No End in Sight for the Yemeni People

This past week, the UN Human Rights Council voted against continuing a probe into possible war crimes in Yemen.

While “human rights” as it is defined and continually redefined by the largely secular powers is not our concern, what is is innocent civilians being bombed and quite literally starved to death in Yemen.

There is simply no way to justify these actions, and Saudi Arabia’s belligerent actions, as well as US complicity in it, is disgusting. After all, it’s reported that pressure from Saudi Arabia and its allies is the reason that the probe was blocked.

There are ways to wage war, and Saudi Arabia seems incapable of waging a successful one that does minimum damage to the most vulnerable. What’s happening is more the converse—a protracted war that does maximum damage to civilians while opposing forces still maintain significant control of the country.

The Houthis are also not without blood on their hands.

Here’s a whole list of attacks on or near hospitals committed by both the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition, though the majority are from the Saudi side. In 2018, Saudi Arabia bombed a school bus, killing at least 40 children.

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The Saudi-led coalition also has far more access to high-powered weaponry that could do much more harm when used carelessly. This access, however, is likely changing.

The oil-rich country also has more power on the global stage, which is likely why they can get away with carrying out war in this way. This past April, the UK cut humanitarian aid to Yemen about two months after selling Saudi Arabia 1.4 billion Pounds (about $1.9 billion) in arms.

How disgusting this whole situation is.

The UN probe was at least a way to shed more light on this grave situation and the people who live in peril.

How long will this war be fought to the detriment of the Yemini people? What is Saudi Arabia’s plan? Where are the human rights warriors of the Western world?

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  1. “Where are the human rights warriors of the Western world?”
    They have been making a lot of protests against this for a long time. Just search on Google for “protest Saudi Yemen” and you will find it. While the secular Liberal people that you call “human rights warriors” have been protesting it for ages already, we don’t see the Muslim skeptic or his affiliates making any protests against such bad things at all. It also doesn’t help that the oily kingdom has a lot of pseudo-sаlefy madkhalee preachers like Dawah man (whom Haqiqatjou had a public chat with) who always shut down all public criticism of their master the oil kingdom by resorting to their handy argument “it is haram to criticise the Muslim rulers because only the scholars can do that privately”. Maybe those pseudo-sаlafy madkhalee preachers who indirectly defend the oily nightclubbing kingdom should be Muslim skeptic’s next target for criticism.

      • No I’m not secular liberal. I’m telling you the real biggest problem that the blog here is not talking much about, that are the madkhali preachers who are not secular liberals (they are Conservative/orthodox/illiberal like you) however they attach great importance to calling oneself by the label “sаlаfі” and are directly defending that desert kingdom and its kings (for example Abu khadeejah and his associates) or defend the kingdom indirectly (for example dawah man). They are always defending the kingdom by pushing the argument that “it is haram to criticise the rulers of the Muslims, and if you do so you’re a kharijiee or an іkhwаnі. Only the Islamic scholars like Saleh L-Fowzan and Abdulaziz Alsheikh have the right to advice the ruler in private”. By vehemently repeating this argument, those madkhali preachers are allowing the kingdom to get away with all these things that you complain about. Bro hajji exposes these madkhali preachers on his channel. For some reason this blog seems to think that secular liberal Muslims and non-Мuslims are the only bad people in the world worth criticising.

  2. What is happening in Yemen is truly disastrous. Hypocrite Muslim leaders killing their own brothers for worldly sake. It’s just a matter of time that the Ummah will rise up against these hypocrite leaders. May Allah continue to ease the sufferings of the Yemenis.


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