The Importance of Playing with Your Children

Play with your children.

I know you’re busy, and also tired, and likely grumpy, and often stressed, and probably sleep deprived. Parents usually are all of the above, including me.

But your kids need your attention, your active, loving, concentrated, playful attention, in small but daily doses.
Play translates to love.

Children learn best through play, and they also bond through play. When you play with your children, you show them that their parents are accessible, reachable, receptive. They feel loved, cared for, excited, stimulated. Their eyes sparkle with mischief and their hearts race with exhilaration and their cognitive ability generally improves. Some of the best memories of our childhood include memories of playing with our parents.

Play is not a luxury for children. It’s a necessity.

So play with them! Here are some quick, easy ideas:

Make silly faces.

Chase them around the room/ house.

Say nonsense made-up words. Repeatedly.

Catch them and tickle them.

Create ridiculous fictional characters for you and them to be.

Pretend to be a baby and have your baby be your mama/baba. Be a terribly annoying baby. (Payback time! 😅)

Wrestle with them.

Have a pillow / stuffed-animal fight.

Make up implausible stories.

These are some of the favorites at our house. What kinds of silly games do your kids love?

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Laugh and joke with your children about the stupidity of the kuffar.

Teach them that Islam alone appeals to the sound mind and how stupid the idolators are for worshiping idols made of their hands or for believing that Allah resembles His creation that He specified, how stupid the christians are for believing that Adam can be created by Allah without having any father or mother but then saying that it can’t be possible for Jesus to be created without a father, how arrogant the Jews are for rejecting the prophets of Allah and how stupid this arrogance is as one can’t fight his Creator, how dumb the atheists are for believing that the universe came into existence from nothing but yet believing in causality for so many natural phenomena.

You will sharpen your child’s mind and raise his IQ, Islamic or general, teach him sound Tawhid, and also have a good laugh at the degenerates’ expense!


>Laugh and joke with your children about the stupidity of the kuffar.


This is very important to teach your children ghayrah and pride if Islam.

If you don’t teach your children to be proud Muslims heads held high and looking down, yes down, upon the kuffar, they will learn from the kuffar to look down upon your deen and way of life.

When the kuffar teach their children how backward the folks of Egypt, Syria, Pakistan etc. are and don’t have “women’s rights” and how they don’t believe in scientific “evidence” for evolution and so on, Muslims should have some shame and teach their kids about the ABSOLUTE SUPREMACY of Islam over any religion or way of life that isn’t Islam.

Islam and kufr are opposites of each other and not equals. You can either hold Islam supreme, or kufr.