Sacha Baron Cohen Only Now Disapproves of Racial Stereotypes

Sacha Baron Cohen claims Marc Zuckerberg has a permissive hate speech policy. He publicly expressed his displeasure last week, urging Facebook’s CEO to implement significant changes to curb racism.

He was less upset about racism, though, back when he built his career on it.

Does anyone remember Cohen’s character Borat, the Kazakh buffoon caricature? How many of Cohen’s characters are based on Muslim stereotypes? Ali G, Aladeen, Borat.

He felt no qualms about these racial and religious stereotypes when he was making millions off of them. His movie about Muslims, “The Dictator” was even banned in Belarus, Pakistan, Malaysia, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

In 2009, he was sued after he branded a Palestinian shopkeeper as a terrorist. The case was settled. Not surprisingly, Cohen is a big supporter of Zionism.

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