UK: Anti-Vaccine Protestors Storm BBC Headquarters

Massive protests against lockdowns and mandatory vaccination continue to rock Europe.

The latest incident involved the storming of BBC studios and a confrontation with police.

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Protesters shouted “Shame on you!” at police who blocked their path.

The sheer scale of protests all across Europe dwarfs anything seen in recent decades on the continent. People are extremely angry at what they have been subjected to since the Spring of 2020 and what the European governments now are mandating with further lockdowns and further restrictions with no end in sight.

Apparently, people will tolerate the complete dismantling of their society for one year or so. But any longer than that, they start getting very angry.

What is most surprising is that the millions of protestors filling the streets across Europe don’t realize that the most deadly virus in history is out and about. Where is their crippling fear of certain death? Where is the sheer terror of virus that would compel any reasonable person to stay locked indoors for months on end and allow experimental substances to be injected into his body?

Don’t these people watch the news?!

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Bernardo Coronado

we need a database of no mask masjids. this is ridiculous

Wee Jim

In fact, with the acumen they usually show, the protestors invaded a building the BBC left and sold nearly ten years ago.