Australia: Suffocating Lockdowns Due to Alleged Death of Single Eighty-Year-Old

An eighty year-old man allegedly died from covid in Australia. That means Australia has to implement severe, life-ending lockdowns.

The news claims 82,000 covid tests were conducted finding 111 positive cases. Did those 111 have any symptoms? Many people who test positive for covid have no actual symptoms and are shocked to find out they are supposedly carrying the most deadly virus known to man. Covid is the only deadly pandemic in history where a test is required to know if you actually have the disease.

But thankfully, Australia has implemented a proportionate response to the demise of this single unnamed eighty year-old: Completely locking down entire cities, shutting down all businesses (except whatever the government decides is “essential”), preventing people from going to work to live. According to the news, about 900,000 people are affected by this lockdown.

This is all reasonable, of course. Even if 900 billion people’s lives have to be destroyed to prevent the death of an eighty-year-old man who would have died from even the slightest cold, that is a price we must all be willing to pay.

Sadly, the irrational people of Australia don’t understand SCIENCE. So they are protesting.

Seems like only a hundred people at most. Obviously a bunch of terrorists. Hopefully, the government will crack down on all these insurgents with brutal and deadly force. That will prove to the public how much the government cares about health.

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