French Protestors Enraged by Covid Restrictions, Burn Vaccine Centers

Yet another French revolution is brewing. This time, it’s the Monarchs of Vaxx being overthrown.


Two vaccination centres have been ransacked in France, as people protested against the introduction of tougher coronavirus rules.

One site in south-east France was vandalised and flooded using fire hoses on Friday night, authorities said.

A day later, another clinic in the south-west was partially destroyed by an arson attack, local media reported.

The French can be very violent and bloodthirsty people. Now they are out marching in the hundreds of thousands.

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The incidents came on a weekend of demonstrations. More than 100,000 came out to protest on Saturday.

Critics have accused President Emmanuel Macron’s government of violating freedoms by introducing new rules.

The most controversial of the rules include mandatory vaccinations for health workers and health passes to access most public places.

Mandatory vaccinations used to be a “conspiracy theory.” Now countries like France are clamping down on their citizens, forcing them to get injections that seem to do very little at preventing covid infection and subsequent death.

Basically, France has told its citizens, get vaccinated or starve to death. And, surprisingly, people are not too happy about that.

Meanwhile at a rally on Saturday, French politician Martine Wonner told protesters to “lay siege” to the offices of lawmakers who backed the government’s Covid policies.

A high profile sceptic of Covid vaccines, she faces a potential legal inquiry for this. She was forced to quit her opposition group in parliament on Sunday, but said her words had been misconstrued.

France has seen several acts of violence and vandalism against lawmakers who supported the new vaccination rules.

How severe will the violence get against the pro-vaccination politicians in France? Will they continue to risk their lives by pushing a Pfizer and Moderna agenda?

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In sha Allah may Allah let us see France and Europe collapse to rubble under their own weight and “values”.

Hadith Qudsi tells us that Allah wages war against the one who takes enmity to His wali (a pious believer). What then can we expect for the French administration along with the rest of their satanist European comrades who have taken enmity against RasulAllah sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam? In sha Allah French administration will collapse under the weight of its own people. We pray to Allah that these demonstrations take a turn for the worse in France. Aameen.