Dear Woke Warriors, Who Are You Helping Anyway?

A Week in the Life of the US Military

Just two weeks ago, AFRICOM (US Africa Command) carried out an airstrike against al-Shabab in Somalia. As we’ve talked about before, rather than conducting the attack themselves, it was local Somalian troops that carried out the operations, with the US aiding and assisting remotely.

Here’s a curious point from the New York Times:

“Citing operational security, Mrs. King [Cindi King, Pentagon spokesperson] declined to provide additional details about Friday’s strike, including why the Africa Command had twice suddenly come to the aid of Somali allies under fire after a six-month hiatus.”

The big question—when will this all end?

It all seems rather dubious, particularly when King is citing the 2001 Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) to justify the type of arrangement that the military has with local African militaries. Just take a moment to ponder how these kinds of ties could go terribly wrong when, I don’t know, the US decides they need to back a corrupt leader. It’s not like they’ve never done that before.

The 20-year war in Afghanistan has supposedly ended, but also just two weeks ago, the US helped Afghan forces by carrying out airstrikes against the Taliban.

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Let’s recall again that while both Democrats and Republicans fight about pretty much everything else, the old guard from both parties can agree on war. Meanwhile, while the woke cry over LGBT rights and the Democrats in general fret that soon women won’t be able to abort their fetuses solely on the grounds that their not ready for a baby.

Nonetheless, they seem pretty willing to let slide the disgusting behavior of their country abroad. No big deal that 500,000 civilians died in a war based on a lie, no big deal that a 20-year war was waged that ended in their defeat (a defeat pretty much denied across the board), totally normal that the US is one of the few countries in the world that has military bases across the globe.

When confronted with this information, they may tell you that it is a big deal, but in an age where words mean less and less (I’m talking to you, “birthing people” and “people with prostates“), their real concerns lie wherever the mainstream media tells them they are, away from the CIA and the extremely dangerous dealings of the US government abroad.

How much can you actually care about people if you’re able to just turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions of innocents at the hand of your government and focus instead on things like trans people not being able to use the bathroom of their preference?

It seems like at times, one of the greatest challenges in life is to be able to see more than a few feet in front of you, beyond the garbage “journalism” found on outlets like MSNBC and the triumphant calls of victory about, e.g., trans people wearing bathing suits on the covers of magazines (I’ll spare you the link).

Sorry, but I’m just not seeing the healed pain in the world. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Here’s some of what went down at the still-open Guantanamo Bay prison, where some prisoners (including many who were tortured) are held without charges:

“Beginning with the CIA’s first detainee, Abu Zubaydah, and continuing with numerous others, the CIA applied its enhanced interrogation techniques with significant repetition for days or weeks at a time. Interrogation techniques such as slaps and ‘wallings’ (slamming detainees against a wall) were used in combination, frequently concurrent with sleep deprivation and nudity.” (xii)

“Sleep deprivation involved keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in stress positions, at times with their hands shackled above their heads. At least five detainees experienced disturbing hallucinations during prolonged sleep deprivation and, in at least two of those cases, the CIA nonetheless continued the sleep deprivation.” (xii)

“At least five CIA detainees were subjected to “rectal rehydration” or rectal feeding without documented medical necessity.” (xiii)

“CIA officers also threatened at least three detainees with harm to their families— to include threats to harm the children of a detainee, threats to sexually abuse the mother of a detainee, and a threat to “cut [a detainee’s] mother’s throat.” (xiii)

This is so sickening, I can’t even bear to paste the description in here.

Does anyone remember the Highway of Death incident during the Frist Gulf War, when the US attacked retreating Iraqi forces?

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How about all the kids in Laos, still suffering Agent Orange that was dropped by US troops back in the 1970s? The pain’s still going, and the US hasn’t even acknowledged it.

How about when the military mistook a journalist with a camera as a combatant with an RPG in Iraq back in 2010, whom they very arrogantly killed along with other civilians, and then when others came to help, they were shot as well? This crime was made known to us by the very person (Julian Assange) who the US government has decided is a treasonous criminal (although he’s not even a citizen). Where’s the woke when you need them?

Or how about a twenty-year war—with all the destruction and lose that comes with that—waged without clear goals?

Political Conversations in the Age of Woke

But we’re stuck on distractions, tears over unaborted fetuses but not aborted lives of people who got in the way of liberty and American values.

At this point, it’s not even just these heinous crimes that are so infuriating, it’s the direction of the political conversations, all of which go in the favor of the continuation of these criminal acts, that is so angering.

How about former G.W. Bush chief strategist Matthew Dowd telling us we haven’t had a president with empathy in four years. If you’re blood isn’t boiling, please go back and read the torture descriptions above or try to watch that video of soldiers murdering people in Iraq.

Some people may argue: “I can care about LGBT and fair treatment of detainees.” Perhaps the response to that could be, “OK, I guess you can.” But the problem is, that’s not what’s playing out. The heavy campaigns for LGBT rights, for example, are being peddled hard by the very forces that have supported things like “enhanced interrogation.”

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So maybe on paper you could support both of those things, but at this point, by making the former your raison d’etre, there is room to argue that you are then helping the federal government to keep on keeping on with its crimes. They’re happy to support all the wokeness now, as we’ve seen.

So the more people waste their breath on incoherent arguments for males being able to compete in women’s sports competitions, the more harm they do to the innocents targets of the CIA and US military.

May Allah guide us to see things as they are and to react in a way that would please Him.

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This article is just pure excellence, good job


Well, this wokeness is messing up America, promoting moral decay, making men into weak soyboy cucks, destroy the youth, and destroying the country. It seems to me that the US is shooting itself in the foot by promoting this woke nonsense to distract the woke people with its crimes, that this woke nonsense will lead to things bad things for the US and western civilization as a whole.


I forgot something, but the US did fight for “gay rights” in Afghanistan, just look at this comment here:

Funny how the woke and Americans never mentions the suppression of homosexuality under the Taliban rule, In all other cases they talk bad about Islam when it comes to homosexuality, but when it comes to the homosexuals in Afghanistan, they are silent. Hmm, I wonder why, I guess when homosexuals “being themselves” looks bad they are silent.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Woke is the new self righteous hippie. LGBTetc is the new drug.