Regarding My Twitter Ban

I was banned from Twitter for the bottom tweet. I was defending a brother whose mother was being attacked. I simply stated what the punishment in Islamic law is for calling someone’s mother a whore. The hadd is mentioned in the Quran Surah 24:4.

The blacked out words are “simp” and “lashed.” Not quite as genocidal as the top tweet, but Twitter begs to differ.

Those who accuse the chaste women (of fornication), but they do not produce four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes and do not accept their any evidence any more. They are the sinners.

Note that the guy who accused another person’s mother of being a prostitute was also not banned.


Now compare my tweet to another tweet made just last week by a conservative pundit where he expresses genocide against Afghanistan. He was not banned for this tweet.

I am not an advocate of free speech. I don’t believe in the principle and I think it is an incoherent standard. But it is important to point out the hypocrisy of the West, as I have often done.

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They claim to be open to ideas, open to disagreement. They claim to believe in the “right to offend” and the “right to insult.”

But they don’t allow Muslims to speak back. Not only do they not allow Muslims to insult back or offend back, they don’t even allow Muslims to teach their own Islamic values or even cite certain verses of the Quran or hadith in a normative way.

Over the past few weeks, Hindutva, Agha Khanis, Christians, Zionists, murtads, Muslim feminists, reformists, and fussaq were getting very agitated with the work we are doing at MuslimSkeptic.

These people cannot respond to our critiques. So they have been celebrating this ban. They seem to think that this means they are off the hook.

Far from it.

Look, I have been expecting bans and knew it was a matter of time. Clearly, they were looking for any excuse to close my account.

The reality is, all the Big Tech companies are controlled by the same group of interests, and they are not sympathetic to Islam and they are not willing to let anyone who strongly critics the secular liberal establishment speak freely.

They can’t allow an open discussion and debate because they know they will lose.

So they ban.

And the only way Muslims can reach major levels of popularity on these platforms is by self-censoring, by avoiding certain teachings of Islam, by avoiding certain ayat of the Quran. They are not fooling anyone but themselves.

But alhamdulillah there are other options online. This is why we have put so much effort into building We are only expanding our efforts and providing more and more resources to fight against the modernist onslaught.

MuslimSkeptic is not going away inshaAllah.

The way Big Tech is going, further bans are possible, maybe inevitable, so I encourage my followers to subscribe to the MuslimSkeptic newsletter if you haven’t already.

Keep visiting this site.

And stay tuned for some very big announcements…

You can also follow me on Telegram, which is a good platform and seems less restrictive at the moment.

If you would like to help us in our efforts, your dua and your contributions make a big difference.

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Salam Daniel, thanks for your important work and we keep you and your team in our dua’s.

Cuckservatives have their media (breitbart, daily wire, daily caller etc.)

Libtards have their media (new york times, washington post, huffington etc.)

We Muslims also need such webportals, that expose and talk about secularist terrorism, advocate for return of Khilafa, expose libtards, deviants, their scandals and corruptions etc.

It would be great if u could gather brothers who would engage in making such a project (in the best case scenario inshAllah make a multilingual webportal, in Arabic, Indonesian, Urdu, persian etc.)


The MeToo Mufti Nana was rejoicing along with the modernists and qadianis because of your article about his behaviour being a lashable crime in Islam. Instead of owning up and repenting he doubled down. I guess he thinks he’s above the shariah. SMH


These kuffar are such hypocrites when it comes to calls of violence, genocide, and all of that garbage against muslims. These same filthy kuffar who were claiming to hElP aFgHaNiStAn FrOm TeRrOrIsTs have always made jokes about committing genocide on a nation that was ruined by filthy atheist communists secularists, their brothers in ideology, in the first place. If you makes jokes like this about other certain groups of people, see what happens.

Another example that I have experienced in the website Reddit, where those stupid LGBT supporting kuffar who pretend to care about muslims (when they clearly only want to corrupt us and force us into their filthy LGBT ideology) do nothing about subreddits and users who make jokes, celebrate the murder of Muslims in Syria, and all of this garbage, and ban us and delete our comments when we insult them back for calling for the murder of Muslims, filthy hindutva who call for genocide of muslims, which according to their logic is hate speech worse than calling a trans “woman” a man, yet the only things they seem to care about in banning things that slightly criticize the LGBT movement, like radical feminists, conservatives, trump supporters, so in other words, just their political enemies, anyone who has “wrong think”, not people who call for genocide and violence against people even they considered oppressed.

What is really funny is how these woke transgender Reddit moderators and admins have been exposed as a bunch of sexual perverts, boy lovers, child groomers, etc, like Aimee Challenor, not very different than the likes of Chris Chan.

May Allah cause ruin and expose these woke hypocritical LGBT supporting freaks who pretend to care about Muslims and then stab us in the back.

May Allah protect the Muslim youth from these sexual perverted freaks.


Relax guys. It’s the oldest trick in the book by deviants and kuffar.

Silence the voice that rises against them. Scholars and Muslims have been poisoned for speaking the truth.

Yes, we do need our own version of Breitbart, and our own versions of facebook and twitter.

I don’t thing owning your domain is very foolproof either, although it is harder to ban. They could easily swallow that too if they really are out to get you. But Allah Helps those He Wills.