France Shuts Down Muslim Publishers – No “Free Speech” for Muslims

We are 6 months before the next French presidential election. It’s time for politicians to start their populist actions in order to get ballots. Sadly, Islam will probably be the main targets of these sociopath during these elections. Voting intention surveys indicate the popularity of the top candidates: 

  1. Emmanuel Macron (23%)
  2. Marine Le Pen (18%)
  3. Eric Zemmour (11%)

To give you an idea, Le Pen is the head of the far right party and she declared wanting to deal “brutally” with Islamism. Zemmour this week said that if he were elected, he would forbid parents to give Muslim names to their children. Last but not least we have Macron… You all know about his policies against Islam for the last 5 years. 

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Experts think that 30% of this election’s debate will be about security and another 30% will be about immigration. You know where this is going… 

Whoever wins the election, Islam in France will at best remain the same and most likely get worse. Of course, we will in sha Allah continue to cover these development on MuslimSkeptic. 

Censoring Muslims Once Again

This week, Gerald ‘Musa’ Darmanin, French interior minister, announced his intention to close Nawa Publishing, a French Islamic publishing house.

To be fair, everything was not perfect with Nawa Publishing, but it was probably the only French Islamic publishing company that regularly published societal critiques of France through an Islamic academic lens. They also had books that openly defended Sharia law against human rights fundamentalism.

This triggered Macron’s wrath. 

As usual, the official justifications show their hypocrisy.

Europe 1

Gérald Darmanin talks about incitement to hatred and discrimination. In this document that Europe 1 was able to consult, the minister writes about a book signed by the vice-president of Nawa: “This work legitimizes the use of stoning in case of homosexual relations”. Stoning is also recommended “for adulterous women.”

Other publications translated by Sami Mlaiki, the president of the association himself, also defend “the killing as well as the violence against people who refuse to pray and repent.” In the same vein, the Minister of the Interior refers to the publication of anti-Semitic books, inciting the murder and extermination of Jews.

We often hear that censorship is pointless and evil because free speech recognizes that people are fundamentally rational and, therefore, they will eventually see through bad speech in order to arrive at the truth. If we constrain free speech, it is claimed, then true ideas potentially can be blocked and society will ultimately suffer.

Yet, France is scared of any serious defense of Sharia and wants to prevent people from being exposed to it. If this is true, why are so many young people “indoctrinated” and “radicalized” by these “barbaric” Islamic practices and ideologies? Why has the French government put so much money into prevention programs if no sane mind can be convinced by such arguments?

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A similar debate occurred in France regarding the publication of Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler. Many argued that it was dangerous to allow such a book, when others thought that there was no risk. At the end, they published an annotated version clarifying for the reader what to think of the text. Why go to that extent if it is so clear that French Republic values are blatantly true in such a way that all sane minds could immediately recognize?

At some point, Darmanin also accused Nawa Publishing of defending the death penalty. Does this mean that France will also cut bonds with allied countries in which the death penalty is implemented, like the USA or Japan?

Darmanin also accused the publisher of having books calling for genocide of Jewish people. What is the proof of this? There is no textual proof of such calls being present in their books. To my knowledge, this is a blatant lie against Nawa Publishing and this was not written nor defended in any of their publications.

Another point raised by Gérald Darmanin is the promotion of acts of terrorism. He notes that Sami Mlaiki, the president of the association, clearly displays his commitment to promote jihad and terrorist organizations. The vice-president of the association moreover, still on the subject of jihad, speaks of a “duty of Muslims” and praises “death as a martyr” as well as “the creation of an Islamic state.”

[…] According to this confidential document, Sami Mlaiki evolves in a pro-jihadist environment. We learn, for example, that his father-in-law is one of the founders of the Islamist community of Artigat, from which came names well known to anti-terrorist services. The Merah brothers, Fabien Clain, Sabri Essid and Thomas Barnoin… People that Sami Mlaiki worships. Moreover, in March 2019, the latter wrote: “We can recognize the current jihadist organizations a certain talent to exhaust the Western war machine.”

Once again, where is the evidence of this? How can we trust a liar like Darmanin, who also thinks of the Quran itself as a pro-jihadist book of terrorism?

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Indeed, Darmanin already closed Islamic humanitarian associations in the past using such flimsy excuses. He shut down CCIF, for example, a jurist association that was founded to help people against islamophobia and that always defended a very liberal version of Islam. But not liberal enough, apparently.

The Macron government has done its best to attack all legal institutions that were openly contributing to any form of Islam as political activism. Legally the French government can do so without any recourse to higher independent institutions. In fact, Macron can do all this using only the State council, i.e., a government council that is not elected by people and that helped the state do whatever it unilaterally decided many times in the past. 

All in all, this makes these accusations by the Interior Minister very shallow, and even if they were true, these relations are not proof in itself that Nawa Publishing did take part in any terrorist activity or defended it. It seems that they are trying to fill a case against the publishing house to make people think that they are justified in their political actions. 

Look at this nonsense:

Finally, Sami Mlaiki does not hesitate to refer in his books and videos to the Al Qaeda flag, which he has reproduced on the back of several covers. It is therefore a very radicalized profile. And it is not excluded that after this dissolution, other associations promoting Islamism do not fall in turn in the target of the Minister of the Interior.

What they mean here is that there was the Shahada or the seal of the Prophet ﷺ on the cover of some of their books. These ignoramuses are still not understanding that the Shahada and the seal of the Prophet ﷺ are a sign of Islam, NOT Alqaeda or ISIS exclusively. 

Let’s recall that some police officers in the past wrongly thought that expressions like “Allah awnek,” etc., were only used by terrorists and spent time investigating people who used them. This sadly shows the level of incompetence of these authorities. In the meanwhile, French Muslims are the collateral victims of this stupidity. 

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It’s sad to see your Muslim brother need help, and you can’t help him.


It seems that French Muslims will soon become the new “Uyghurs of Europe”, if they are not so already.

Umar Al-muhandis

Efforts should be made to warn the Muslims of frankistan to leave and return to Thier lands or to in general safer and better Muslim countries if there’s is not suitable like Egypt and so on. This is our fault, our doing. We don’t belong in Thier countries. Now many of us are trapped if things got really bad. Will we ignore them as many ignore the Uighurs?