France Wants to Deport Imam for Reciting a Quranic Verse

The Eiffel Mosque scheduled to be open for prayers in 2030. Female dress code to be strictly enforced.

Just when you thought France couldn’t be any more hostile to Islam.

Daily Sabah:

An imam of a mosque in France’s Loire region was fired after verses and hadiths he recited during his Eid al-Adha prayer sermon were considered “contrary to the values of the Republic” by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

This is the French Interior Minister, Darmanin.

He has been accused of raping women.

Obviously a pervert.

Mmadi Ahamada, the imam of the Great Mosque of Saint-Chamond, who is of Comoros origin, shared a hadith and Surah Ahzab verses addressing the wives of the Prophet Muhammad in his sermon.

After Isabelle Surply, a member of the Municipal Council of the Republican Party, shared a video of the sermon online, Darmanin asked the Loire Governor’s Office to dismiss the imam and ensure that his residence permit is not renewed, on the grounds that “he finds these statements unacceptable” and “sees them against gender equality.”

What was the Quranic verse in Surat al-Ahzab that angered the squirrelly French minister so much?

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Was it this?

Remain in your homes, women, and do not display (your) beauty as it used to be displayed in the days of earlier ignorance; and establish Salāh, and pay Zakāh, and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah only intends to keep (all sorts of) filth away from you, O members of the family (of the prophet), and to make you pure through a perfect purification. [Quran 33:33]

What is so objectionable about this verse? Only a truly dirty person could object to the values of modesty and purity this verse calls to.

Obviously a pervert.

In a message on social media, the mosque administration announced that the imam had been dismissed.

The Loire Governorate said that they are working on not renewing the imam’s residence permit.

So the mosque fires their imam because he recited some ayat this creepy-looking French minister didn’t like???

Apparently, this is not the first time an imam has been dismissed because of Darmanin.

Imam Mahdi, whose criticism of the dressing style of some Muslim women in a sermon he gave on June 4 at the Gennevilliers Mosque in the province of Hauts-de-Seine was also terminated by Darmanin’s order.

The interior minister also asked the governor to intervene and to suspend the mosque’s activities if a similar sermon is repeated, using the new tools allowed by a law “to strengthen respect for the principles of the Republic,” which rights groups say risks discrimination.

So if you tell women to not dress like prostitutes, as is custom in France, then you will be fired from the mosque, the government will shut down that mosque, and you will be kicked out of the country.

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This Darmanin is even bragging about his powers:

“On my request, two imams who gave unacceptable sermons in Hauts-de-Seine and Loire were dismissed. We will fight tirelessly against those who oppose the rules and values of the Republic,” he said on Twitter.

This guy has no shame basically saying that France decides what religious beliefs can and can’t be taught in France. But we already knew that.

Maybe instead of policing Muslim Eid sermons, the Interior Minister can worry more about the fact that his country is in midst an economic crisis and protestors are literally burning it to the ground.

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I guess the French government is just really scared that Muslims are about to completely take over France. This is why they overreact to a random imam’s Eid khutba. It’s because they feel Sharia law coming fast. Maybe they imagine that, in the not-so-distant future, France will become yet another Islamic country, perhaps like Afghanistan, and all French women will be forced to wear the burka.

The Eiffel Mosque scheduled to be open for prayers in 2030. Female dress code to be strictly enforced.


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I like how you roast him as pervert and crepy looking face 🤣🤣🤣👌


I guess this stereotype of French men being a bunch of perverted rapey people like Pepe le Pew is true. The policies their government enforces seems to confirm this.

May Allah give France more economic turmoil, destabilization, civil unrest, and other punishments.

Well they are dumb enough to buy into the LGBT nonsense that is destroying western civilization, as time goes on and on, these western countries seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. Perhaps this is Allah punishing them for insulting the Prophet may peace and blessings be upon him.


France got an Historical Bias against Muslim, they’re the one who halted the Muslim advance in the western Europe in battle of Tours 732. They won’t give any space for Islam to rise there


Lol no, they stoped nothing, muslims did not want france at that time. It was not an important battle at all.


The Battle of Tours is important event, the whole identity of Europe was merged, if it was won, Crusaders won’t be be happened and many parts of Europe would fall under Ummayad. Frankish the strong reason why Europe isn’t Muslim continent today perhaps


““On my request, two imams who gave unacceptable sermons in Hauts-de-Seine and Loire were dismissed. We will fight tirelessly against those who oppose the rules and values of the Republic,””

Notice it was a “request”. The mosque(s) employing these imams did decide to act in a spineless manner. They could’ve easily rejected…and they would’ve been in their right.

France has as a large Muslim population. They should be blamed for a large part for their powerlessness. If you have a large population you shouldn’t be this weak. Acquiring wealth, power and influence is your own responsibilty. No one is going to give it to you.

Seems like many of them suffer from low self esteem inherited from colonialism.


Akhi, as a french revert i got to tell you, you don’t understand the situation. France doesn’t care about our rights.

If the mosque refused to dismiss the imam, it’s the mosque itself that would have been closed.

And to be honest with you, the majority of muslims in France don’t care about Islam.
They are the sons of uneducated people who for some of them don’t even know the difference between the Qur’an and a Hadith.
Even if the practicing muslims try their best to be educated religiously and some of them come back from Madinah or Al Azhar, al hamdulillah. But the work is so heavy it’s impossible for them to change the situation, only Allah can help us.

Sobhan Allah.

So yes, here muslims are powerless and our great number doesn’t change anything. I will not takfir those who don’t pray but if we did the percentage of muslims in France would drop.
Just if we talk about the salat.. i don’t even talk about ‘aqida.
I swear by Allah that i’ve never heard an imam say “The shahada means that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah”.
They believe that it means “there is no deity beside Allah” and never talk about shirk. I saw really crazy things, people turning around white clothes screaming “ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH” non stop for an hour. For them they “make dhikr” and the white clothes is for “the angels to put prophet Muhammad’s soul on it (PBUH)” Wallahi i’m not lying search “Tijjania” on the internet , it’s a sect followed a LOT in France and north africa.

You can add to this the harkis, the imams sold to the government who lies openly about our religion.

Imagine, uneducated people, they are happy because their sons and daughters take classes in the mosque and pray, and they don’t even understand that their children are gonna be promoting either LGBT stuff of extremist stuff like da’esh would.
Because all the good imams are dismissed for “extremism” as we saw in the article.

To conclude : here muslims are so corrupted by the continuous influence of the french colonisation of our countries and minds that they don’t even understand the basics of this religion that they have to defend.
So to organise and acquire wealth and power LOL maybe in a 100 years if France collapse. Maybe. May Allah help me and every sincere muslims to leave this hellish country. أمين

Anyway, sorry for the bad english and sorry for the long text.

Umar Al-muhandis

Sübhanallah may Allah ta ala bless you brother. I do not hide my hatred for the French, English and west in general and especially Thier “oriental studies” like the sick satanic works of John Burton. But when i see a member from one of these dispicable people’s (because of Thier shirk and fighting the Muslims) come to the Deen of Allah wallah it fills me with joy. Ameen. May Allah grant you gheerah over your womenfolk and taqwah of his Majesty subhanahu Wa ta ala. AMEEN. May you benefit this dee


“So if you tell women to not dress like prostitutes, as is custom in France, then you will be fired from the mosque,”

Remember this is the country of Marquis de Sade. Modern sexual degeneracy was practically invented, popularised and spread to the rest of the world from this country – through brute force by the way.


Many of these Europeans blame the Jews for this sort of stuff, But it seems to me that the non Jewish Europeans seem to be proponents of sexual degeneracy without the Jews. For example, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the grandfather of the modern homosexual movement, seems to be similar to Marquis de Sade, and was not Jewish. Lets not forget that only the European Jews are proponents of this sexual degeneracy, so there seems to be a very Europeaness to this sort of stuff, and it is justified under liberal philosophy, which again, was not invented by the Jews, but non Jewish Europeans.

Even in ancient European history, it was not the Jews who did all of the sexual degeneracy, it was the non Jewish Romans and Greeks, who did all of this homosexuality and what not. Roman Emperor Nero had one of the earliest same sex “marriages” to the boy he favored and castrated, named Sporus.

I guess they like blaming the Jews for the problems that they created themselves.

Umar Al-muhandis

Homosexuality is a uniquely Europeanish enterprise. These people who practically whorships the ideas and works of the Greeks and Romans and especially the most debase amongst them. It’s very strange and backwards. The colonialists were the same. They found it strange Muslims didn’t screw little boys or animals and remember reading that because of this we Muslim men in fact “hold women in contempt” ??? 😂😂 What a sick dog only deserving of steel.


That movie cuties came from France so I’m not surprised. Also, all the perverted stuff usually originates from France. Pornography etc.

Umar Al-muhandis

Yeah and the Muslim parents who allowed Thier daughters to participate are some fools wallah.


That movie cuties came from France so I’m not surprised. Also, all the perverted stuff usually originates from France. Pornography etc.


Salem aleykom brothers and sisters.
I am French and inchallah I’ll very soon leave this country El hamdullilah.
I have 2 comments about the article.
First darmanin is not really accused of raping. He is accused of using his political influence to blackmail poor women in order to have sex. To be precise he promised to help them get a cheap apartment in Paris in exchange for sex. These women were poor and in a financial difficult situation.
Secondly concerning the mosques that fired those imams. In fact they had no choice because if they didn’t complied the mosque itself would have been closed. A law passed by macron’s government and approved by the parliament makes it legal to do so. There is absolutely no freedom of belief and religion in France.