Racism and Nationalism: How They Divide the Ummah

A lot of us are very quick to identify and respond to nationalism, particularly when it becomes racism. We don’t hesitate to call out the white nationalist or the KKK as we should, but oftentimes we turn a blind eye when some of us Muslims do it to “other” races or ethnicities. The very idea that we should establish countries based on race and/or ethnicity is historically new and is problematic in many ways. It will inevitably lead to unjust wars and sometimes genocide.

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My thoughts on that have developed after a recent trip to Istanbul. I was struck by the glorious mosques and hearing the adhan echoing beautifully throughout the city. My fitrah compelled me to rush to the nearest mosque to worship Allah SWT. Living in a non-Muslim country, over time, you might stop realizing the importance of these spiritual practices, the effect they have on your contentment. How the absence of it can slowly erode your iman and corrupt your fitrah.

This brings me to my main point: despite still being visibly religious, Istanbul overwhelmed me with the nationalism I experienced throughout the city. The amount of Atatürk pictures and flags with his face I saw were blinding. Even shopkeepers with hijab or otherwise “Muslim” looking attire were proudly showcasing the Tāghūt who fought to take away the very rights they enjoy as believers. The propaganda of secularism was shockingly obvious.

What puzzled me the most was that people who were otherwise very friendly at the beginning of our interaction changed their whole demeanor after they found out I was Kurdish. Some laughed sarcastically as if the name of my ethnicity was a joke of some sort, others froze for a second and continued by ignoring me, not responding to me as if I was not even there from that moment on, and switched to conversing only with my wife who isn’t Kurdish.

This might come across as just personal, but the situations I encountered are more than that. Nationalistic ideas are rooted in many predominantly Islamic countries, not only in the West as many of us presume.

I want to highlight the fact that I am simply using Turkey as an example here. Obviously, most Turkish people are not racist, Alhamdulillah!

We Muslims are meant to be one Ummah. And we are, for the most part. However, the growing monster of racist nationalism throughout the ummah has been dividing already weakened unity. Turkey is one of many examples of such events, where the tactics of the Kuffar have succeeded to a certain extent to divide and conquer the Muslims. As each day passes, the Muslims are encouraged to accept the fact that we don’t have a proper Islamic country or Khilafah. They want us to not even aspire for it, rather to just accept this status quo.

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Aware.” — The Holy Qur’an 49:13

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What I don’t get is why some Kurds became into communists and became anti religious nationalists like the racist secularists who poisoned the country with secular Turkish nationalism. They have become the thing they were persecuted by. Looks like this is a plot by the kuffar to divide the ummah.

Also, it is strange that White nationalists base everything on nationalism when the Zionists have used nationalism as a weapon against the muslims. Like the Zionists and White nationalists are not very different from each other, they seem to be different sides of the same coin.


It’s very concerning when Muslims abrogate their nationalities over Islam. A lot of libs will say “I am a Pakistani/Palestinian/Indian/etc before I’m Muslim”.

Why is your identity to a man-made nation more important than your identity as someone who submits to your Creator? That isn’t to say you shouldn’t love your nation, but if you really love your nation, you would enjoin to good according to Allah. How can we talk some sense into these people?


As Muslims, we identify our “nation” and “nationality” and “country” only as Islam/Muslim. All the other things you mention, such as “Pakistani/Palestinian/Indian/American /Nigerian/German/Brazilian/etc”, Muslims may use these labels only as a purely geographic label and nothing more, without being patriotic to the countries named after these geographical regions.

Similar to how Arabs, Persians and Israelis can all accurately call themselves “Middle Eastern” (which is a true fact) but that is not their nationality or country or nation, instead “Middle Eastern” is just nothing more than a geographic region label. No one is patriotic to a country called the Middle East, so likewise Muslims may call themselves Pakistani/Palestinian/Indian/American /Nigerian/German/Brazilian/etc but without being patriotic to these political entities.


Now that you mention the word “Khilafah”, I have to point out the fact that all the current advocates of a modern Khilafah fail to explain in simple common layman’s language what exactly is a Khilafah. They keep on using these Arabic terms like Khilafah and ummah in their English preaching instead of using the readily available and commonly understood English equivalent translations of these words such as “caliphate” (instead of Khilafah) and “nation” (instead of ummah).

I can explain what exactly is Khilafah in a way that everyone can easily relate to, by using a Non-Muslim country as analogy, and along the way I will expose a big elephant in the room that everyone failed to notice.

Consider the fact that the Amreeky Ummah or American nation has 50 American states where people identifying as “Americans” are the majority population and the local ruling class. This ummat-e-Amreekia has United their 50 States together into one big country called the United States of America, with one common nationality and citizenship for all Americans, one national sports team in the world Cup and Olympics, and one federal government led by one president.

Now look at the Muslim nation and you see approximately 50 Muslim states where people identifying as Muslims are the majority and ruling elite. Imagine if those 50 Muslims states united into one big country nicknamed as the “United States of Islam”, with one common nationality and citizenship for all Muslims, one common Muslim national sports team in the world Cup and Olympics, and one federal government led by one president. This president of the United States of Islam is also called the Khaleefah or caliph or Emir-L-Momineen or “commander in chief of the faithful believers”.

So therefore the United States of America is literally the “Khilafah of the Amreeky Ummah” and its leader or “president” is literally the “Khaleefat-L-Ummat-L-Amreekiya” or “Emir L-Caaphireen” (commander in chief of the believers of the American dream). Right now the current Mr Khaleefah of the Amreeky Ummah is Abu Soyyad Yusuf Ba’dein Al-Delawari (Hunter’s dad Joseph Biden the Delawarean), and before him his predecessor as Mr Caliph was Don Al-Trumb ibn Fred Al-Newyorki.

George Washington is the main founding father and first caliph of the American caliphate since 1776, so for us Muslims Prophet Muhammad PBUH is our country’s main founding father and first president since 622. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe (first four US presidents after Washington) are the secondary founding fathers of the Khilafat-e-Amreeka. So therefore Abu Becker, Omar, Osman and Ali are the secondary founding fathers of the Muslims’ country the United States of Islam.

So it’s so not fair that American ummah are being spoilt with their own nuclear-armed caliphate that they enjoy living in (AKA the United States of America) while simultaneously we the Muslim nation are being denied the right to have our own United States of Islam led by our own “president of Islam” despite our homies also having 50 States like them. This is so unfair!

Baz (SL)

Not only does the American ummah have their own Khilafat-e-Amreeka, but also many other ummahs have their own khilaphats or califates.

For example, the Russkee ummah (Russian nation) have their own Khilafat-e-Russia called the Russian Federation, led by their Emir-L-Caaphireen Bilad Amir Bootin Al-Moscowi, the khaleefat-e-Ummat-r-Roosiyya and Gremlin in the Kremlin. So therefore a khilapha for Islam would be the “Muslim Federation”.

The Ummat-e-Seeniyya (Chinese nation) have their own Khilafa called the People’s Republic of China, led by their khaleefa Jinn-Ping ibn Zhongxun Xi Al-Beijingi. So therefore the khilafat for Muslims is the “People’s Republic of Islam” .

The French ummah currently led by their secular khalifa El-Manal Maqroni al-Parisi have their own secular califat called the French Republic. So therefore Muslim ummah deserve “Muslim Republic”.

The Britani ummah (British nation) have their own Khilafa called the United Kingdom, led by their calipha Elizabeth II who will soon be replaced by khaleefa Charles III. The British califate is hereditary like the United kingdoms of Umayyads, Abbasids and ottomans were. So therefore a Muslim khilaapha is the Islamic version of the UK: “United Khalifadom.”

And so on and so forth, it may be argued that more or less every country in the world is a Khilafate (country) for their respective ummah (nation). The current Republic of Turkey is the secular califate for the “Turkish ummah”, but not for the Muslim ummah. If they truly followed Islam they would become the “Republic of Islam”, not the Republic of Turkey. The Muslims are the world’s only nation who are being denied the right to have their own country while everyone else is spoilt and gets to enjoy having their own country for their nation.


In Turkey “Nationalism” is taught as something super important in the schools. Childeren grow up while exposed to this nationalism. And If the person didn’t get proper Islamic education the results are what you saw in İstanbul. Speaking from experience. May Allah give our people hidayah.


Short and sweet and highlights the important fact that nationalism along with its brethren feminism, liberalism are all cancers that are designed to decide and thereby weaken the ummah

Om Ja

Mashallaha brother, very well written!


maashaAllaah beautiful article brother, may allah unite us as a nation. May god bless you, very beneficial reminder for us all.