Blackouts in Kashmir After Death of Kashmiri Separatist

India has implemented blackouts today in Kashmir, in order to cut off communication amongst locals and preempt any potential demonstrations that could arise due to the recent death of Kashmiri separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani. The 92-year-old fought for most of his life for a Kashmir free from Indian rule (he tended toward the idea of union with Pakistan[1]), even being put under house arrest for more than ten years. He died late Wednesday, September 1.

Even in death, the Indian government was not willing to grant Kashmiris “permission” to mourn, to the extent that not even the family was present for the burial.

The AP reports that while Kashmiris had wanted to bury Geelani according to his will, i.e. in a martyr’s cemetery in Srinagar, the authorities seized his body. Geelani’s son stated:

“‘They snatched his body and forcibly buried him. Nobody from the family was present for his burial. We tried to resist but they overpowered us and even scuffled with women.’”

Unfortunately, none of this is surprising.

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The Indian government has been acting in Kashmir with brutality and impunity basically since partition (1947).[2] An economically and strategically important area, India has had to find ways to maintain the territory despite the will of its Muslim majority. This has included the more recent action of revoking Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which gave Kashmir considerable autonomy, something that Modi’s Hindutva-embracing government could not tolerate. India has also allowed non-Kashmiris more opportunities to purchase land in Kashmir, a typical settler-colonial tactic, one that we see happening all the time in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The tactic of issuing blackouts like the one today is also a common strategy used by India in Kashmir.

While often making less noise in international news, Kashmir continues to suffer at the hands of the Indian government, which seems to see Kashmiri lands as the priority and its people as an unfortunate burden that comes with that.


  1. Geelani was firm in his personal support of merging with Pakistan; it has been noted that he also “advocated for Kashmiri peoples’ right to self-determination.
  2. See, for example, page 14 here:
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  1. If you look at the map of India, not only do they claim Jammu and Kashmir, but they also claim Gilgit Baltistan which is in control of Pakistan, due to the princely state at the time wanting to join India. Ironically, India annexed Junagadh of Gujarat a majority Hindu territory whose Muslim ruler wanted to join Pakistan and Hyderabad Deccan another Hindu majoirty state whose rulers were muslim, which wanted to be independence. As you see, these Hindus are complete hypocrites for being angry at Pakistan who wanted to annex a Musilm majority state that was ruled by a Hindu who wished to join India.

    Pakistan does not put the Junagadh territory in its map, but India puts Gilgit Baltistan on its map. Maybe Pakistan should put the whole of India on its map because of India’s hypocracy.

    • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

      After about a weeks of total blackout, I can finally see the world again!

      You are right in everything you said except the part of Pakistan wanting to annex Kashmir. They never attacked or invaded Kashmir. It was the jammu massacre of muslims in 1947 in which the british loving hindu maharaja of kashmir wanting a hindu majority Kashmir killed 40%of the jammu muslims ruthlessly and bought the population from 70% in 1947 to 29%today.
      ((It was with the help of RSS and sikh volunteers.))
      ! Those who were successful in fleeing went to the newly formed Pakistan. And told their plight to the kabali tribe. A muslim warrior tribe of newly formed pakistan. It was only a matter of time that maharaja would do the same in Kashmir (we are 97% muslim), so to save us, those kabali tribals came to our rescue! They didn’t invade or anything their sole motive was to kill maharaja for his zulum!
      My great grandma saved so many non muslim women by giving them her own muslim attire!

      There is so much history to that! But I guess this is enough for now.


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