The Trans-Rights Onslaught Trumps #MeToo Feminism

The liberal viewpoint considers consent to be sufficient for sexual intimacy. Yet, it seems they make an exception for the ‘transgender.’

A boy was found guilty of sexually assaulting a girl in the girls’ restroom at a high school in Virginia back in May 2021.

Fox News:

A judge found a boy guilty on Monday of sexually assaulting a girl in the girls’ bathroom last spring at Stone Bridge High School. The boy was reportedly wearing a skirt during the incident.

While the justice seems to have been served, it still took a little while to get this far. The school board is accused of concealing and denying the event.

An email from May 28 and revealed this month (October 2021) shows ​​Ziegler (Loudon County Public Schools Superintendent) telling the school board about the sexual assault allegation that took place in the bathroom at Stone Bridge. At the June school board meeting where Smith (the victim’s father) was arrested, however, Ziegler declared that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that to his knowledge, “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

Not only was the incident brushed under the rug, but the perpetrator was allowed to transfer to another school. Shockingly, the perpetrator was involved in another attempted sexual assault at the other school on another female student. Given how strong the #Metoo movement has been in the past few years, the school board’s inaction was a little surprising, but it seems the involvement of a transgender in the incident made things complicated for the school officials, possibly expecting retaliation from LGBTQ+ groups.

The concealment of the incident by school officials could also be because the school wanted to pass its transgender bathroom policy. Later in August, the schools in Virginia adopted the policy of having gender-neutral restrooms and forcing the teachers to call the students with their chosen pronouns. The involvement of a boy dressed in a skirt attempting a sexual assault would have tarnished the reputation of the so-called “trans” individuals and hence put the enforcement of the LGBTQ+ agenda into jeopardy.

The second incident could have been avoided if the school board had acted in a timely manner. This incident just shows the extent to which the fear of the trans-rights movement is embedded in the general Western population. It seems the school board was not willing to ‘offend’ the LGBTQ+ group, even if it meant allowing alleged rape to go unpunished.

Many in Virginia, including the republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin, have called for the school superintendent to step down.

“It’s outrageous,” Youngkin told Fox News on Saturday. He said the email “simply confirms what we know, which is we had administrators at a school board who have been covering this up. I mean, they tried to hide it from parents, they’ve hidden it from the public, and they actually endangered students by moving this young man – who in fact was being prosecuted for a sexual assault in another school – and enabled it to happen again.”

Some liberal journalists on the other hand are brushing an entirely different picture. Prior to the incident the victim had consensual intimate encounters with the same boy identifying as a transgender. These left-wing supporting journalists consider this incident merely a date violence and with no transgender involvement. They completely ignore the fact that their own #Metoo liberal policies require individuals to obtain consent before each and every sexual encounter, regardless of past romantic history.

There are two important lessons for us to learn from this incident. First, it is important for us as Muslims, and especially those who are living in the West, to understand and recognize the implications of gender mixing. As the girl revealed, before this incident the two had twice been involved in an intimate relationship. The third meeting between the two individuals turned nasty as the girl did not consent. Men and women have been specifically instructed in the Quran to lower their gaze, protect their private parts from engaging in unlawful practices, and maintain chastity. Practicing these moral values helps create a safe environment for both women and men. We need to teach these values to our children from a very young age.

Second, the perpetrator in this incident is implied as a transgender. We need to understand that Allah and his Messenger ﷺ have cursed both the woman who dresses as a man and the man who dresses as a woman. This is an extremely serious matter that should not be taken lightly. It is important for us to inform our children that the only rights and responsibilities the people have are those that have been set forth by Allah and his Messenger ﷺ. The current onslaught of the LGBQT+ movement has created a hostile environment. Society in general is shying away from reality, and as a result, incidents such as this are deliberately covered up to avoid backlash.

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The Me Too movement looks like the “women will plot against men” minor sign of the appraching day of judgement.

Baz (SL)

Covering up an assault crime to protect the reputation of the broader group or identity that the perpetrator belongs to? It seems they are repeating the same mistake as the Conservative Church Catholics that they criticise for not being pro-LGBT or pro-feminist enough.