Gay “Conversion Therapy” Banned in France – But Why?

Recently, a new law was voted in France prohibiting so-called “gay conversion therapies.”

Le Monde:

Conversion therapies are a set of practices that aim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. They were first developed in the United States at the end of the 1970s and have gradually spread to Europe. They aim to “cure” homosexual, bisexual or lesbian people by “converting” them to heterosexuality. An expert from the United Nations (UN) considers them as acts of torture.

The mainstream media has a long history of maligning “conversion therapy” as “swindling,” “moral harassment,” “fraudulent practices.” But the practice had not been illegal in France.

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So, what do they mean when they talk about this “conversion therapy”? Some may have shocking images in their minds of young men being electrocuted and tortured in some kind of cruel experimentation. Yet, the enemies of this treatment tell us exactly what “conversion therapy” actually entails:

Concretely, [conversion therapies] can be translated by several modes of action:

– biological: the followers of conversion therapies assimilate sexual diversity to a disease that should be cured by administering drugs, hormones or steroid treatments ;

– psychotherapeutic: people are forced to undergo psychological follow-up, to allow them to understand what in their past has made them “sick”;

– confessional: “healing” is advocated through abstinence, celibacy and following certain spiritual precepts.

In France, these conversion therapies generally take the form of discussion groups, seminars or confessions, often in a religious context. The associations Courage France or Torrents de vie organize “accompaniment” seminars. People who undergo these therapies may retain many psychological and physical after-effects, enter into depression or, in the worst case, commit suicide.

This description is interesting for several reasons. First, the article makes it seem like people are being forced into these therapies, when in fact, they are voluntary. Second, in other places, the article uses the term “victim” even though Parliament has not yet judged whether this is a crime or not. Third, even innocuous practices such as discussion groups, faith-based methods, and follow-ups by psychiatrists are condemned.

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Why can’t we say that these poor people, affected by desires they do not want, are victims of the state? Are they not victims of an oppressive state that wants to cut them off from their salvation?

The article continues:

These practices are also governed by the law on sectarian aberrations and charlatanism. They can be incriminated with the crime of abuse of weakness.

For the pro-LGBTQ+, being against homosexuality is nothing more than a “sectarian aberration.” This is the root of the problem, it seems: A question of secular ethics versus religious ethics. On the one hand we have a hedonistic vision of life where pleasure and passion represent the supreme guide, and on the other hand, an ethic of divine guidance from the Creator of life.

Ultimately, these therapies are depicted as quackery. Which means it’s assumed that they don’t work. But many former homosexuals or ex-LGBT individuals claim that they were able to fundamentally alter their desires after going through dedicated programs.

This speaks against the LGBT propaganda that sexual orientation is fixed and does not change. Isn’t it contradictory to think sexual orientation is fixed but gender is fluid? Why can’t sexual orientation also be fluid, according to the sick philosophy of these people? And if it is fluid, why can’t avenues exist for those who want to alter their orientation? There are literally programs, therapies, and pharmaceutical “interventions” for children as young as three who want to alter their gender! But any attempt to alter sexual orientation is being banned across the world!

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This should be a wake-up call for Muslim preachers. We should not assume that homosexual desires are fixed or that people are “born this way.” This issue is central to LGBTQ+ discourse, so we should not concede the point.

For any Muslim that is suffering from erotic attraction to the same sex, he should not necessarily think that this is his immutable identity and that there is no possibility for change.

We must give hope to the brothers and sisters who are affected by this ordeal by showing them how fraudulent and biased the Qawm Lut propaganda is. They need to see that there is hope for them too to have a normal family life in sha Allah.

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Great killer argument that more Muslims should use. This ultra-liberal western civilization is simply taking the natural traditional order of life and flipping it to be the other way round, whether in gender roles or making gender fluid while making sexual orientation fixed, while traditional islam promotes the other way round of gender being fixed while sexual orientation is fluid.