The Bollywood Songs that Destroy Your Īmān

The flood of Hindi music poses a great danger to the īmān and faith of those who listen to it.

In Bollywood movies, there are many songs played wherein Islamic words are taken out of context and used incorrectly. Islamic slogans and symbols are mixed into the songs, destroying the honor and sanctity of these slogans and symbols.

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The hurtful reality is that we as Muslims, a nation that believes in Allāh Ta’ālā and the final Messenger, Sayyidunā Muhammad Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, remain silent.

Some are, understandably unaware of the reality, but others willfully and knowingly participate in listening and spreading these types of blasphemous songs and movies.

What makes things more complicated is that by listening to such kinds of songs, a polytheistic mindset and outlook is built in the mind of the listener. This is probably why many simple and straightforward Islamic teachings seem beyond the comprehension of even many born Muslims.


Note: I have translated the song words from Urdu.

In 2006, there was a film made on the theme of Kashmir called ‘Fana’. A song in this film reads:

‘When the moon will intercede for us, he will give us a son.’

In August 2008, a film called ‘Bachna e Haseeno’ was released. The song of it reads:

‘Fall into prostration, I stopped when you came, all this that happens, what do we have to take from everyone, from now I shall put everything in front of you, you have become my prayer, God knows that I have sacrificed myself, God knows I have finished myself, God knows why it happened that you have become my God.’

In February 2010, a film called ‘My name is Khan’ was released. The Pakistani singer, Rahat Fatah Ali Khan sang:

‘Now my life returns, this world can end, whether I remain or not, I shall prostrate to you.’

In March 2010, Atif Aslam sang the following words in a film called ‘Prince’:

‘I have beautified paradises for you, I have abandoned divine teachings for you.’

Only Allāh Ta’ālā knows what our condition is now and what shocking blasphemy is blaring from screens in Muslim homes today.

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A Plea

For the sake of Allāh Ta’ālā, boycott Bollywood, flee from it like you would from an inferno.

May Allāh Ta’ālā keep us steadfast with proper īmān. Āmīn

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The last one seems to be wrongly translated, the song says “I left the divinity for you” not the divine teaching for you.
May Allah save us from all fitans. Ameen

Abdul Rehman

There are worse songs than this.
Contact a person from Subcontinent he will give you a full list. A song named “Waaste” says I will leave JANNAT for you. And another song says to God I have asked a girl which is mine, “jaataa kya tera hai’ I haven’t asked Jannat from you.


Subhanallah even I was thinking of mentioning that… Even to hear it gives chills down the spine… May Allah protect us…


Jazakallah Khairan. These songs have brainwashed almost all of the subcontinent with liberal ideologies. Not just Gen Z but also the elder male and female population.


oh! there are too many to count. One famous song from Rab ne bana di jodi starring Shah Rukh Khan had a song with lyrics ‘tujh mein rab dikhta hai’ translated as ‘I see God in you’.

Maulana, with all due respect there is an error in the first translation of the song Chaand Sifaarsh from the movie Fanaa. The lyrics go like this – Chaand sifaarish jo karta hamari, deta wo tum ko bata’ – if the Moon was to speak on my behalf, it would tell you this’. There is a more problematic song in the same film with lyrics such as ‘ mere hath mein teraa haath ho, saari jannatein merey saath ho’ translated as – if your hand was in mine, it would be like entire Paradises are with me’

Hatsune Ibnu Mustaqbal

not just bollywood. some japanese song like the infamous bangdreams manipulatively sang something like “I feel like i dont need god anymore” (Allaah shall forbids such incidents)

Mohammad Talha Ansari

When people listen to songs or watch, they are in a highly receptive mindset. This makes such media insidious and highly toxic and dangerous. May Allah help us all quit songs and Hollywood/Bollywood. Ameen.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Old songs are no different. One Muhammad Rafi Song goes:
Even when God Himself looks down from heaven, He must be wondering who made my beloved.
Astaghfirullahil Azeem.


Finally someone has notices this. Especially other Muslim countries, please boycott Hindu related things, weather movies or products. Build our own infrastructure and products.

Muhammad Sajid

And the worst thing is , singers are muslims from Pakistan.


Subhanallah that’s so true… And since I live in India I know there’s much much more worse lines that’s been listened to which even to think of feels so sinful… Thanks for bringing this out… I wondered why nobody care about these things which has become very normal in India… And also words like Subhanallah… Alhamdulillah… Mashallah are also under attack… This needs to stop

Abu Aziz

I sincerely hope that there IS NOT any sadness for the log of jahannam; Lata Mangeshkar. She was a hindu fanatic- supporter of BJP.

……obviously being a mushrika, didn’t help her cause!