age of 18 sexually attractive.


18 years old is not my choice but rather it’s what the secular liberal cuffarts decided themselves within their own culture and society or in the “shаrіа of their secular-liberal deen” as the age they decide someone is a child or adult. So If two cuffar men go in private home bedroom and do the haram lust, and they are not publicly propagating or promoting their haram nor do they involve children in their lifestyle, then why do you want to spy into their private home just to see if they are doing sodomy and then execute them just for doing that in private without involving others? Especially if they are minding their own business and not interfering in our own “alternative system of marital relationships” like polygyny and under-18 marriage.

Why don’t you support offering them help or just leaving them alone to let them live the rest of their lives, which will at least still give them a chance of many years to accept Іslаm? Do you think Russians and Hungarians love or support LGBT/homo ideology just because they don’t legally jail or execute men for doing the haram lust in private? If you want to kill them for doing private sin which is smaller than shirk (while they don’t publicly promote it or involve kids) then according to your logic you should be supporting genocide of all nonМuslіms in the world for privately doing the biggest sin. Your name “Protecting youth from LGBT” can be done like how Russia and Hungary do it, i.e. Without spying into private homes and killing men just for privately doing sоdоmy.


@Protect Youth from LGBT.
Russia and Hungary are already working hard to protect youth from LGBT but without jailing or executing men just for privately doing sodomy that doesn’t involve kids or publicising the lifestyle. You want to ban the entire LGBT movement, make all homo men in the world into criminals who have no right to exist, and make a Genocide of all the millions of homo men in the world just because some of them abused kids.

According to your logic, you should be calling for a total ban on the Roman Catholic Church and support making it a crime to be Roman Catholic and make a holocaust of all the world’s billion Roman Catholics, because of their long infamous history of systematic abuse of children, which happened because of their religion according to your logic. But logical rational Muslims will obviously not support criminalising the entire RC religion and church (an anti-gay organisation), but instead support only chasing up and prosecuting the individual child abusers within its ranks. The same can apply for homo men like how Russia and Hungary realized.


In the west or Dar L-cuffr you can boycott and run away from LGBT all you like, and that is exactly the right thing to do. At least you’re not breaking the law to illegally hunt them and beat them up or murder them. That’s likely what the so-called compassionate imams mean, i.e. “Here in a non-Muslim country, we should avoid LGBT within our community because it’s haram for us Muslims, but please Don’t chase up or violently attack or murder non-Muslim LGBTs, and don’t apply your shаrіа capital punishment for sоdоmy here In Dar-L-cuffr.”.

As far as I’m aware, you don’t endorse Islamic vigilantism in the west, but the compassionate imams have to talk like that the way they do, because the fact is that in the west there is still such thing as vigilante thugs and criminals who deliberately chase up to violently attack or beat up or even murder people just for legally being LGBT. Like the 2016 Orlando gay nightclub shooting by an Аfghаn. And whether you admit or not, the fact that you lot are not inciting or carrying out any violence or attacks against legal LGBT people in the west proves that YOU ARE STILL TOLERATING THEM even while disagreeing with them. Good job, that’s what the compassionate imams meant all along. As you already know, they are NOT halalizing LGBT within our Islamic community like you seem to imply they are doing, just as how they are not halalizing alcohol or pork or trinity or any other haram which we tolerate the cuffar doing in their own society. Yes you’re right, we still need to resist the imperialist LGBT who are trying to force their views on others.


For us does it really make any difference exactly what form of natural disaster Allah used to punish previous nations? Don’t forget that Allah sub-hanehu wata-aala punished many other heterosexual peoples like Aad and Samood and Pharaonians, for doing the Shirck which is greater sin than LGBT. Don’t forget that not only Christians but also Hindus, Buddhists, and other faith people are also cuffаr/mushricks who are bigger sinners than LGBT, and I’m sure you support tolerating them to exist in Dаr L-Іslаm as Jizia-paying zimmies without supporting making a Genocide of them or jailing them for their beliefs, despite the fact that they openly admit to do a much bigger sin than LGBT.


If you want Genocide all men in Dаr L-Іslаm for privately doing sin which is less than shirck while not publicly promoting it or involving kids, then why don’t you support Genociding all cuffаr/zimmies in Dаr L’іslam just for shіrk/idolatry which is bigger sin than sodomy. After all, unlike the private gay men I mentioned, cuffar/zimmies indoctrinate their children into their cufr and they openly declare that they do shirck. Russia and Hungary show us how to oppose LGBT gaygenda in a better way without going to unnecessarily too-harsh extremes.


I’m aware of the hadeeth about capital punishment, but that’s only done according to the legal procedure and rule of law if there is the 4 witnesses or quadruple confession, right? Which almost never happens in reality since in the Muslim world they always do it privately away from 4 witnesses. And in shаrіа, circumstantial evidence like video of the gross act doesn’t count as evidence to order capital punishment for sоdоmу. And Also sodomy is a type of Zinaa, and according to shаrіа and fatawa the Hadd penalties for Zinaa are only applied to people from Muslim community.

Abu Muhammad

Brother Daniel,

I know you have done subjective work on the LGBT infiltration into Muslim social sphere.

But it may be an idea to rephrase / re-edit the existing info and compile an objective report on the LGBT case:

LGBT lobby:

1. Are they just minding their own business staying out of other people’s matters like religion, business, family etc.?

2. Are they exporting their ideology to others asking one and all to say gay is A-OK?

3. Are they importing Tawhid and Islamic rulings on it, even if very slowly?

Compassionate imams:

1. Are the exporting Islam, teaching about Tawhid and consequentially gayism being haram if one believes in Allah and the Last Day?

2. Are they teaching Muslims to mind their own business and the poofs to mind their own business – we just don’t cross each other’s ways?

3. Are they importing LGBT ideology, whole hearted acceptance and promotion of LGBT lifestyle and believe there is nothing wrong about it, thereby becoming murtads themselves and making murtads out of all in their congregation?

I know, it’s obvious to sensible people, but we are living in times where people have to prove that having a penis means male!


The biggest sin in kufr and shirk (i.e. Being non-Muslim), not LGBT. If you go only less than a mile outside your home in America, you will easily find open kufr and shirk everywhere (i.e. churches). So, do you want the rulers of a NON-Muslim country like the United States of America to persecute, jail, whip or execute millions of people (including your neighbours) just for doing the major sin of kufr and shirk of worshiping another deity? Yes or no? Do you want your ethnic homie Roosh V to be jailed or executed just for praying to another god? Yes or no?

If you’re a sensible Muslim, your answer will be a clear unambiguous NO. Which means by definition You SUPPORT the right of people to do do kufr and shirk. YOU SUPPORT the right of your fellow Persian man Roosh V to do the biggest sin by praying to another god. This is proven by the fact that you don’t support jailing or executing him for praying to Jesus. However despite saying No to the earlier question, you still make the caveat that you don’t endorse worshiping other gods and you want to maintain the right to advise your own faith community (Muslims) to avoid doing it themselves.


I’m guessing that the compassionate imams are only applying the same principle with LGBT just inside nonMuslim country. I’m sure that’s what they mean when they say they support the “right to gay marriage ” the exact same way that religious conservatives like YOU support the “people’s RIGHT to do kufr and shirk”.

That means the compassionate imams don’t support jailing or executing people in non-Muslim country like America for doing the sin of LGBT or gay marriage, the same way that you don’t support jailing or executing people in America like your neighbours or Roosh V for doing the bigger sin of kufr and shirk. You’re mistaken when you’re implying that those compassionate imams like or approve of LGBT. In reality I’m sure most of all of them don’t like or approve of LGBT any more than you approve of kufr/shirk/trinity which YOU SUPPORT people’s right to do.


I disagree with the compassionate imams’ problematic tactics of holding hands with liberals and joining their Liberal marches. After all you don’t hold hands with Christians or join Christian marches to support their right to privately do cuffr and shirck and openly admit it.

But while their tactics may be wrong, the compassionate imams are not wrong with their overall basic principle of tolerating the cuffarts privately doing their own haram thing (LGBT) in their own country, which is also why YOU tolerate cuffar doing their own haram thing (shirc) privately. How ironic that you want the state to crack down on people for privately doing the THIRD biggest sin (LGBT/sodomy) yet at the same time you strongly SUPPORT and defend people’s right to privately do the FIRST biggest sin (cuffr+shirck) and openly admit it.

Abu Muhammad

You’re a dumb moron who can’t see the trees for the forest; notwithstanding your extreme propensity to gun down an army of 70 feet tall gay straw men.

NO ONE “SUPPORTS” kufr or shirk! Doing that instantaneously takes one outside of Islam.

Dar al-harb is a land NOT ruled by Islam. If the rulers of those lands initiate covenants with Muslims to live there with the freedom to practice Islam without obstruction or impediment in their carrying out the practice of Islam, then it in no way, shape or form means that Muslims “support” their shirk! It means we mind our own business.

In dar al-Islam we (are supposed to) charge them jizyah as commanded by Allah.

See the ahkam derived from verse 109:6, or 9:29! Read the chapters on Al-Maghazi was-Siyar, Jizyah, and Muhadanah in any fiqh book of any madhhab if you’re truly literate, and objective and need some knowledge!

Here, try Imam Ghazali’s Al-Waseet, based on the Shafi’iy madhhab – – (superbly simply and lucid as is the Imam’s characteristic style)

Talk about a belligerent nincompoop!

Abu Muhammad

@SL: You’re a dumb moron who can’t see the trees for the forest; notwithstanding your extreme propensity to gun down an army of 70 feet tall gay straw men.

NO ONE “SUPPORTS” kufr or shirk! Doing that instantaneously takes one outside of Islam.

Dar al-harb is a land NOT ruled by Islam. If the rulers of those lands initiate covenants with Muslims to live there with the freedom to practice Islam without obstruction or impediment in their carrying out the practice of Islam, then it in no way, shape or form means that Muslims “support” their shirk! It means we mind our own business.

In dar al-Islam we (are supposed to) charge them jizyah as commanded by Allah.

See the ahkam derived from verse 109:6, or 9:29! Read the chapters on Al-Maghazi was-Siyar, Jizyah, and Muhadanah in any fiqh book of any madhhab if you’re truly literate, and objective and need some knowledge!

Here, try Imam Ghazali’s Al-Waseet, based on the Shafi’iy madhhab – https:// archive .org/details/Pdf2534/mode/2up – (superbly simply and lucid as is the Imam’s characteristic style)

Talk about a belligerent nincompoop!


“NO ONE “SUPPORTS” kufr or shirk!”
And likewise me and the compassionate imams who still say that Gay5ех is haram and advise Muslims to avoid it, we also don’t support LGBT or homolust. Our support for tolerating nonMuslims to do it within their own cuffar culture, is no different from our/your tolerating the cuffarts to worship idols within their own community.

What’s the point of you making distinction between Dar’L’іslam and America when brother Daniel made a video and article using the analogy of “Firstworldism” to justify an Islamic empire conquering the whole world? In his interfaith dialogue with atheist ароstate рroрhet (available on his YouTube channel, at 34 to 36 minutes in the video) Daniel openly promoted the idea of an Islamic empire invading a small neighboring gay-friendly country to forcibly impose Conservative Islamic laws on them just because they refuse to kill LGBT men, even though they were just minding their own business and not disturbing others. So basically Daniel (and presumably his fans) want an Islamic empire to arise and forcibly transform the entire world including Amreeka into Dar-L-Іslаm even against the will of the secular liberal local societies. So ultimately Daniel wants to make a Genocide of all the gay men in America anyway.

Abu Muhammad

@SL: My sincere advise to you:

See the ahkam derived from verse 109:6, or 9:29! Read the chapters on Al-Maghazi was-Siyar, Jizyah, and Muhadanah in any fiqh book of any madhhab if you’re truly literate, and objective and need some knowledge!

Here, try Imam Ghazali’s Al-Waseet, based on the Shafi’iy madhhab – https:// archive .org/details/Pdf2534/mode/2up – (superbly simple and lucid as is the Imam’s characteristic style)

As for what Daniel did or did not say in his YouTube video, ask him for a clarification. I don’t generally watch videos, and more into reading textual content, plus I only speak for myself. I’m sure Daniel can clarify your doubts regarding what he said.

As for the global Islamic empire, all Muslims support it. Read Imam Ghazali’s book mentioned above. The imam explains beautifully and supports it too. What do you think happened with the Byzantine empire and Constantinople? Anyway, the book has all the details on what can and can’t be enforced upon the Muslim and dhimmi subjects. It’s not JUST because of fighting LGBT, it’s because of fighting kufr overall.

Shameless schmucks like you have no problem with your kafir masters conquering Muslim lands and forcing them into liberal LGBT societies, but you will cry tears of blood if you even hear a suggestion of Islam dominating the planet, and by Allah, it will happen.

As for for genocide of all poofs, Islam stipulates capital punishment in case of sodomy proven by either confession or being convicted. If all gays of a Muslim land decided to come out of the closet, they will all get capital punishment as per Islamic law.

Before you decide to shed any more of your buffoonery, just decide if you’re for Islam or for western values, and perchance your on Islam’s side, educate your sorry self on it.

I’m done entertaining you.


“We’re Coming For Your Children.”

This just screams….pedophelia.