French Companies Funded ISIS and France Did Nothing

In 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo shooting, French ex-President François Hollande declared: “We are at war.” 

At war against whom? Against terrorism? Against political Islam? Against “religious fanaticism” that has been on the news for twenty years in France? 

This declaration was followed by a series of violent raids against any potential suspect, i.e. any orthodox and peaceful Muslim who follows his religion seriously.

At the time, a tract summarizing the signs of “radicalization” was published by the government: Any Muslim who changed his style of dress, stopped listening to music, or refused to participate in mixed sports with women was a potential terrorist. This is the same “countering violent extremism” program that was implemented in the US and the UK.

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In France, this was also the beginning of the “state of emergency” led by former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. How many broken doors, how many disrupted homes, how many innocents in France have suffered due to the false pretenses of “radicalization” used to attack innocent Muslims? 

This governmental tract invites people to denounce anybody who shows these “signs of radicalization”

As it turns out, the French government has ignored much more clear support for terrorism.

The renowned French journal “Libération” revealed evidence that the French group “Lafarge” was a business partner of ISIS (i.e., Daesh or Daech) during the mandate of François Hollande. And worse, state documents reveal that the government of Manuel Valls knew about this partnership with ISIS and “tolerated” it.

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An article from tells us: 

When the existence of these financial arrangements between Lafarge and Daech was revealed, leading to a first examination of the French group back in 2018, many questioned the responsibility of the state.

Matthieu Rey, a researcher at the CNRS and a specialist on Syria particularly, stresses in an interview with Anadolu Agency, that this was “further evidence of the connections between Lafarge and Daech.”

He explains that the cement company continued to operate one of its sites “even though the territory had been put under the control” of terrorist groups, recalling, moreover, that “in these cases there is a mandatory fee.”

According to Matthieu Rey, the judicial authorities could presume the existence of these financial arrangements.

Basically, the French company was in some kind of financial arrangement with ISIS and the French government knew about this arrangement and allowed it.

We have rarely seen a country allegedly at war tolerating traitors with financial ties to the enemy. This raises the question: Was France ever really at war with ISIS?

All this seems to indicate that François Hollande’s declaration of war against “radical Islam” was only a pretext. Was ISIS the real target or innocent French Muslims? Perhaps we did not understand the real meaning of “war on terror.”

Furthermore, it is important to mention that this affair does not only concern François Hollande and Manuel Valls, who have both now retired from the political scene. Indeed, the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, himself, is indirectly involved: 

Thomas Portes, spokesman for the Générations movement, points out that the “government of François Hollande let finance Daech to save the cement manufacturer Lafarge” and pointed to the fact that “at the time Emmanuel Macron moved from Deputy Secretary General of the Government to Minister of the Economy” and that he was therefore “at the centre of this affair.”

“What did he know? The light must be made. “Quickly”, continues the politician who is surprised by the “silence of the media” while “a president of the Republic in office, a former Prime Minister, a former President are at the heart of a state scandal where they are suspected of having allowed finance to Daech to help a company.”

What is Macron hiding? What are Macron’s ties to ISIS?

Beyond the case of France, this affair raises the question of the involvement of states with terrorist groups in general. To what extent are these terrorist groups nothing more than the products of Western states? To what extent are these terrorist groups created by Western governments as a pretext to attack Islam and innocent Muslims?

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