Dalia Mogahed vs. The Taliban: Who Understands Islam Better?

It’s not surprising that Dalia Mogahed — sister of Almaghrib Institute’s Yasmin Mogahed — would come out with trash takes on Afghanistan. She is, after all, a liberal feminist and an advisor to both Yaqeen Institute and Yasir Qadhi‘s Islamic Seminary of America.

But more than that, she also served as an advisor to Barack Obama in his “White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.” Nobel Prize winner Obama was the one who expanded the US occupation in Afghanistan and made the war more explicitly about “women’s rights.” It was hard for Obama to maintain his image as the peaceful, Muslim-friendly president while he was bombing and droning and occupying Afghanistan for eight years. But if all that death and destruction was really about “Those poor Afghan women!” then maybe liberals like Mogahed could sleep better at night.

Let’s not forget Mogahed’s role in the Obama administration helping develop the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, which targeted conservative Muslims as potential terrorists. For years, Mogahed pushed this government program onto the Muslim community through her ISPU and through her work with the Department of Homeland Security and the Aspen Institute.

To read more about Mogahed’s history working with and for such despicable organizations against the Muslim community, read our report here.

Now, right on cue, Mogahed wants you to know that the Taliban doesn’t understand Sharia.

In a recent op-ed, she slams the Taliban as being “deviants” and a “militant group” that doesn’t understand true Islam.


Reports have emerged that Afghan women are being forced to marry Taliban fighters, quit their jobs and schooling, as well as endure public flogging.

Rather than call for expanding asylum programmes or even exerting political pressure on the Taliban to reform, right-wing politicians in Europe and the United States have instead weaponised the ongoing instability in this war-torn country to score political points against their Muslim citizens and immigration proponents.

Oh, are these “reports” verified, Dalia? Where are you getting your information? The same Zionist-aligned war mongers who pushed for 20 years of bloody occupation? Are those your sources?

Remember, Mogahed is a Democratic partisan stooge. She can only think and speak in terms of foreign policy talking points from the Democratic Party, so she reflexively blames the “right-wing politicians” for everything. But keep in mind that, since the Democratic and Republican Party establishments both represent the pro-war agenda of Israel, this means that Dalia is fully aligned with Zionists in decrying the “tragedy” of the US exiting Afghanistan in defeat.

What is so hypocritical about Mogahed is she does not acknowledge working for the Obama administration, i.e., the administration that extended and expanded the war. Where was Mogahed’s denunciation of Obama’s policy in Afghanistan? Where is Mogahed’s apology for working with a regime soaked in the blood of countless Muslims?

Why does Mogahed think she can pretend like she has no responsibility for any of that?

And now, she presumes to have the moral authority to lecture other Muslims about the country!

As Muslim citizens of Western nations, we have yet again found ourselves defending our community and faith against those wishing to exploit this tragedy to propagate Islamophobic tropes – the same tropes that were used to justify invading Afghanistan two decades ago.

So, Muslims taking back control of their land from a brutal occupying force is a “tragedy” according to Mogahed. As we saw over the past couple of weeks, her Simp Imam friends and supporters in the US certainly agree.

But it is funny how Mogahed is now complaining about “Islamophobic tropes” that were “used to justify invading Afghanistan.”

Wasn’t one of the main tropes the idea that Muslim women are being abused and oppressed by religiously conservative Muslim men? Wasn’t that, in fact, the main justification used by both Bush and Obama to continue their 20 year war on the Taliban?

And isn’t that the same trope you, Dalia Mogahed, are trotting out again in this article?

SubhanAllah, the lack of self awareness from this shill is mind boggling.

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So let me be clear: The normative teachings of Islam are antithetical to the Taliban’s reported treatment of women.

The teachings of Islam, in all their diversity, encourage a woman’s spiritual aspirations absent an intercessor between her and God and define her identity as first and foremost a servant of The Divine, whose rights constitute a sacred covenant. In seventh-century Arabia, Islam’s advance took a woman from being treated as property to a fully independent agent who had control over her financial decisions and possessions and who had the right to choose to marry and divorce.

Wait a minute. Where in Islam are women described as “independent agents” who have “the right to choose to marry and divorce”?

In Islam, women do not have the independent choice to marry whomever they want. For a marriage to be valid, the woman’s wali (father or other male guardian) must agree to the marriage.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “There is no marriage without a wali.”

The four schools of fiqh agree on this and only within the Hanafi school, there is one opinion that, after puberty, a sane woman can get married without agreement from her wali. And even according to that opinion, the wali can raise objections to the marriage (on the basis of kafa’a, i.e., suitability).

So, the idea that Islam gives women carte blanche to marry whomever they want without any male involvement is demonstrably false, and Mogahed is misrepresenting Islamic teachings.

On the issue of divorce, Mogahed is also wrong. There is no such thing as a women’s right to divorce in Islam. No scholar of any school ever allowed this. Talaq is the exclusive right of the husband.

And, no, khul` is not “women’s divorce,” as Simp Imams and their institutes have been teaching.

False information from Yaqeen Institute. Women do not have the right to divorce through khul` because the husband has to agree. If the husband does not agree, then no divorce takes place, no matter how much the wife insists. Maybe Yaqeen’s advisor, Dalia, is pushing them to spread these lies about Islam.

Feminists like Mogahed have to spread these lies and misrepresent Islam because, if they didn’t, it would be clear to all how antithetical to feminism Islam really is.

What about women’s employment? From the first generation of believers, women served as everything, from medical workers to warriors. For example, Rufaida Al-Aslamia was a surgeon recognised by the Prophet for her care for the wounded, her training of other women as nurses, and her role in establishing the first field hospital for the community. Nusaybah bint Ka’ab was known as the “Prophet’s shield” for defending him in battle, even when many men fled.

When are these feminists going to drop this stupid argument?

Yes, there are examples of female Companions helping in war. But those examples were either before the command of hijab OR they were in defensive battles, where the Muslims faced an existential threat and literally, everyone, male, female, even children, were needed to survive the attack of the kuffar. To take the women in those dire situations of life and death as an example of “women’s employment” is ludicrous.

For more on debunking this feminist nonsense, see these articles:

Muslim Activists Push Toxic Feminism: The War Against Motherhood

The Basis for Gender Separation in Islam

The Myth of the Strong, Independent Woman

Islam’s teachings also emphasise the importance of seeking knowledge, for both men and women. In fact, the first known university in the world, the University of al-Qarawiyyin in the Moroccan city of Fez, was founded more than 1,000 years ago by Fatima al-Fihri, a Muslim woman. It is the oldest existing and continually operating educational institution in the world.

Where does Islam emphasize “the importance of seeking” the Western-style education that the US has been pushing onto Afghanistan and the Muslim world? Did University of al-Qarawiyyin teach women how to be strong, empowered career women who challenge the patriarchy?

Mogahed is again deliberately conflating two very different things. Yes, there are examples of a minority of women learning Quran and pursuing Islamic knowledge in pre-modern Islamic history. But even they were not the norm. To take those exceptional examples to argue that, therefore, Islam encourages all Muslim women to pursue secular, career-oriented education is blatantly dishonest.

What makes Mogahed’s call to education especially suspect is that the Western imperial machine has admitted that pushing women’s education and feminism is their strategy for “winning hearts and minds” and making the Muslim world more accepting of Western occupation and control. Pushing feminism is also used to reduce the opposition from Western populations to the “forever wars” in the Middle East.

Mogahed is basically doing this work with her article.

By the way, this education-fetish of the West is something Muslims really need to deconstruct and reject. “Education” in the Western secular sense is not something we need to be encouraging Muslims, and especially our daughters, to pursue. For more explanation on this, see this article:

The Perils of “Educating” Our Daughters

Four years ago, while on a speaking tour of the United Kingdom, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Professor Mohammad Akram Nadwi, who authored an encyclopaedia of the Muhaddithat, the female scholars of Hadith, Islam’s collection of prophetic narrations.

He told me he had set out to write a short book about what he thought would be a handful of female Hadith scholars, and ended up completing 57 volumes (which he had to condense to 40 for publication) on about 9,000 of them. He continues his research and says there are thousands more women he could write about. I learned from him that many of the scholars we consider the pillars of our tradition had female teachers (not just students).

Interesting how all the feminists and simps are quick to reference their good buddy Akram Nadwi, who misrepresents and distorts the image of women historically in Muslim society to suit his feminist fans.

Hmm… I wonder why all the feminists and simps cite Akram Nadwi? It is a mystery indeed.

And yet these realities stand in sharp contrast to the image of Muslim women in the popular imagination, an imagination easily persuaded that the Taliban represents Islamic devotion, not deviance, in its treatment of women.

The Taliban represents “deviance,” according to Mogahed, whereas Mogahed herself represents…what? Super deviance?

Mogahed’s understanding of what is deviant or not is quite confused. After all, she thinks the openly lesbian, fornicating women at “Muslim Girl” are true role models for the Muslim community. And then when we called out her support of these fussaq, Mogahed had the audacity to double down!

READ: Dalia Mogahed’s Response to Our MuslimGirl Article: Touting ISPU’s Pro-LGBT Advocacy

Western political figures have long instrumentalised the image of the oppressed Muslim woman in need of Western saviours to justify European, and then later American invasion and exploitation of Muslim lands. While this tendency can be traced back to the Crusades, in the modern context, it takes the form of biased media coverage of Muslim women.


This whole article is about how the Taliban is misusing the Sharia to oppress Muslim women! How can she complain about the media using this trope when she is using it herself in the very same article??

Also, notice how Mogahed fails to mention how one of the biggest “Western political figures” who perpetuated US invasion and exploitation of Muslim lands on the basis of “oh no wahman!” was her old boss, Barack.

How slimy can Mogahed get?

Even when their lived realities are similar, Muslim women are depicted as more mistreated than their counterparts of other faiths, reproducing the false notion that misogyny is exceptionally and inherently Muslim.

Yes, Islam is more “misogynistic.” Time for Muslims to fully embrace this. We are 100% “misogynistic.” Why deny it? What the West considers “misogyny” is really just wisdom and sheer brilliance, so Muslims can stop apologizing for it.

  • Not giving women the independent right to marry and divorce is genius.
  • Not allowing women to have political leadership positions or generally be involved in war and political matters is wisdom.
  • Teaching our daughters to prioritize being good obedient wives is brilliant.
  • Enforcing hijab and modesty on all society is 1000 IQ.
  • Polygyny is wicked smart.
  • Encouraging women to get married young and have as many children as possible rather than pursue education/career is quite clever.

Obviously, other religions don’t have this “misogyny” because other religions all bowed down to liberal feminist global hegemony. That’s what false religions tend to do: bow down to falsehood.

We must become critical consumers of information, questioning double standards and challenging bias, and not allow anyone to use the actions of a militant group to propagate bigotry. This is the only way we will truly stand with the Afghan people, women and men, who must lead any effort to support them.

So the Afghan people must lead, right Dalia?

Well, the Afghan people have decided they want the Taliban. Only the sell outs and diaspora folks, many of whom became millionaires by working for the US occupation, oppose the Taliban, mostly because it cuts into their profits.

Furthermore, Dalia, why don’t you acknowledge that the feminist gender garbage you’re pushing was roundly rejected by the Afghan people? The policy establishment has acknowledged that 20 years of trying to get Afghans to accept feminism and gender equality was a complete and abject failure.

No one in Afghanistan is interested in their sisters, daughters, and wives becoming Ilhan Omar or Linda Sarsour or Dalia Mogahed clones destroying their society.

So, in sum, why are you still trotting out this nonsense? Why can’t you take the hint: Feminism has failed. It can only be jammed down Muslim throats via a trillion dollar military occupation and even then, it’s a big flop that got immediately flushed down the toilet.

Hopefully your career as a native informant — i.e., brown person who justifies Western imperialism in all its forms against your own people — is soon to follow.

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I’m a little confused, Is the taliban good for Afghanistan? Are they not a terrorist group?

Zaid Diaz

Taliban ain’t terrorists.


Brilliant article. Simply brilliant. 👏👏👏

Armand Anwari

Brother Daniel
“Not allowing women to have political leadership positions or generally be involved in war and political matters is wisdom.”
“Encouraging women to get married young and have as many children as possible rather than pursue education/career is quite clever.”
Why do you say that? Aren’t muslim women allowed to work and pursue an education?


Depends on the circumstances and the type of work that is pursued. The asl (de facto position) in the Sharia is that women should stay at home and the man being responsible for going out and earning a living.

This careerism that has infected many women has caused them to delay marriage to an advanced age, severely limit the amount of children they birth…and when they eventually do marry neglect their duties at home and towards their husband. Causing insanely high divorce rates…which cause broken homes…which causes dysfunctional children…and eventually a corrupt society (see for instance youth delinquency rates among this demographic). All in all: women working outside the home is very problematic causing many personal and societal issues. The cons by far outweigh the pros.

Abu Hurira

Because Dalia Mogahed is brown and has a headscarf, she can use her “Muslim identity” to validate her opinions on Islam and Muslims. The same applies to brown people with beards who identify as Muslims like Yasir Qadhi.

Zaid Diaz

Dalia and Yasmin Mogahed come from Egypt. Are Egyptians considered brown? Yasir Qadhi has Pakistani origins so he is brown.

S Siddiqi

Feminism has not only failed, it is doing harm to society. In Pakistan, we see a rash in brazen, public sexual assaults. This is a new development. Feminists and their “allies”, (like English-language news papers such as Dawn), have been bashing traditional Islamic values, vilifying it. They have convinced portion of the youth that such values are out of place, a “joke”, nothing to take seriously. However, the Feminist agenda cannot control what the youth replace traditional values with, no matter how much they think otherwise. Enter, modern era “bro culture”. A western import, all wrapped up in modernity no less. Feminists yelp when we want to respect women as mothers, sisters and wives. Fine. How about hyper-sexualized objects of conquest? And somehow in their twisted narratives, the respect we want to show is oppressive, and itself hypersexualized.

In the case of the Taliban, we see something even more sinister. We see the weaponization of feminism, with feminists complicit, to attack an entire people. This is not to say the Taliban are perfect, but it is what it is.


“harm” is an understatement. Feminism will destroy any society that doesn’t deal with it properly. Feminism’s expressed goal is the dismantlement of the traditional family. In its place comes an extensive wellfare state financed overwhelmingly through the taxation of men. Effectively making men workhorses and tax slaves without any authority.

All of this is diametrically opposite to Islam. And quite frankly it’s arguably the most retard of secular ideas. Which says a lot because secular ideas are innately retarded.


There are ikhtilaf within the Hanafi madhab that women can marry whoever they want without wali and the Shafi madhab says we can eat animals that haven’t undergone ritual slaughter as long as we say Bismillah everytime we eat food.


“What we so often forget is that God has honored the woman by giving her value in relation to God—not in relation to men. But as Western feminism erases God from the scene, there is no standard left—except men. As a result, the Western feminist is forced to find her value in relation to a man. And in so doing, she has accepted a faulty assumption. She has accepted that man is the standard, and thus a woman can never be a full human being until she becomes just like a man” Her full quote is onlin


A bit confusing, this article could be worded better but the message gets across. I reject feminism and meninism but I do like Yasmin Mogahed and her points/ the way she gives dawah. I did not know she was a Muslim femisnist and I still dont think she is. 1 quote she gives is(this is in another comment)


You took the words out of my mouth. Fantastic Article! If only people took seriously the hadith that in the end times, the only people to support Isa AS, will be those from Khorasan, which today is Afghanistan.