Low-Caste 9-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Gangraped, Cremated by Hindu Priest

This is truly horrifying.


A nine-year-old girl belonging to India’s marginalised Dalit community has been gang-raped, murdered and forcibly cremated in capital New Delhi, her family alleges.

The gruesome incident sparked a fourth day of protests in the city on Wednesday, in the latest case of sexual violence targeting the former “untouchable” community, which falls at the bottom of India’s complex caste hierarchy.

Extremely gruesome.

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The girl’s family alleges a Hindu priest working at a local crematorium and his associates raped her and then cremated her body without their approval on Sunday.

The girl, who cannot be identified as per Indian law, had gone to get drinking water from a water cooler at the crematorium, her mother told Al Jazeera on Wednesday.

“Her father had gone to the market to buy vegetables. An hour passed but she did not return and I got anxious. So I rushed to the crematorium where the priest told me: ‘Your daughter is dead,’” she said.

“I was shocked and asked the priest to tell me how my daughter could die. I told him I wanted to take her to the police station and hospital but he refused, saying, ‘Don’t do that. I will give you money but let’s settle the matter here. You will not be able to fight the case.’”

The girl’s mother said Radhey Shyam, the 55-year-old priest, told her that her daughter died of electrocution while filling the water.

“But I felt he was lying,” she told Al Jazeera. She insisted on seeing her daughter’s body.

“She was lying lifeless,” recounted the mother, her voice breaking. “There were bruises on her body, her face was pale and her clothes were wet.”

The priest and his associates, meanwhile, locked the gates of the crematorium and forcibly cremated the girl’s body, despite protests from the helpless mother.

The Hindu priest confessed.

As soon as word of the incident spread, the girl’s father and their neighbours rushed to the crematorium. They caught the priest and the three others, who, according to local media reports, confessed to raping the young girl.

The Dalit class has been protesting their terrible treatment by other Hindus, but very little has changed for them in India.

This is because the source of the problem is Hinduism itself, which glorifies rape in its “sacred” scriptures.

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When the gods of a religion are depicted as committing immoral acts such as rape, what can we expect from the followers of that religion?

Some estimates claim that a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes. Others estimate every 15 minutes.

The Dalit caste is usually the targets of these acts of lust and this is because Hinduism considers Dalits as subhuman chattel.

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Modernist Hindus have been working very hard on social media to whitewash these major aspects of the Hindu faith, using bizarre word games to obscure what is obvious to all.

Maybe these modernists should spend less time whitewashing Hindu scripture and more time preventing their Hindutva brethren and priests from gangraping children.

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