Violence and Murder by Hindu Gods in Hindu Scriptures

Apart from committing rape and engaging in other such acts, Hindu gods are depicted in Hindu scripture as committing murder and matricide.

Hindu gods are depicted in books and online as weapon-wielding fierce figures. Whilst the media goes into a frenzy every now and then about ‘Mozlems’ and their “violence,” we find hardly any mention of the Hindutva mobs terrorizing innocent men, women, and children. Burning their homes and committing sexual assaults.

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The irony is those who claim, “Hinduism is a peaceful religion, you don’t understand, Read in the proper context.”

Let us study a few examples of the many Hindu gods and their violence against innocent people.


Matsya Purana 178.6-22 ”He is my enemy. He is the destroyer of my elders, He lived in the oceans, destroyed the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. It can be said that as long as he lives, the war between us will not end. There will be a most fearful fight between Him and me. He has killed many demons in this battle. He is very cruel. He has not shown His clemency even to the children and the woman of the demons killed. He is shameless. He is Visnu. He is the heaven of the Devas. He sleeps on the Sesa serpent…”

Matsya Purana Part I, 47.101-105 “At that, both Indra and Visnu were overcome with fear and began to contrive some means of escape. Visnu said to Indra:- ‘How shall we escape from her?’ Indra replied:- ‘Lord! kill her before she consumed me. I am solely protected by you, destroy her soon without delay.’ Visnu thought over the great sin of killing a woman, in spite of that, he took up his Sudarsana Chakra to free Himself from that impending calamity. Trembling with fear, on thinking over the consequences of her anger and being afraid of the consequences of His own wrath, He severed her head with His Chakra. The sage Bhrigu then cursed Visnu for killing his wife.

Parashurama: Avatar of Vishnu

Mahabharata Vana Parva 3.116 “And then Rama, the slayer of hostile heroes, came to the hermitage, last of all. Him the mighty-armed Jamadagni, of great austerities, addressed, saying, ‘Kill this wicked mother of thine, without compunction, O my son.’ Thereupon Rama immediately took up an axe and therewith severed his mother’s head.”


Srimad Bhagavatam 10.41.36-37 “Fools, get out of here quickly! Don’t beg like this if You want to stay alive. When someone is too bold, the King’s men arrest him and kill him and take all his property. As the washerman thus spoke brazenly, the son of Devaki became angry, and then merely with His fingertips He separated the man’s head from his body.”


Ramayana of Valmiki, Uttara Kanda 7, Chapter 75-76 ”On this that Prince born of Raghu approached the one who had given himself up to rigorous practices and said:- ”Blessed art thou, O Ascetic, who art faithful to thy vows! From what caste art thou sprung, O Thou who hast grown old in mortification and who art established in heroism. I am interested in this matter, I Rama, the son of Dasaratha. What purpose hast thou in view? Is it heaven or some other object? What boon dost thou seek by means of this hard penance? I wish to know what thou desirest in performing these austerities, O Ascetic. May prosperity attend thee! Art thou a brahmin? Art thou an invincible Kshatriya? Art thou a Vaishya, one of the third caste or art thou a Shudra? Answer me truthfully!”…Hearing the words of Rama of imperishable exploits, that ascetic, his head still hanging downwards, answered:- ”O Rama, I was born of a Shudra alliance and I am performing this rigorous penance in order to acquire the status of a God in this body. I am not telling a lie, O Rama, I wish to attain the Celestial Region. Know that I am a Shudra and my name is Shambuka.” As he was yet speaking, Raghava, drawing his brilliant and stainless sword from its scabbard, cut off his head. The Shudra being slain, all the Gods and their leaders with Agni’s followers, cried out, ”Well done! Well done!” overwhelming Rama with praise, and a rain of celestial flowers of divine fragrance fell on all sides, scattered by Vayu.


Vayu Purana I.58.76-83 “He will be called Pramiti. He was born of a part of Visnu formerly in the Svayambhuva Manvantara. He wandered over the earth for full twenty years. He led an army consisting of cavalry, chariots and elephants. He was surrounded by hundreds and thousands of Brahmanas armed with weapons. He killed Mlecchas in thousands. He went everywhere. After killing the kings born of Sudra women, he exterminated the heretics. He killed thousands of persons who were not religious and righteous. He killed those born of mixed castes as well as those who depended on them. He killed the Udicyas (northerners), Madya Desyas (people of the Middle Land), mountain-dwellers, easterners, westerners, dwellers in Vindhya and Aparanta. He killed the southerners, Dravidas, Simhalas, Gandharas, Paradas, Pahlavas, Yavanas, Tusaras, Barbaras, Cinas, Sulikas, Daradas, Khasas, Lampakas, Ketas, and the different tribes of Kratas.”

Reading such graphic acts of violence against women and children, even in context is quite frankly horrific.

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But the larger point is, why would a god need to murder? If gods are so powerful, why do they have to resort to these very human-like behaviors against their enemies? These gods behave like humans, not even particularly good or moral humans. So who would be inspired to worship such weak, petty gods? Who would be inspired to dedicate their lives to such deities?

It defies all common sense.


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