Pentagon (Once Again) Finds Killing Muslim Civilians “Lawful”

The murderous drone strike that killed 10, including 7 children, in Afghanistan on 29 August was at first touted as a “righteous strike” by General Mark Milley, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The media had applauded the Biden administration on their “tough stand against terrorism,” up until a New York Times investigation showed that no member of any terrorist organisation was present. That is right. These charlatans who love to lecture Muslims on human rights don’t even bother to figure out who someone is before making him the target of a drone strike!

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Since then, the Pentagon has been investigating itself for wrongdoing on this case. One would imagine in a case where 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children, were killed in a drone strike, the wrongdoing would be apparent to all, but it appears we are hardly as well-versed in human rights as the U.S.

BBC News Reports:

“A US drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians was an error that did not violate any laws, a Pentagon inspector said following an investigation.

“It was an honest mistake,” US Air Force Inspector Lieutenant General Sami Said told reporters. Lt Gen Said said there had been ‘execution errors, combined with confirmation bias and communications breakdowns” that led to regrettable civilian casualties.’ But he said an investigation had found ‘no violation of law, including the Law of War’.

‘It’s not criminal conduct, random conduct, negligence,’ he added. ‘As it turns out, and we can affirm it, it was a computer bag and not explosives.’ said Lt Gen Said.”

Yes, in the enlightened Western way of doing things, when you murder civilians, you get to investigate and absolve yourself, and then justify your murder by claiming a Muslim carrying a bag is suspicious enough to order a strike! Or are we supposed to believe American journalists are better at intelligence gathering than the U.S. Military?

By contrast, recently two officers were sacked from the U.S. Navy after submarine USS Connecticut was damaged in a collision. For the U.S., the self-proclaimed champion of world’s freedoms and human rights, a submarine is much more precious than human life.

Maybe we could take their secular human rights ideology seriously if its most ardent supporters ever went two days without discrediting it, but then again, that really doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.

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we can never take secularism seriously.
its literal garbage.


This insanity makes me wanna puke. May Allah have mercy on these innocent murdered people.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

During the heyday of the inquisition, there was a law against torturing women and children. It was a sin. Then along came a papal bull permitting the inquisitors to absolve each other of sins.
Christianity has, of course, come a long, long way since then. Walking in a great and holy circle.

Truth Speaker

How can paying taxes to these wanton criminals be halal?