European Hijab Ban: The Latest Case of Liberal Hypocrisy

The Enlightenment thinkers thought that the separation of the State and the Church would enhance peace between religions. Today, current events show us that it does the opposite.

The Highest Court of the European Union issued a ruling in 2017 that allows European companies to ban any religious sign. This is supposed to include the hijab, but also the yarmulke or the cross. Now the EU is reopening the case justifying its earlier decision.

We read in The Guardian:

Private employers in the EU can ban people from wearing religious symbols, including headscarves, in order to present an image of neutrality, the bloc’s highest court has ruled.

Companies can ban headscarves provided such a prohibition is part of a policy against all religious and political symbols, the court said on Thursday, reaffirming a 2017 ruling. The latest judgment went further by examining the grounds employers can use when making such prohibitions.

The ban on religious and political symbols can be justified by the “employer’s desire to pursue a policy of political, philosophical and religious neutrality with regard to its customers or users, in order to take account of their legitimate wishes,” the court said in a statement.

The EU clarifies that they put this measure in place in defense of secularism. This means that companies are allowed to interfere with the religious expression of their employees. This decision contributes to the idea that the absence of religion in public places is desirable. It actually contributes to secular segregation, i.e., to excludes the religious man from civic life.

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The cases were brought by two German Muslim women, a special needs childcare worker and a sales assistant in a chemist. Both were told to remove their headscarves after deciding to wear the garments on their return to work after parental leave.

The childcare center banned staff from wearing any religious symbols, including the Christian cross and the Jewish kippah. It suspended the woman twice and issued a written warning, which she challenged in the German courts.

This is a vile strategy. They themselves built an economic model that encourages women to work. They were the perpetrators of a century of feminist propaganda that aims to make housewives feel guilty by comparing them to slaves and inferior beings. And after all this, Muslim women are forced to choose between their hijab and their work.

This policy will have two consequences: the first one is to stigmatize the believing Muslim woman by making her more and more strange in secular society. The second is to weaken the economy of the Muslim household by cutting half of their monthly income.

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This development worries lbrahim Kalin, the spokesman of President Erdogan, who said:

The decision by the European court of justice on [headscarves] in the workplace is another blow to the rights of Muslim women,” he wrote. He said it would “play right into the hands of those warmongers against Islam in Europe” and asked: “Does the concept of religious freedom now exclude Muslims?

Ibrahim Kalin is right to point out the hypocrisy of Europe. They use ideals such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and women’s empowerment only when it suits them.

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