These Are Your Role Models, O Muslims!

Two Newsweek magazine covers. The one on the left is from 2012. The one on the right is from 2021.

Progress, right?

The US media has been manipulating the image of Muslims since 2001.

From 2001 to 2016, Muslims were deliberately depicted as raging, irrationally violent terrorists. Then in 2016, the most hated man in US politics, Trump, said, “Muslims are bad.” Well, the political and media establishment reflexively pushed the opposite of whatever Trump said. Which meant, Muslims are good now. So they made a complete 180 as if they hadn’t spent the past 15 years saying the same exact thing as Trump did about Muslims.

Since then, the media has promoted the most liberal brown people they can find, while patting themselves on the back for how tolerant, understanding, and un-Trump-like they are.

This is the type of “Muslim” they want us all to be.

In the middle of the picture, you find a black Qadiyani man, who is not even a Muslim, standing proudly with his Oscar, an award he won for depicting a gay man in a movie about gay people.

You have three politicians depicted.

Keith Ellison, a staunch defender of Israel who has spent his whole career in Congress voting for abortion, LGBT, and aid to Israel.

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Ilhan, the woman who dances in LGBT pride parades, introduced legislation to Congress condemning Islamic Law as “barbaric.” She also recently voted for unconditional aid to Israel.

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Rashida, also dances in LGBT pride parades, demands more trans people to be in the US military, and proudly declares “My Allah is a she.”

You also have failed “comedian” Hasan Minhaj, who is a passionate advocate for LGBT as well and scolded the Muslim community for being homophobic back in 2016. He also makes blasphemous jokes about Islam and doesn’t hesitate to make Muslims and Muslim culture the butt of his jokes. But that’s not racist in the least because he is brown.

Ramy, another “comedian” whose show depicts “Muslims” engaged in adultery in Ramadan and other gratuitous acts of perversion not worth mentioning here.

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And so on.

So, Muslims, these are your leaders and role models. The American ruling elite have proclaimed it.

What makes the situation frustrating is how much some religious Muslims love and admire these people. Do you know how many millions of dollars the American Muslim community, for example, has raised for Ellison, Rashida, and Ilhan?

Why? Why would religious Muslims promote their own antithesis? Why would religious Muslims give their stamp of approval to exactly the people who, if their children were to follow them, they would abandon Islam?

How does that make any sense?

The reality is, these figures have been and are currently being pushed onto the American Muslim community by certain celebrity imams and their orgs. I will name them:

Yasir Qadhi, Omar Suleiman, ISNA, MuslimMatters, ICNA/MAS, CAIR.

They are not the only ones, but they have been leading the charge. These are the parties who praise these politicians and tell the Muslim community to support them.

Yasir Qadhi, for example, was asked directly about his support for such politicians and activist fussaq in a Nov 2019 interview, and he declared:

“We, by in large, amongst our scholarly community, amongst the active duat, have taken a stance about specific individuals that it is not in our maslaha [best interest] to cut off from them.”

He uses the appropriate term here: cut off from them, implying that these fussaq and the “scholarly community” and “active duat” are one unit, one body with the likes of Ilhan, Rashida, Ellison, et al.

And this is absolutely true. And the record of speaking panels, fund raisers, joint events that Qadhi, Suleiman, et al., have done with these politicians is clear. We have documented it on this page and the MuslimSkeptic website for years now. And these “scholars” and their fanboys have smeared me personally and anyone else who opposes their project as being “extremist,” “neo-madkhali,” “kharijite,” “jahil,” that we just don’t have hikma, that we just don’t understand politics, etc., etc.

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The Muslim community in America needs to wake up.

Look at the cover on the right and ask yourself honestly: How did we get here? How is it that these have become “respected” figures and role models that are being praised and promoted by “religious” orgs and “scholars”?

We got here because we have been pushed and programmed slowly but deliberately. There are clear forces that want to transform the entire Ummah into what you see in that right cover.

And there are agents in the Muslim community who have been and are currently assisting in that project, despite claiming they are nothing but sincere servants of the community.

Wake up. Silence is not an option.

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Mohammad Ibrahim

I once asked a French girl to listen to Surah Al Fajr and she told me that it’s the best thing she has ever listened to.
It is an amazing article like always
I really don’t care how this media portray us. My time is short in this world and there is tooo much in me that needs to be corrected.
People are either gonna like us or dislike us. Those who like us we need to teach them more and more Islam with our character and knowledge and those who dislike us we need to have patience.
Allahu Alam


Quran 2:120


Mahershala Ali is a Qadiani not a Muslim
Ali Velshi a Shia Ismaili also not a Muslim
Hasan Minhaj is married to a Hindu and has a penchant for attacking traditional Muslim societies. Doubt his religious commitment.
All the women on the cover (with the exception of Ibtihaj Muhammad) are staunchly feminist.

They’re as Muslim as Donald Trump is African-American.


Btw, don’t forget this qa’edah that power corrupts. I assure you the situation in the east is minimally different.

The elite of the society of powerful politicians, media personalities, college professors, entertainers etc. including an increasing number of government or mainstream media funded “scholars” are similar zanadiqah, some maybe even a notch above them.

This is also one of the signs of the times, that the corrupt and inept will rise to the top whereas people with authentic deeni substance won’t.


Also a lot of such figures are funded not just by the west, but in fact the power houses of the east.


No DOUBT the men on the left original photo have more GHAYRAH and understanding of DEEN than the people on the right.

May Allah protect us from nifaq.
May Allah enable us to love Deen.
May Allah cleanse our hearts of hubb-e-dunya
May Allah save us from colonized mindset
May Allah enable us to be sincere
May Allah enable us to respect the real Muslims

Abdulbasit Oyefeso

May Allah bless you and reward you for all your work. You’ve done a lot for my iman. Can’t thank you enough. Alhamdulilah


It’s time that Conservative Muslims in the west like Daniel and readers here learn lessons from the Jewish community to save Conservative Islam before the state and Liberal mobs start persecuting Conservative Muslims for not being Liberal. The ultra-orthodox Jews in the west have made their own politically active ultra-orthodox Jewish community organizations and unions to preserve the rights of ultra-orthodox Jews and their Conservative traditional lifestyle, so that those ultra-orthodox Jews don’t get persecuted by the state or by secular liberal Jews. Its time that Daniel should make a similar organization. I suggest the name “North American Conservative Muslim Union” (NACMU). NACMU’s job is to engage with politicians and civil society and media to persuade them to avoid persecuting Conservative Muslims for not being Liberals, and manage or support NACMU-affiliated orthodox Muslim mosques, do advocacy or offer legal help for Conservative Muslims who are being sued for refusing to do Liberal things like baking gay wedding cakes, and help Conservative Muslims set up their own isolated insular communities similar to the Haredi Jewish neighbourhoods and Amish Christian villages. To avoid being legally banned outright, NACMU should also publicly say that they want to coexist peacefully with the secular liberals (i.e. Avoid getting into any violence or fighting against them) but while simultaneously refusing to be Liberal themselves, like how the ultra-orthodox Jews and secular liberal Jews have managed to coexist with each other while maintaining their different values and lifestyle. Or like how vegetarians and meat eaters coexist with each other while maintaining their different beliefs and diets. I know you don’t like the idea of coexisting peacefully with liberals, but considering the ground situation now, this is now an absolute necessity for Conservative Muslims to survive in North America, otherwise they will start a fascist crackdown on Conservative Muslims if you don’t act now to create NACMU.


The same thing here in Egypt