The Unmatched Sweetness of Hearing Your Child Recite Quran

There is something breathtakingly beautiful about listening to your child recite Quran.

Parents, teach your children Quran from a young age. Even if you are not homeschooling, sit with your child after school and have a short Quran session.

As I sat with the kids during yesterday’s homeschool Quran class, I was suddenly struck by a deep, spontaneous feeling of humility and awe and gratitude to Allah for the fact that I was sitting and listening to my young son recite Quran. I had never felt this specific feeling before.

He sat in front of me in the living room, legs crossed and eyes closed in concentration as he recited his review surahs. His voice was clear and sweet, mashaAllah.

I had the Quran open in front of me to check his memorization.

Usually, during class, I don’t necessarily focus on the beauty of the kids’ recitation or things like that. I’m too distracted by the more urgent tasks of correcting hifdh mistakes, calling out tajweed errors, gesturing warningly to the kids waiting to recite to be quiet as the reciting kid was reciting, and dealing with temper tantrums of a child annoyed with himself for making mistakes in the first place. Fun times.

But these more mundane tasks generally tend to distract me from stepping back and seeing the bigger picture.

For some reason yesterday, alhamdulillah, as we did our Quran class, as usual, I stepped back mentally and marveled at what I was seeing. And I thanked Allah silently for His many, many gifts that shower down upon us as we are otherwise occupied.

It struck me that my son who was currently reciting was not mine, but just a fellow slave of Allah. He did not belong to me, not really. He was his own person, a unique entity separate from me, despite the fact that I carried him for nine months and gave birth to him.

Nonetheless, he is his own person, a slave of Allah in his own right. He will be accountable to Allah for his own actions, separate from me. I am his mother and of course, I have authority over him and responsibility for him as a child in this Dunya, but this is a different consideration. He is a separate creation of Allah, and we are equal in the Akhira view of things.

Here was a fellow Muslim, doing something that Allah loves (reciting Quran). And we are supposed to love what Allah loves and hate what Allah hates. That’s what it means to love and to hate for the sake of Allah.

So this made me feel a surge of love for him, not because he is my son, but because he is another Muslim just like me. What I felt was an odd emotion, love but tinged with a different hue. I always feel the natural maternal love
for my children that every mother feels– yet this was different.

This was a companionable love, not the love of a mother for her child, but the love of a slave of Allah for a fellow slave of Allah.

And it dazzled me. SubhanaAllah!

May Allah grant us and our children guidance and steadfastness upon His deen, Ameen.

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Al amin

So beautiful Masha Allah, May Allah increase the love among the Muslims

Tareq Abed

That’s a great reflection mashaAllah. I always try to remind myself that my kids are an amanah that in reality belong to Allah SWT and will return to Him like everything else. Allah SWT has more right to them than I certainly ever will. That being said, why should I fear over their future in this dunya knowing they have a Master who took it upon Himself to be their provider with or without me. I’m simply blessed with the opportunity to prepare them as best I can to meet their Master as muslims and Allah SWT will by his mercy grant me the reward for what I impart on them of Islam. Alhamdullilah