‘Ubaydullah Al-Mahdi – The First Isma’ili Caliph and the Fatimid Atrocities

The Fātimid State was established in 296 AH, corresponding to 909 CE in North Africa by the Shi’ite, ‘Ubaydullāh. He ruled for ten years, followed by the line of Fatimid Kings. He had initially concealed his Ismā’īlī beliefs and his lineage too.

The great Muhaddith, Dhahabī rahimahullāh, said:

‘According to the scholars, his father was not known. This is because when Sayyid Ibn Tabataba asked Al-Mu’izz, who was one of them, he said, “Tomorrow I shall tell you about it.” The next day, he heaped up a pile of gold and then pulled his sword halfway out of its scabbard and said, “This is my lineage.” He then instructed them to plunder the gold and said, “This is my noble descent.”

From this, we realize and understand that the claim to be of Fatimid lineage is a big problem. What was the need to hide his identity? Why the claim to Sayyidah Fatimah radiyallāhu ‘anhā?

Shaykh Tāhir Az-Zāwī rahimahullāh, the Muftī of Libya, has written:

‘He (‘Ubaydullāh) was the founder of the ‘Ubaydī State and the first of its rulers. He was of Iraqi origin; he was born in Kufa in 260 AH. He hid in the city of Salamiyah, the center of the Bātinī Ismā’īlīs in northern Syria. From the day he was born until he settled in Salamiyah, he was known by the name of Sa’īd Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullāh Ibn Maymūn Al-Qaddāh. It was in the region of Salamiyah, the focal point of the Ismā’īlīs, that ‘Alī Ibn Hasan Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ismā’īl Ibn Ja’far As-Sādiq had passed away, and the Ismā’īlīs built a shrine for him in secret. They decided to transfer the Imamate from the descendants of Ismā’īl Ibn Ja’far As-Sādiq to their son by means of a spiritual marriage.’

Subhānallāh, let us take a breath and analyze this text. We already know that the Fatimid claim is problematic. Now we learn that the Imamate was transferred, but, according to Shi’ite belief, the Imamate is divinely ordained? So, what exactly is going on here? Were the Shi’ites pulling the strings of deceit all along? It seems that using the lineage card, and that too, of the blessed daughter of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, was the trick that pulled in the support. If we look deeper, we come to know that the Shi’ites were doing the same thing repeatedly, chanting the āl al-bayt slogan for political ground, and in the process, wiping out Islām from the lives of people.

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When ‘Ubaydullāh entered Tunis, he openly reviled the Sahābah radiyallāhu ‘anhum and the wives of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. The Muslims in Kairouan faced persecution at the hands of the ‘Ubaydīs, i.e., those who laid claim to the Fatimid lineage and founded their Empire. It was a very difficult time for the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal Jamā’ah. They had to face the difficult sight of the heads of rams and donkeys hung at the doors of shops, with pieces of paper attached to them, on which was written the names of the Sahābah radiyallāhu ‘anhum. Anyone who spoke out or objected was killed and had their bodies mutilated.

Oppression in the name of the āl al-bayt is revolting at the least. But wait there, once they gained power, wasn’t the Shi’ite Mahdī supposed to emerge? So where is he?

May Allāh Ta’ālā bless us with steadfastness upon Islām and grant us the ability to see through the lies fed to us by the deviated. Āmīn

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Salāh Ad-Dīn Ayubī, Dr Ali Sallābī vol.1 pp.206-208

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Ashraf Ali

Masha Allah very good Article, shared on all our platforms of facebook,whatsapp,telegram.

John Doe

Informative and brief. Good work, may Allah reward you.


The Ubaidis were horrible people. I heard they were also the first people to celebrate the Mawlid. One of their leaders reportedly did something horrible involving a black slave raping people in the streets.

You see an interesting parallel today, with Iran and Syria under extreme Shia control and Palestine under Zionist control, back then Egypt was under Ismaili control and the crusades were occupying Sham. Salahuddeen destroyed the Ubaydi empire and later defeated the Crusades. I think this history tells us that in order to liberate Palestine we first must liberate Iran from the Rawafid, who have been exploiting the Zionist crimes in the muslim lands for their own benefit, they actually want to take over Makka and Medina, They don’t care about Palestinians, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza actually hate Shias, the actions of the Rawafid in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen has shown this. They are big liars who do taqiyya and hate Sunnis in reality. Don’t believe Shia lies.

Sunna Discourse has a great documentary exposing the Rawafid in Iran:


Also Shias in Iran hate their government, and many are abandoning shiism and becoming secular or becoming other thngs.

Also the first person with deviant Shia beliefs was Abdullah Ibn Saba’ was a Yemeni Jew.


Gosh, the secular tyrants of Iran are ready to go. Someone just need fund them. Iran is the very reason why ME is fucked secterian wise, someone need overthrow the Mutta Mullas