Feminist Protest: Let Us Get Naked in Front of Your Children!

The level of Western degeneracy knows no bounds. Western woman now are marching literally naked in public for the right… to be naked in public.

South China Morning Post:

The event, held under the banner“ No nipple is free until all nipples are free, ”was held in a show of solidarity for a French woman who had not been allowed to sunbathe topless.

Park attendants had asked the woman, who lives in Berlin, to put a top on or leave the park, according to media reports. She was sunning herself near a children’s paddling pool.

Exposing yourself to children is no problem for these pedophilic Westerners. Why not? There is nothing shameful about the body, they claim. So expose children to the max. This was the reasoning behind the Dutch TV show for children that featured numerous naked adults. Eventually, it was discovered that some of the naked adults in the show were convicted child molesters. Big surprise.

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How do we debate with people who find it normal to go out naked in the street to protest? What hope do we have to speak reason to people who have no problem sexually accosting children in public with their private parts?

And why are these people allowed to protest naked? Where are the police to violently subdue this mob of degenerates and restore public order? These Western states, in fact, allow this degeneracy to happen unimpeded because they secretly approve of it.

A nationwide movement calling for “Equal Breasts for All” is now demanding woman have the right to go topless in places where men do so too. Their call is about “normalizing” breasts rather than sexualizing them, they said online.

It becomes hard to fathom the level of degeneracy. They are the embodiment of following desire itself. These feminists demand to be naked in front of everyone including children. But they also complain about nonconsensual exposure from men and say it is harassment in the “MeToo” era. Isn’t this an obvious double standard?

These women are driven to expose themselves for attention, but if they themselves get attention from someone they don’t like, they cry harassment.

Let’s illustrate the contradictions of these topless sheroes further in an even more obvious example.

Same setting, same context, different people involved.

In 2016 in France, controversy broke out about the “Burkini,” a modest swimsuit designed for Muslim women in hijab.

The political class was divided on the question of whether or not to allow this dress, and a significant number of seaside resorts banned it completely.

On August 23, 2016, two French police officers asked a veiled woman on the beach to remove her veil in front of everyone.

European women’s advocates did not demonstrate in Burkini to show their discontentment. Likewise, no movement has been launched on social media.

It seems like state coercion is less outrageous when it’s against Islam and modesty.

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The nuclear family is mocked and ridiculed. Men are being encouraged to become feminine. Schools are trying to bring our children into contact with gays and crossdressers. A Muslim or Muslimah who is making an effort to practice the Deen is ridiculed and mock BY OTHER MUSLIMS! A person trying to resist Zina is mocked for being “prude.” Believe it or not, the common social degeneracies of the West are becoming a norm even in Muslim majority countries (my relatives in Bangladesh have often shared shocking details about the situation of Bangladeshi youth).
What a time we are living in. Holding onto Imaan is like holding onto burning coal.
🤲Ya Allah please protect us all!


The author of this article said: “European women’s advocates did not demonstrate in Burkini to show their discontentment. Likewise, no movement has been launched on social media.”

That’s not true at all. The ultra-Liberal feminists in English western countries did make some protests (in front of French embassy) against Burkini ban (including while wearing Burkini) , out of solidarity with Muslim women who wear Burkini.
And they did make a social media hashtag campaign called #WearWhatYouWant

Its hard for me to post links here so Just look up on Google “France Burkini protests solidarity”.


Don’t confuse Francophone/French western lands like France, Belgium and Quebec with Anglophone/English Western countries like the UK, US and Australia. There is some cultural difference between the two which makes anglophone Western liberals a little bit more tolerant of Conservative Muslims than the Francophone ones. The anglophone liberals protests against the French Burkini ban because they want Muslim women to go to the mixed gender beach at all in the first place to pose body at all (even if covered) where many men can see.

And by the way Burkini should not be that important anyway for Muslims, so the Burkini ban is not too much problematic anyway. It would be better for Muslim women in those countries to avoid going to the beach at all in the first place because its full of half-naked people, just like how we discourage Muslims from going to pub even if fully covered. Instead of demanding western countries give Muslimahs the right to wear Burkini on half-naked beach it would be more appropriate to demand the right to have gender segregated beaches like how ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews have done in Іsrаеl, which are separate from the mixed gender beaches. Another analogy is that the Amish people go on holiday to their own beaches which don’t have naked people.


By the way, Do you anyone else here have any sources or references for the statement mentioned in this article “Eventually, it was discovered that some of the naked adults in the show were convicted child molesters. Big surprise.”