Why Is PayPal Allowing a Zionist Org to Monitor and Block Financial Transactions?

The partnership between Big Tech and rabid Zionists is not something new. Now, it seems, they are just being more open and unapologetic about it.

New York Post:

Big Tech’s censorship partnership with the left establishment is expanding in ominous directions. The Silicon Valley giants have now partnered with the hyper-partisan Anti-Defamation League to help them decide what content Americans get to read online — and even which Americans get to transfer money digitally.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is one of the most extreme Zionist groups in the US, closely partnered with the Israeli government itself.

This year brought news of an effort by Google in association with the ADL and a British firm called Moonshot CVE to “redirect” users away from sites that promote what they considered to be “violent extremism.” Pop-up ads would send readers to other content providers, who would supposedly expose and debunk the haters.

Google has had a long history of working with the ADL.

Back when ISIS was a thing, Google claimed to fight “Islamic extremism” by promoting search results and Youtube videos that preached a more tolerant, feminist, liberal version of Islam.

You might have noticed this yourself:

You can read more about Google’s involvement with CVE/Prevent programs along with organizations like Yaqeen here.

But now Big Tech is taking their “counter extremism” efforts to the next level by allowing a Zionist group to actually monitor financial transactions on PayPal.

This month, we also learned that PayPal has tapped the ADL to lay out criteria that will allow that payment-services giant to essentially shut down any group it labels “extremist.”

How does the ADL have the authority to label anything as “extremist”? This is a random organization that has not been vested any legal or judicial authority by the government. Yet PayPal and Big Tech have given them the unilateral ability essentially to nuke the finances of whomever they want.

How many pro-Palestinian and pro-BDS websites, activists, and organizations has the ADL already flagged as “extremists”?

How many Muslims have been targeted or will be targeted?

The ADL is not even the least bit shy about publicizing its active cooperation with the Israeli government.

The PayPal-ADL partnership is arguably more terrifying. Under the program, the ADL will help PayPal refuse service to financial networks that, according to the ADL, “support extremism and hate” or endanger “at-risk communities.”

Are pro-Palestinian activists and BDS supporters going to agitate against Big Tech and PayPal for this partnership with the ADL, an org that has the blood of countless Muslim Palestinians on its hands? Or are they going to stay quiet as their PayPal accounts are all handed to the most vicious Zionist org in America for it to do with them what they will?

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“Back when ISIS was a thing, Google claimed to fight “Islamic extremism” by promoting search results and Youtube videos that preached a more tolerant, feminist, liberal version of Islam.”

After I watch an Islam related video on Youtube the next video that automatically starts playing is almost always a Omar Suleiman video – I do directly click away. Since a few months also this video (the lecturer is a woman with an islamically incorrect hijaab) starts playing:
Dr. Celene Ibrahim: Female Archetypes in the Qur’an

They’re really trying hard to push Islam Light on people.


I’ve noticed this myself as well. What’s increasingly infuriating is that, not only does it turn YouTube into a propaganda platform if you don’t know what to search for and ignore, but it also artificially inflates these selected videos’ view counts. Many of these (millions) of views are likely coming from auto-play, apart from the fact that these videos are manually assigned recommendations of course.

It’s disgusting. These tactics have been observed by non-Muslims as well, contents are being artificially hidden or demonetized on false pretenses, subscribers are getting automatically unsubscribed, people don’t get notifications from some channels, comments are being removed by Youtube, or shuffled in an manner that is as obscure as that of the search result order, or what appears in the recommendations list. There is no transparency for their billions of users, and this is absolutely unacceptable!

I think Muslims have a chance to creating solid alternatives inshallah, not without a fight for sure, but we have the capabilities. We need our own platforms to be able to gain control over its quality and honesty. When I say they’re gonna fight us, I mean it. Expect DDoS attacks, propaganda calling us extremists, or anti-Semitic, or homophobic, organizations pushing governments to silence us, hosting providers dropping us, and so on. It’s gonna happen, so we are going to have to work proactively. We also have to be loyal to Muslims who decide to take on this task. We have to choose to support each other rather than choosing what is convenient. We have to build something that work for us, and not something that intends to clone YouTube.

These are my thoughts.