Muslims Sue FBI Over Discriminatory Spying – Reaches Supreme Court

Will the courts provide justice?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Imam Yassir Fazaga, Ali Uddin Malik, and Yasser Abdel Rahim sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2011 after realizing that a new convert to Islam, Craig Monteilh, was actually an FBI plant. After the agent stated he wanted to engage in violence, he was reported by community members to the local police. A restraining order was obtained. Court staff unsurprisingly summarized:

Plaintiffs asserted eleven claims, which fell into two categories: claims alleging unconstitutional searches, and claims alleging unlawful religious discrimination. The district court dismissed all but one of plaintiffs’ claims on the basis of the state secrets privilege, and allowed only the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) claim against the FBI Agent Defendants to proceed.

The various branches of the United States’ executive branch have long done away with precedents illegalizing entrapment. In reality, the vast majority of convictions stemming from so-called “domestic terrorist activity” are created by the FBI. This serves to further the careers of both FBI agents and also court functionaries (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys). The government tries to create “terrorists” by sending informants into masajid (mosques), spying on Muslims, and fabricating cases – so that they can benefit from their incarceration and “prove” the value and efficacy of their counter-terrorism programs.

The only claim under which this case may proceed is an abuse of the the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which was heavily amended under the now infamous “Patriot Act.” It was further amended in 2015 under the “USA Freedom Act” and again in 2017.

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These statutes have essentially created a state of total lawlessness in the courts. A mere accusation of “terrorism” nearly virtually guarantees conviction, at a rate which is even higher than the nearly 92% conviction rate, according to Pew Research Center.

These three are not the first to challenge the unconstitutionality of the FBI’s targeting of Muslims. The NSA’s mass wire-tap and data collection program has also been repeatedly challenged. In fact, various aspects of the domestic “War on Terror” are routinely challenged in the courts, primarily within the context of [18 USC 2339] “material support” criminal cases.

According to the Intercept’s Trial and Terror:

The U.S. government has prosecuted 975 people for terrorism since the 9/11 attacks. Most of them never even got close to committing an act of violence.

Since the 9/11 attacks, most of the 975 terrorism defendants prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice have been charged with material support for terrorism, criminal conspiracy, immigration violations, or making false statements — vague, nonviolent offenses that give prosecutors wide latitude for scoring quick convictions or plea bargains. 626 defendants have pleaded guilty to charges, while the courts found 201 guilty at trial. Just 3 have been acquitted and 4 have seen their charges dropped or dismissed, giving the Justice Department a near-perfect record of conviction in terrorism cases.

How can a constitutional democracy justify this? How can a republic of the people justify creating criminality only to funnel its own citizens through a grueling system? Where is the human rights supposedly built into all arms of government?

The United States’ criminal justice system and domestic monitoring infrastructure are profiteering rackets. The government does not seek to institute justice or protect innocents from violence. In fact, it is willing to perpetuate wide-scale injustice and expose people to violence if it is in the service of their idol.

The entire criminal justice system provides jobs for government-hired defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and various other court functionaries. Furthermore, it justifies taxing Americans. American taxpayers also support the prison system, wherein inmates involuntarily labor under various programs, such as Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (UNICOR). Essentially, it is yet another face of modern-day slavery.

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Muslims worship the One True God, Allah. As such, this devotion to the Creator directly opposes devotion to anything other than Him. The capitalist system seeks to make wealth the greatest object of veneration and worship. The goal of capitalism is to create more money, more wealth, and increase the Gross Domestic Product. The greatest threat to that is a comprehensive system of life which brings humans in line with the natural world and their own innate dispositions, distracting them from the material world and raising their concerns to the Divine.

No matter the outcome of Fazaga, et al. v. Fed. Bureau of Investigation, the crux of the struggle between idolatry and Tawhid remains.

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The FBI and the entire Department of Homeland security should be completely disbanded.


Muslims should join the capitol insurrection.