Controlled Opposition: Ilhan Omar Votes for Unconditional Aid to Israel

Our “shero” has done it again!

Middle East Monitor:

The vote to approve the annual US Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Funding Bill, which amongst other things green-lights Washington’s yearly $3.3 billion unconditional aid to Israel, threw a major surprise this year.

Democrat representatives Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Presley, Lee Bowman and Pramila Jayapal split with fellow Democrats, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush in securing a narrow victory for the ruling party. All are members of a progressive group of lawmakers known as “The Squad”, famed for their highly critical stance on Israel. They have previously called to end the many decades of America’s unconditional aid to the occupation state.

Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar apparently does not agree with Rashida “My Allah Is a She” Tlaib on murdering Palestinian children. Ilhan is much more tolerant of Israel butchering Palestinian children with US-funded weapons, but Rashida seems to have slight reservations.

With the bill passing narrowly – 217 for and 212 against – the “Squads” failure to vote as one is seen as a missed opportunity to strike what would have been seen as a major blow to Washington’s unconditional support for Israel, especially as they have been part of a long campaign to align US foreign policy to progressive values and international law.

Ilhan could have stopped this unconditional aid going to Israel. She could have rallied her “woke” friends in Congress and blocked the bill from passing. But instead, she joined hands with the Zionists.

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This is not her first time helping Zionists attack the Muslim world.

Dumb Ilhan supporters will probably claim that the bill also contains “good things” like funding for women’s rights programs. What is the reasoning here? It is OK to support the murder of Palestinians as long as some women’s NGOs get funding too? What kind of deranged social justice logic is that?

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This bill has also taken aim at the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Describing BDS as an “international effort to stigmatize and isolate Israel”, the bill has demanded an annual report to Congress on the BDS campaign, which would include a list of companies, international organisations and countries that partake in it.

So Ilhan is taking a strong stance against BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel) by voting for this bill. During her election campaign in 2018, Omar expressed her opposition to BDS, but she flip flopped after being elected.

But now, Ilhan is making clear her animosity towards BDS with this bill that is requiring an annual report to Congress, monitoring and stigmatizing  any company that participates in BDS.

Will we hear “woke” Muslims and Palestinian activists condemn her for any of this? Or will we see them, once again, turn the other cheek and pretend like Ilhan is a paragon of social justice virtue?

What an embarrassment.

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Controlled Opposition

Regular Muslims should recognize that Ilhan is nothing but controlled opposition. At MuslimSkeptic, we have been saying this for years. Ilhan pretends to be anti-Zionist while quietly voting for billions of dollars to go essentially to Israel’s weapons budget.

Yet, we see major American Muslim organizations continue to support her.

CAIR is one example. CAIR has no shame in constantly advocating for an Islamophobe like Ilhan (Yes, Ilhan is an Islamophobe.) Anytime Ilhan faces negative publicity, CAIR jumps into action to defend her and to mobilize the Muslim community to support her.

But, of course, when Ilhan supports AIPAC and votes for unconditional aid for Israel, CAIR remains silent. Why?

Obviously, not much can be expected from the likes of Hatem Bazian, Omar Suleiman, Jonathan Brown, and other Muslim figures who have a long, nauseating history shilling for Ilhan Omar and pushing the Muslim community to support her.

Simp Imams stand with Ilhan. But when Ilhan attacks Islam and Palestinians, Simp Imams are silent.

Yaqeen Institute promotes Ilhan as a black Muslim role model.

But will any of these guys who claim they care so much for Palestine make a statement condemning Ilhan for her vote?

The likes of Imam Zaid Shakir and Altaf Husain, Vice President of Yaqeen Institute, collaborated with CAIR to give Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar a platform about “justice” and “healing our nation” just as recently as December 2020.

Do Imam Zaid and Altaf believe that giving billions of dollars to Israel to kill Palestinians is “justice”? Maybe Ilhan thought that “healing our nation” was about healing Israel.

Will any of these people condemn Ilhan? They haven’t condemned her before for her attack on the Sharia, her collaboration with AIPAC, etc. They just continue to unconditionally support her, year after year. Because that is what is politically correct. That is what will get them the most “likes” on social media and the most pats on the back from their liberal handlers. Principles mean nothing to these charlatans.

This is yet another clear betrayal of Palestinians and the Muslim community in general.

They played a key role in making the support of Ilhan Omar seem Islamically legitimate among the broader Muslim community. As such, they have an Islamic duty to revise their previous support by condemning Ilhan and telling Muslims to stop supporting her. The fact that they do not do this shows how easily they sell out Islam and the Ummah for cheap political (and financial) gain. It is disgusting.

Remember this the next time one of these simp imams sheds crocodile tears about Palestine on social media.

In the meantime, you can catch Ilhan at the next transgender dance party:

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As a fellow Somali person and more especially a Muslim, I find this utterly despicable. She has no place in our community. SHAME.


She is disgusting


“Yet, we see major American Muslim organizations continue to support her.”

Aren’t many of these organisations “controlled opposition” themselves? Seems like they’ve been infiltrated and compromised.

Abo AbduAllah

What? wow.
Is she really A Muslim?

Twit Junkie

She is a Zionist shill

Muhammad Hussain

It was a matter of time before she turned on her own people. Money and keeping her position is more important than what happens to the Palestinians. She is also hypocritical on many issues and judging by her personal life, how she has been behaving, it’s not a surprise how she is conducting herself in public with support for Israel.