French Court Convicts Muslims for Hurting Islamophobe’s Feelings

Three months ago we talked about Mila, a French attention seeker who has become famous for making blasphemous remarks about Islam.

Well, she’s back in the media after the French Courts have decided to convict eleven Muslims for allegedly harassing her online.

Al Jazeera:

A French court has convicted 11 of the 13 people charged with harassing and threatening a teenager over her anti-Islam online videos.

The court on Wednesday sentenced the defendants to suspended prison terms of four to six months, meaning they will not serve time in jail unless they are convicted for other offences, and fined them about $1,770 each.

France facilitates insulting Islam and creating animosity for Muslims, but it criminalizes Muslims insulting back in retaliation.

President Emmanuel Macron was among those who came to Mila’s defense, saying that “the law is clear” and French citizens “have the right to blaspheme, to criticize and to caricature religions.”

France, at least, has the merit of being clear about its double standards. Secular countries propagate secularism and claim to give freedom of expression to all. In fact, they are openly holding double standards by criminalizing Muslim speech. It is an open and all-out war against Islam that started 300 years with France’s first Republic.

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Young libertines have all the freedom to insult Allah and to mock the Prophet ﷺ, and the State will be their first defender and will severely punish anyone who mocks back.

The biggest humiliation, though, has to be the fact that the Grand Mosque of Paris gave a VIP tour to this wretch.

Nauseating blasphemer, Mila, given free tour of Grand Mosque of Paris.

Remember: in France, it is illegal to insult the national anthem or the French tricolor flag during a demonstration, (Law for the Internal Security of 2003) and is punished by a fine of 7500 €.

If you are shocked by their incoherence and injustice, then maybe you love Islam too much, or maybe you still have principles and manners. For the secular French, it all make perfect sense: they are motivated by hatred of Islam and don’t want it practiced in France.

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Look at the positive side, these people are destroying their countries with all of this LGBTQ+ nonsense, look at what Macron said here when Hungary decided to pass a law which merely protected those under the age of 18 from LGBT propaganda and groomers in schools and media:

France passed a law in 2016 which allowed people to legally change gender wichout medicalization and sterilization:


You see, that’s exactly what I was trying to say and you accuse me of supporting LGBT and “defeding perverts that groom children”!

If Muslims tolerate cuffarts having LGBT+ within their own cuffar culture/society (especially in the cuffar’s own countries) while simultaneously working hard to isolate our own homies and kids from LGBT+ and Zinaa (the most effective way to do that in nonМuslim countries is Haredi-style or Amish-style), then the cuffart population should decrease relative to our Muslim population, which makes us Muslims relatively more numerous than them. So let them (cuffarts) bear whatever consequences arise from their society mainstreaming LGBT and other haram things. It’s their problem not ours.

Also, Muslims showing that they support tolerating the Non-Muslims to have LGBT only within their own nonMuslim culture/society (the same way that we tolerate them worshiping Jesus or idols, consuming alcohol/pork, gambling, dating, hetero Zinaa, nightclubbing, ribaa interest, and doing other haram as long as they keep it confined to their own nonMuslim society and don’t try to export such haram to Muslims) also gives us Muslims a moral high ground leverage to demand nonMuslims to RETURN THE FAVOR by tolerating Muslims being socially and culturally Conservative within their own Muslim culture and society, like how they tolerate Haredi and Amish conservatives.

There is no point in us Muslims trying to brutally force our own Conservative culture and values on Liberal cuffar societies against their will, and we should also demand the vice versa from them. Otherwise if we try to brutally impose our Conservative values on Liberal cuffar society it will fail disastrously like how the Americans and Soviets failed to impose their Liberal values on Conservative Afghan society.


This is what Victor Orban said regarding homosexuality:

I don’t think we should look up to these people.


Victor Orban the promoter of traditional family values and prohibiter of LGBT dawah to kids, supports keeping the LGBT/gay men alive without jailing or killing them for privately doing the thing which makes them stand out from the rest of his country’s (Hungary’s) majority or dominant population.

Daniel Haqiqatjou, the promoter of Towheed+іslаm and prohibiter of Cuphr/shirck dawah to Muslim community, supports keeping the cuphr/shirck people alive without jailing or killing them for privately doing the thing which makes them stand out from the rest of his country’s (Dar L-Іslаm’s) majority or dominant population


Alhamdulillah that other western countries, especially the English countries, while not perfect, are still relatively better than France regarding Muslims and religious freedom. While France’s so called free speech is very hypocritical by criminalising holocaust denial and burning French flag, it’s totally different from America who has absolute free speech which allows not only blasphemy but even insulting the country and burning US flag in its own territory is 100% legal and non-criminalized in the US, along with other things like denying the holocaust, promoting Nazi-like racist theories, and of course legalizing “radical Іslаmіsts” like Daniel Haqiqatjou and HіzbutТаhrir’s US branch and other Conservative pro-shаriea Muslims promoting their own Conservative anti-liberal ideology in a Liberal country. While they may be demonized and vilified by the Liberal media as “hate preachers” for saying non-mainstream or unpopular views, at least they are not legally prosecuted or jailed for it as long as they are not directly inciting violence or sedition in their host country.


Also I forgot to mention that while the US was in a cold war against communism (back then against Russia and restarting again now with China) the соmmunist party of America was and is still legal and legally allowed to openly promote their commie theories while living in the anti-commie world capital of capitalism.

Its interesting and bizarre how so many Muslims nowadays blast France for the blasphemy and are calling to boycott France (and many Раkistanis have gone mad to demand to NUKE France just for the cartoon) , but these same Muslims are not calling for boycotting or nuking half the rest of the world for not criminalising blasphemy, including New Zealand whom Pakistani Muslims praise for being compassionate with Muslims after the 2019 mosque attack, despite the fact that blasphemy is perfectly legal in New Zealand and at any time a Mila or Charlie Hebdo could appear in New Zealand and the fornicatress prime minister who was praised for being so compassionate to Muslims will have no choice but to defend the vulgar іslаmophobic free speech if it happened in her country. Unfortunately too many Muslims nowadays are only focusing on the symptoms (like Mila and Charlie Hebdo cartoons) rather than the root cause of the problem (the constitution and laws which decriminalize such vulgar FREAK speech in the name of free speech).