“US Occupation Was a Blessing for Afghanistan” and Other Stupid Lies

While the media are already predicting the American defeat in Afghanistan, it is time for them to use their last strategy: pro-American propaganda. 

The human toll in Afghanistan is disastrous: 241,000 dead since 2001, 2.6 million of refugees, more than 2 billions dollars spent by the US. 

Is there anything good to come out of this 20-years long war? 

CBS News:

Afghan educators and students hope the American support of education in Afghanistan does not end with the military withdrawal.

Literacy rates for Afghans 15 and older have increased from 31.4% in 2011 to 43% in 2018, according to the World Bank. 

USAID reports that since 2001, student enrollment grew from 900,000 male students to more than 9.5 million students, 39% of whom are girls, in 2020.

Reading this, one thinks that the social progress made thanks to the Americans is huge. Does this confirm that the American presence in Afghanistan was overall beneficial? But as usual, there is a catch. Muslims need to be careful with this kind of discourse and understand where the trap is. 

The same type of argument was used by France concerning Algeria. According to some, the “indigénistes” (i.e., those who defend the mixing of cultures and who fight against colonial history) are ungrateful because French presence in Algeria allowed for the construction of roads, railroads, and infrastructures. 

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They forget to mention that it was France itself that caused Algeria to fall behind the rest of the world by making it suffer occupation and genocide right at the time of the Industrial Revolution. 

The same can be said of the rest of the countries of the Middle East, which were attacked, beaten, and colonized by the West.

Afghanistan is a former British colony and owes many of its problems to them. It is easy after that for the West to come and inject money to solve some of the problems and pretend to be a savior. 

Should the opening of universities and a few schools make us forget the murders, the rapes, the theft? 

We must also ask the question: What are the intentions of the USA behind all this “progress”? We live in a global world, and in this context the support of the international community is key, especially in war situations. 

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Injecting money into society is also a way to divide the population, to make the American presence desirable for some. 

In short, it is the art of war. 

That being said, let’s now look at what kind of education we’re talking about: 

“Two decades have passed since the Americans came to Afghanistan, and we have been introduced to certain concepts that are now part of our lives- women’s rights, human rights, freedom of speech,” said Omar Sharifi, assistant professor of social sciences and humanities at AUAF. 

Sharifi believes these concepts have become a reality of everyday life regardless of American physical presence. 

Spending billions to make the Afghan population more liberal, more feminist, less traditional, is not what I call doing a service. 

On the contrary, we are not dealing with a charitable act here. This is their dawah. They spend billions on preaching to ensure the supremacy of their liberal and materialistic dogma. 

You have to be naive to think that these reforms have nothing to do with the fight against the Islam, which is precisely traditional, anti-feminist, and against the Western conception of human rights. 

Let’s just say that the conflict of interest is clear. A more liberal population is a population more against Islam and more in favor of Western occupation. 

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The US was not there to help. They were at war, and they were attacking Muslims in all aspects: Militarily and culturally. It is the latter that was probably the most frightening. 

The decisive argument that proves what I am saying is that most countries are thinking of stopping international aid due to the Taliban taking over and implementing Shariah. Why? If all that matters to these vigilantes is the welfare of the Afghan people, why not continue to help the country’s economy so that they can create schools and infrastructure? 


The aid dependency is striking. In 2019, World Bank figures show development aid was equivalent to 22% of gross national income (which is not the same as GDP, but close to it).

That is a high figure, but it is down a long way from the 49% the World Bank reported 10 years earlier.

Now those aid flows are under a cloud of profound uncertainty. German Foreign Minister Heike Maas told the broadcaster ZDF last week: “We will not give another cent if the Taliban takes over the country and introduces Sharia law.

Can’t the Taliban teach people reading and mathematics? Wasn’t education and welfare so important to these Western saviors? Guess not.

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Their intent behind the education of girls isn’t social progress, it’s about bringing down the fertility rate and changing the demographics. Since the invasion 20 years ago Afghanistan birth rate has been cut in half. It was 8 children per woman now it’s 4.

“Afghanistan’s fertility rate, one of the world’s highest before the fall of the Taliban, is plummeting in a concrete accomplishment of a decade-long U.S. campaign to improve the well-being of Afghan women.

The average number of children Afghan women can expect to have in their lifetime fell from 8 in the 1990s to 6.3 in the mid-2000s and to 5.1 at the end of the decade, a USA TODAY analysis of birth data found.

The slide is especially significant considering that the Taliban did not allow girls to go to school, endorsed child brides and ignored women’s health care.

“You have basically a new generation of Afghan girls who are more likely to have delayed for a few years their marriage,” says Patrick Gerland, an analyst and demographer at the United Nations Population Division.

Experts say one reason for the drop is that the ouster of the Taliban was followed by a rise in aid from NATO countries that funded schools, maternal health, family planning services and birth control. Another is that the Taliban’s ban on schooling for girlswas lifted by the current government. As a result, more Afghan women are getting an education and jobs, factors that typically delay a woman’s decision to start a family.”



Non-liberal Mohammedan

Very good article!

Disclaimer: This comment is not talking about all liberals, or all people who subscribe to being left-leaning for that matter. This is specifically about the ideologues that are active, one way or another, in forcing their beliefs onto the Muslim community and/or the Islamic world.

This is indeed an ideological war apart from being a military war. Even lefties who like to claim that they champion religious freedoms are seething with rage right now, because THEIR war was lost in Afghanistan. These hypocrites love to bash on the military industrial complex while it does their bidding in the Islamic world. It was a win-win situation for them. Firstly, they got to gain political brownie points at home for posing as anti-war (while the less hypocritical right-wing got most of the blame for the violence). Secondly, they had disposable mercenaries who were using force to facilitate an ideological indoctrination of another nation that refused to swallow their liberal secular Kool-Aid willingly. They are violent predators, and this loss made their masks fall. Alhamdu lillah!

“Convert or die” is a principle held by liberals, not by Muslims! The only reason why these freaks (warmongering liberals) tolerate Muslims living in the West is because they believe that the next generations will be forcefully indoctrinated through cultural and institutional influence, such as through the school system and social media, etc. Kids are spending their most valuable hours of the day in the school system, and when they are at home, they use platforms (to be able to communicate or play with their friends) that unashamedly promote Zina and homosexuality. Examples of such platforms are Discord and TikTok. In some Western countries, home-schooling is effectively banned, and thus if parents refuse to take their kids to school, the state can use violence to force them to, or kidnap the children and force them to live in their dysfunctional foster-care system. This is why they have patience, absolutely disgusting.